Best Ever Cow and Chook jokes

Best Ever Cow and Chook jokes


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Welcome to the funny farm!!

Who doesn't love a good animal joke, and what is a holiday or a road trip without a few corny jokes? If you're hoofing it around Norfolk island, these jokes are sure to amooose - so grab the bull by the horns and let's get cracking!

Whether you are looking for a laugh, or want to add some new cheesy content to your repertoire, luckily we have some udder-ly ridiculous cow and chicken jokes that will make your family squirm and squeal with laughter.

Our chicken, cow, bird, and fish jokes are hilarious, and they can be enjoyed by the whole family since they are good, clean humour - no one will have any beef with that! Be sure to milk the cow jokes for all they're worth. Luckily these gorgeous creatures have tough skin. Errr...thick hides.

Even though they make us groan, we secretly love these silly side- splitting zingers that are so bad they're good. Just be ready for the eye rolls and the giggles!!