Youngs Quarry Rock Reclamation Nears Completion

26 April 2024

The Youngs Quarry rock reclamation project, led by the team at Norfolk Island Regional Council (Council) is advancing towards completion.

The team has shown steadfast dedication, effort, and commitment to the community, progressing the project from concept to an approved development application. The project is now in its final stages, with drilling for the blasting plan scheduled for 22nd to 24th April. No work is planned for ANZAC Day on 25th April, with potential drilling on 26th April if required.

In collaboration with Council’s working partners, a Defence Approved permit has been secured to bring custom explosives to the island under strict conditions. The Neptune Pacific Direct Line (NPDL) vessel carrying these explosives is expected to arrive at midnight on 25th April. Following a predetermined procedure, the explosives will be transported to the quarry for detonation.

Council expresses gratitude to all partners involved in delivering this significant project to the island community. This effort will be a benchmark and established process for future rock reclamation projects, supporting the ongoing construction activities on the island.

For further information, please contact Customer Care:

Bicentennial Complex

39 Taylors Rd, Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island

Telephone: local callers can contact Customer Care for free by dialling 0100, international callers should use +672 3 22244 option 1.