Waste Management Update

28 October 2021

NIRC continues to make progress on closing Headstone Waste Facility to the public. This is to bring Council’s operations in line with modern waste management standards and to meet requirements set by Parks Australia in ceasing ocean disposal of solid waste. Recently, approval was granted for use of the Drill Ground area adjacent the airport for the stockpiling and processing of waste types currently deposited at Headstone. This is predominantly construction and demolition waste and does not include domestic or commercial waste types such as putrescibles or household recyclables. It also does not include processing of hazardous waste types such as asbestos, oils or chemicals – this will continue to be done at the Waste Management Centre.

In the coming weeks, NIRC will request the public to use the Waste Management Centre exclusively for waste disposal. All waste types are to be delivered to the WMC, including construction and demolition waste. Construction and demolition waste, and other non-compactable waste, will then be transferred to the Drill Ground for processing by Waste Management staff. There will be no public access to the Drill Ground. The use of the Drill Ground is likely to be an interim measure while Council considers the most appropriate disposal pathway for non-compactable waste. We will provide information to the community prior to Headstone closing and aim to make the change as simple as possible. Waste Management staff will be able to assist with any queries during this period.

In addition to this, NIRC will be working with Anne Prince Consulting (APC) over the coming months in updating the Norfolk Island Waste Management Strategy. APC will be reviewing the implementation of the strategy over the past 5 years and will set a course for management of Norfolk Island’s residual waste streams. Anne and her colleagues have an extensive history in assisting Norfolk Island to resolve its waste management issues as far back as the early 2000’s, and come with specific experience in advising on waste management systems in remote communities including island populations. We look forward to working with APC over this period and will advise the community of timing for their visit to island in early 2022 to consult on future waste management changes.

Phil Reid


28 October 2021