Waste Management notice

24 November 2022

The community would be aware that changes will be made to the current waste management operations at Council. Contractor, Revolve Your World (RYW), has been engaged to manage operations for Domestic and Commercial Waste, which is essentially all waste operations that are conducted inside the WMC shed. Changes to the receival and processing of household and business waste will be communicated directly by RYW to the community, with engagement having already commenced with some businesses. These changes are scheduled to commence in late February 2023, pending delivery of necessary equipment to island.

Council will retain responsibility of construction and demolition waste operations, which are conducted outside the WMC shed. Some changes will be made to how this operates in 2023, including infrastructure improvements, operational hours and continuous support from NIRC staff in unloading and segregation of waste. These changes will be announced to the community well in advance of their implementation.

We look forward to working with the community and RYW in developing a leading edge model for waste management in remote communities.