ST Johns - Bees and Bluebottles

30 September 2021

Bees and Bluebottles

Anyone else been stung by a bee this week, don’t know what it is but they are everywhere down merry Photopress Lane. We don’t have that many nasties on Norfolk, with spring upon us, and summer around the corner Bee’s, Wasp’s and Bluebottles are going to start to sting.

Bees are a good thing, lots of bees means a healthy environment.


Cold Compress Treatment -bee stings, European wasp bites, ants, ticks, red back or white tail spider bites.

With a bee sting, the first step is the ‘scrape’ the sting from yourself, you may have a ‘stinger’ attached at the sting site, this needs to be removed. Use something flat, like a fingernail or bankcard, and gently scrap across the site of the bee sting, keeping the fingernail or card, at a right angle to your body. This should remove the stinger and stop anymore ‘bee sting’ getting into your system (remember, only bees have stingers).

Apply an ice pack to the area of the sting and leave for 15 to 20 minutes. Reapply as required, being sure to leave a 40 to 45-minute break between applications. If itching becomes severe, or to help decrease swelling, consider a non-drowsy antihistamine such as Claratin. Be sure to only take medications as recommended by your Doctor or Pharmacist and ALWAYS read the instructions and warnings on any medications you consume or administer to a child.

Hot Water - Blue bottle stings.

Using a stick or similar, pick off any adherent tentacles and rinse the bitten area in sea water. Check the water to ensure it is as hot (but not hotter) as you can comfortably tolerate before treating the patient. Place the stung area in hot water (help patient under a hot shower, place a stung hand or foot in hot water, or pour hot water over the stung area) for 20 minutes. Remove briefly before re-immersing.

Keep doing this if pain persists. Seek medical aid for large stings or if pain persists.

Seek Medical Assistance When:

If you suspect a person may be experiencing anaphylactic shock (next weeks topic), seek medical help immediately.

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