Sale of Food Licence

02 December 2021

Persons selling food in Norfolk Island are required to hold a license under the Sale of Food Act 1950 [the Act].

This includes anyone who provides food for sale including in any of the following ways:

• Restaurants, Cafes;

• Hotels, Guest-houses;

• Takeaways, grocery stores;

• Progressive dinners;

• Breakfast, morning and afternoon teas;

• Barbeques, fish fries;

• Stalls at markets;

• Honesty boxes

All Sale of Food (SOF) licences expire on 31ST of December of the year in which they were issued regardless of when a licence is issued within that particular year. New applications or renewal applications should be lodged in writing in the prescribed from together with payment of the applicable licence fee at Customer Care.

Premises used for the preparation of food for sale are inspected to ensure compliance with required health and food safety standards.

SOF Application forms can be downloaded from the council website or collected at Customer Care.

Anyone with questions about SOF licences, food safety standards and regulations should contact the Waste and Environment Office at 22609.

Arthur Travalloni

Health and Water Officer

2 December 2021