Reduced Diesel Consumption on Norfolk Island

26 April 2024

It has been 8 months now since the installation of smart ‘time-of-use' meters commenced on Norfolk Island in September 2023. Since then, approximately 1,400 meters have been installed and the majority of electricity users will have already received several new electricity bills. We have about 200 meters to go.

While the focus for NI Electricity and BESY is the completion of the metering rollout and the timely delivery of electricity bills for the first quarter of 2024, there are already some success stories to share.

When comparing the first quarter of 2023 with the first quarter of 2024 (January to March respectively), the consumption of diesel for electricity generation on the island has decreased substantially. The reduction in diesel consumption in the quarter totaled 96,579 litres, saving approximately $250,000 (assuming a $2.50 diesel price). This is equivalent to 258,832 kg of CO2. These savings flow to the community through lower electricity bills and for the purchase of electricity from those residents with solar systems.

It demonstrates that the transition of the island to renewable energy sources is not only already underway, but that it is already leading to positive change to alleviate energy costs for Norfolk Island residents, as well as bringing positive outcomes for the environment. A win-win for all