Norfolk Island Teacher Consultative Committee – Communique #10

11 November 2021

The Committee met on Friday 5 November 2021.

The Committee was notified of the planned visit by Queensland Education officials to the Norfolk Island Central School (NICS) the following week. During this visit Queensland officials will work closely with the leadership team at NICS to continue planning for 2022 as well as progress without prejudice conversations with individual teachers on potential employment arrangements where possible.

An update on work to resolve the critical issues of leave portability and superannuation arrangements was requested. This remains a priority for all parties, and the Australian, Queensland and New South Wales governments are working closely to resolve any outstanding issues so that employment offers can be made to teaching staff interested in remaining at NICS in 2022.

The Committee also discussed responses to a number of additional questions received from teaching staff since the previous meeting. Further advice will be provided to the teaching staff on how to access funding from the Australian Government to seek financial advice.

The Committee will meet again on Thursday 11 November 2021.

Sarah Vandenbroek

Chair – Norfolk Island Teacher Consultative Committee