10 February 2023

The Joint Standing Committee on the National Capital and External Territories has commenced a new inquiry into local governance on Norfolk Island.

The inquiry will examine and report on local government models and equitable revenue sources to support the Norfolk Island Regional Council.

The Committee welcomes your views on any or all of the terms of reference, depending on your areas of interest and expertise. Further information about the inquiry is available here.

Submissions to the inquiry should be sent to the Committee by 24 March 2023. It is preferred that submissions be uploaded electronically, through:

While the Committee generally prefers that submissions be made public, you may request that part or all of your submission be kept confidential or have your name withheld. Confidential submissions are only read by members of the Committee and the secretariat and are not published. Name withheld submissions are published on the Committee’s website with personal information redacted.

You are welcome to extend this invitation to any other people or organisations that may have an interest in this issue and may like to prepare a submission for the Committee’s consideration.

Once a document is received, the Committee decides whether to accept the document as a submission and publish it on its website. Please note that making a submission constitutes giving evidence and attracts parliamentary privilege. Once you have provided a submission to the Committee you cannot withdraw it or alter it without the Committee’s permission. Please note that your document should not be disclosed to any other person until its publication has been authorised by the Committee.

Please refer to the following brochure for helpful information on preparing a submission, including information about parliamentary privilege and requests for confidentiality:

If you require further information please contact the Committee secretariat on (02) 6277 4355 or by email

James Bunce | Inquiry Secretary