Liquor Bond Garden to be Rebuilt

27 March 2024

The community would be aware that plants from a long-standing garden bed at the Liquor Bond were recently removed by Council staff. The intent was the removal of unhealthy and invasive plants to enable the garden to be refreshed with new plantings, and to relocate some of the healthy plants in an effort to tidy up overgrown areas.

Unfortunately, this is not what occurred, and Norfolk Island Regional Council acknowledges that it should have been handled in a different way. Work on the garden beds has stopped while we look into what happened and consider how to replant the area in a way that recognises and showcases the unique flora on the island.

Council also understands that some members of the community have a long association with the garden, which was originally planted over thirty years ago. Senior council staff have been talking with some of these residents to discuss how we can honour those links in the garden rebuild.

Native plants that thrive in our conditions and have environmental and historical relevance to Norfolk Islanders will form the basis of the garden.

Initial investigations show we need to improve some of our internal processes, and we intend to work on that, along with increased consultation with the community where it is relevant or meaningful.

Norfolk Island Regional Council apologises for any hurt or distress this action may have caused residents. We recognise that the native flora of the island is a valuable natural asset that is unique as it is beautiful. With that in mind, we are looking to rebuild the Liquor Bond garden in a way that respects our environment and ecology, and in time, gain a healthy, attractive, native garden for our town centre.