First Skatepark Workshop rolls into town

29 February 2024

Last week, around thirty people ranging from primary school age to 70+ gathered at the Supper Room to share their ideas and concepts for the Norfolk Island Skatepark.

Angus Thomas from CONVIC, the award-winning skatepark design company that won the tender for the design, development, and construction of the proposed recreational space, met with community members to talk about locations, uses and design considerations. The discussions also covered costs, funding and a range of issues that go into the planning stages of a project like this.

The session generated a great deal of excitement and positivity, with Angus going away with some fantastic concepts and a better understanding of the community’s needs. He also held a school session with around twenty students taking part.

The next step is for CONVIC to come up with a draft design for public comment, which is due in May, when Angus will return for a follow up consultation session.

Image caption: Community members met at the Supper Room last Thursday to share ideas and concepts for the skatepark design