23 September 2021

The current State of Emergency for recovery operations has been extended by the Administrator until the end of the year. The extension is to allow for the opening of the island to a world living with COVID-19 in a way that keeps the community safe and minimises the potential for spread of the virus in the community. Accompanying the Administrator’s declaration are directions to manage the recovery process. In the new directions is a requirement for businesses to have and to operate under an approved COVID safe plan. These plans must be appropriate for your type of business and those approved under New South Wales or Queensland Government systems can be used. If you require a one-off COVID safe plan for an event or function these need to be submitted to the Incident Controller for approval. Further directions could be required once we reopen to areas with COVID-19 circulating in their communities.

Review of current restrictions applying to NSW, ACT and Victoria

EMT has met today and decided that the current restriction associated with visitors from NSW, ACT and Victoria will remain until the 14th of October. It is expected that by then the island’s vaccinated population will have reached maximum immunity. During this time only returning residents and essential workers from these areas will be allowed to come to the island and they will be required to self-isolate at their home or accommodation until released by NIHRACS.

EMT will meet again on the 7th of October by which time further information is expected to be available regarding other jurisdictions requirements for travel in a living with COVID environment. EMT will consider this information and provide the community and businesses with the local requirements to opening to these areas.

For any questions about the COVID-19 response on Norfolk Island, please visit the Norfolk Island Regional Council website: http://www.norfolkisland.gov.nf/covid-19-advice-norfolk... in the first instance or contact Detective Sergeant Glenn Elder, IMT Incident Controller at IO-Norfolk-Island@afp.gov.au or +6723 22222. Alternatively, could you contact the Welfare Co-ordinator on 52777.

23 September 2021