EMNI Tropical Cyclone Dovi YELLOW ALERT

10 February 2022

The Bureau of Meteorology has advised that tropical cyclone Dovi is likely to pass to the west of the island. Currently this is expected to be early Saturday morning. The cyclone is currently a category 1 cyclone (the lowest intensity) but may intensify to a Category 2 cyclone by the time it passes the island.

Gale force winds are expected but at this stage the expectation is that it will not be accompanied by heavy rain.

The current tracking of the cyclone can be found at http://www.bom.gov.au/products/IDQ65253.shtml and the Tropical Cyclone Advice issued by the bureau will be announced on the radio and published on the EMNI face book page. The SMS blast system will also be used to advise the community of the cyclone status.

EMNI has moved the Cyclone Alert to Yellow under the Cyclone Alert Action Plan.

The community is advised to: -

• keep up to date with the cyclone development through radio (local and ABC regional), television or internet

• know where your family and pets are located. Consider sheltering your pets early.

• secure boats, trailers, garden sheds, rainwater tanks and LPG bottles to tie down points

• store or secure other loose items like outdoor furniture that are likely to be thrown about by destructive winds.

EMNI will have a further briefing by the Bureau of Meteorology at 3pm tomorrow and provide a further update to the community after the briefing.

Key points of contact

Welfare: Hayley Evans, email hayley.evans@nirc.gov.nf, phone- +672 3 52777

Incident Controller: Sergeant Mark Watson, email IO-Norfolk-Island@afp.gov.au, phone +672 3 22222

EMNI Facebook: @emergencymanagementnorfolkisland


9 February 2022

George Plant