EMNI Media update Friday 7 January 2022

07 January 2022

The Omicron Variant Confirmed It has been confirmed that the COVID positive cases on island are the Omicron variant. 

Information known about Omicron indicates that it is highly transmissible and for each person who tests positive there are likely seven to ten others infected. 

To manage the spread of COVID on island it is important that the community continue to maintain social distancing practices and wear a mask when outside of the home. Good hygiene practices such as regularly washing hands and using hand sanitiser are also essential to managing the transmission of Omicron.

If you are elderly, immune system compromised, vulnerable or unvaccinated, please take extra precautions when outside of your home. We encourage you to stay home, wherever possible to do so. If you need anything such as food or supplies, please contact the Welfare Co-ordinator on telephone 52777.

Anyone on island who is feeling unwell should contact NIHRACS on 22091 to arrange a phone consultation. Do not go to the hospital. Updated case numbers as of 7 January 2022 The EMT are working closely with NIHRACs to collate statistical data about the COVID pandemic on Norfolk Island. The statistics below are as at Thursday 6 January 2022. 

COVID Statistics Number Positive RAT tests (previous 24 hrs) 1 Number of RAT tests conducted (previous 24hrs) 3 Daily average of positive tests (7days) 4.9 Current number of Active cases 35 Current number of high-risk cases 8 Close Contacts in isolation 90 Recovered (discharged) cases 0 Vaccination Statistics Number of people First dose 2002 Second dose 1720 Booster dose 411 Cumulative Statistic Number Total number of positive (including recovered) 36 Total number of tests conducted 195 Note: There will be no additional vaccinations until the arrival of the next batch of vaccines after 14 January. NIHRACS will not be conducting testing over the weekend. Updated statistics that include today’s numbers will be published tomorrow. Number format to register for the Queensland Check In App Queensland Health has advised that for businesses registering to use the Check In App it is preferable to use a Norfolk Island number in the format below:- 

Current testing requirements for entry into Norfolk Island The pause in visitor arrivals that is in place until Wednesday 19 January 2022 still permits returning residents and essential workers to travel to the island, with the following testing requirements for both international and domestic travellers: 

• A negative PCR test result in the 72 hours prior to arrival on island or 

• A negative Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) in the 48 hours prior to arrival and a negative RAT test undertaken within 24 hours of arrival on the island. Those who have completed a RAT test are required to bring an additional test with them to comply with the above testing requirements. 

There is no requirement to self-isolate before undertaking the second RAT test. Anyone who has COVID symptoms or underlying health conditions is strongly recommended not to travel to the island. Restrictions There have been no changes to the level restrictions for the community. If you have any questions about the COVID-19 response on Norfolk Island, please visit the Councils website: http://www.norfolkisland.gov.nf/covid-19-advice-norfolk... in the first instance or contact Sergeant Mark Watson, IMT Incident Controller at IO-Norfolk-Island@afp.gov.au or +6723 22222. The EMT is very appreciative of the community support of the management measures that are currently in force. 15:00 7 January 2022 EMT