EMNI - 6 May 2022

06 May 2022

Reintroduction of requirement to wear masks whilst on buses

There has been a recent increase in cases of COVID-19 on the island, particularly in visitors to the island. EMT has decided to reintroduce a mandatory requirement to wear masks whilst on buses as a measure to reduce this means of virus spread amongst visitors. Many operators were already requiring drivers and passengers to wear masks this is now mandatory. EMT will review the requirement in two weeks’ time.

Large community events on the island and COVID-19If you are intending to visit the island for an event and are feeling unwell you should be tested to ensure you do not have COVID-19. If you are positive postpone your trip and recover at home. If you do come to the island and have COVID-19 it will result in mandatory self-isolation at your own cost.

There are several community events coming up on the island (Anniversary Day etc,). EMT has removed the mandatory requirement for organisers to have an approved COVID safe plan prior to holding these events. However, if you are organising an event on the island, you should also consider measures to protect yourself and those attending the event. Social distancing, handwashing, and the wearing of a mask in enclosed areas where you cannot social distance remain very effective measures to reduce virus transmission.

In recent weeks several community events have resulted in large numbers of those people attending becoming infected. Any measures that you take to reduce the spread of the virus in the current environment will reduce the pressure on NIHRACS.

Under the extension of the State of Emergency (Recovery) there remain three mandatory directions. These are that you must follow a direction from NIHRACS or Norfolk Island Police associated with management of COVID-19 and you must report a positive test (PCR or RAT) to NIHRACS. Self-responsibility is now the main way that you protect yourself, your family, or your business from the disease. This means that you take whatever measures personally to protect yourself (such as wearing a mask, frequent handwashing, avoiding congested indoor venues etc.) according to your own assessment of risk.

Key points of contact Incident Controller: Sergeant John Giles, email IO-Norfolk-Island@afp.gov.au, phone +672 3 22222NIHRACS: Phone +672 3 22091 for all health-related enquiries

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