EMNI - 2 December 2021

02 December 2021

Summary of Norfolk Island’s COVID normal requirements

Below are the current COVID normal requirements for the island. These will be reviewed as other states and territories reopen. EMT will be meeting again on the 16th of December.

Norfolk Island COVID Normal requirements (As of 2 December 2021)

Travel to the Island

• All travellers to the island require an Entry Pass

• Travellers to the island from states and territories with ongoing community transmission are required to have a negative PCR test in the 72 hours prior to arrival. This currently applies to NSW, Victoria, and the ACT. PCR tests are not required from Queensland, Tasmania, WA, SA or the NT.

• PCR testing for pre-departure from Norfolk Island is not currently available, unless for urgent medical reasons, such as hospital admission/transfer of care.

• PCR tests accepted are

o PCR test taken in a laboratory or Government run Testing station. Please check your state health website for locations in your area.

o Text message result for a PCR test is accepted, provided it has: Date, Name, Result.

• Children under 12 do not need to be vaccinated as per National vaccination policy.

• Unvaccinated children, take on the vaccine status of the responsible parent/adult they are travelling with in terms of requirements to isolate.

• Unvaccinated or partially vaccinated travellers are required to self-isolate at their home or accommodation until released by NIHRACS.

• Travellers who have been overseas (unless a quarantine free bubble exists) must spend 14 days on the mainland before traveling to the island and return a negative PCR test 72 hours prior to arrival.

Businesses and Premises

• Customers and visitors to premises are required to have customer registers (QR codes/paper based) and maintain this information for 3 months.

• Businesses on the island are required to have a COVID safe plan and operate according to the plan.

• Are required to encourage social distancing and maintain a density limit of 1 person/2 sqm indoors to a limit of 100 persons.

Public gatherings

• There is no restriction on Sport and Recreation, Weddings and Funerals and Religious services

• Density limits of 1 person /2 sqm apply indoors.

• Gatherings over 100 persons require an approved COVID safe plan by the Incident Controller.

For any questions about the COVID-19 response on Norfolk Island, please visit the Norfolk Island Regional Council website: http://www.norfolkisland.gov.nf/covid-19-advice-norfolk... in the first instance or contact Detective Sergeant Glenn Elder, IMT Incident Controller at IO-Norfolk-Island@afp.gov.au or +6723 22222. Alternatively, could you contact the Welfare Co-ordinator on 52777.

2 December 2021