Dancing in Fetters – The Culture of Convict Dance and Convict Culture Week

19 May 2023

The local community and visitors are welcome to join the opening of the travelling exhibition ‘Dancing in Fetters’, on this Sunday, 21 May at 1pm at the Royal Engineers Office at Kingston.

The exhibition brings to life the stories, songs, dances and experiences of those 162,000 men, women and children who transported to Australia. This exhibition is part of a national tour and draws on the doctoral research of Dr. Heather Blasdale Clarke.

‘Dancing in Fetters’ will be open at the R.E.O until the end of August, so plenty of time to get your dancing shoes on and come join us for a jig or two.

In conjunction with the exhibition, Convict Culture Week is taking place from 21-27 May, with a great program of song, dance and presentations.

We are pleased to host a number of talks and presentations during Convict Culture Week – free for locals and visitors! Please contact Norfolk Island Museum on ph: 23788 or or email info@museums.gov.nf for more information and to confirm times.

  • Tuesday, 23 May: Norfolk Island Exiles by Rosie Severs 11.00am-11.45am at the Research Centre (No. 9 Quality Row)
  • Tuesday, 23 May: Shipwrecks and shearwaters: Norfolk Island in Colonial Art by Alisa Bunbury 5.00pm-6.00pm at Christian’s Cave
  • Wednesday, 24 May: Alexander Maconochie: Prison Reformer by Rosie Severs 1.30-2.30pm at the Research Centre (No. 9 Quality Row)
  • Wednesday, 24 May: Convict Songs of the Second Settlement by Don Brian 2.30-3.30pm at the Research Centre (No. 9 Quality Row)
  • Thursday, 25 May: Blind Larry Convict Theatre by Rob Wills 1.00pm-2.00pm at the Research Centre (No. 9 Quality Row)
  • Thursday, 25 May: Select readings from The Castle of Andalusia

See you daun’taun!