Customer Service Christmas Closure

10 December 2021

The Customer Care and Registry offices will close for a short break over Christmas from midday on Friday 24 December 2021; these service areas will reopen on Tuesday 4 January 2022.

During the closure period, residents will not be able to register a Motor Vehicle or renew their Drivers Licence. Please check your vehicles registration and drivers licence to ensure that they do not expire during this time.

There are several applications for licences which fall due on 31 December, for example, a Sale of Food Licence and Dog Registration. These applications can be submitted in paper form to Customer Care until 12pm on Christmas Eve or, these can be emailed to

A list of Council service areas with limited operating hours over the shutdown will be published on Councils website, on Facebook and in the Newsletter.

For more information contact Customer Care on free call 0100.

Leanne Webb


10 December 2021