Council Building Approval and Compliance Services Changes

04 February 2022

This media release is to notify the community that NIRC has made changes to the way building approval and inspection services will be provided. NIRC will continue to provide these services for development requiring a building approval or with an existing building approval, although resourcing for these services will now be scheduled by the Planning Office.

This now means that, for scheduling of building inspections or for general questions or issues in relation to building approvals, these are to be directed to the following contact details:

NIRC Planning Office

Ph: +6723 22001 (ext 123)


Currently, building inspections will be scheduled for Mondays and Wednesdays at the available time. The Building Inspector and Compliance role is no longer an employed position at Council and contract resources are required to be scheduled on a needs basis.

Please contact myself or the Planning Office if you have any questions on these new arrangements. We thank the community for their understanding as NIRC transitions towards a sustainable delivery of Council services.

Phil Reid


2 February 2022