COMMUNIQUE - The Council of Elders

25 November 2021

The Council of Elders met at the Centre for Democracy on 18 November 2021.

Elders elected a new executive team for 2021. They include: David Buffett (President); Lewis Quintal and Cherie Nobbs (Vice Presidents); Edie Christian (Treasurer) and Margaret Clarkson (Deputy Treasurer); and Rhonda Griffiths (Secretary).

The meeting discussed the progress of the Language Revitalisation Strategy and noted that it is on track to be presented to the public for comment early in 2022. The survey results are being used to construct this important strategy.

The Council has been working on developing its new logo. Elders thank every artist hat contributed their designs and idea last year. The Elders look forward to exhibiting the final design early in 2022.

The Council of Elders sends birthday congratulations to the members of our community that have recently turned 90. These include: Ruth McCoy, Honey McCoy and Kath Wahlen.

At each meeting of the Council, Elders record the deaths of any community members that have passed; they would also like to record the births of the newest members of our community. If you have had a baby recently (in the past 24 months), please send the full name, date, parent/s and place of birth of your new baby to Rhonda Griffiths at