Bowls South Pacific Pairs Tournament 22nd Feb - 28th Feb: The Norfolk Island bowling Club invites visitors to double it up for the Norfolk Island South Pacific Pairs
Clay Target International Championships 1st Feb - 6th Feb: A long time favourite with Clay target shooters
En Plein Air Elena Parashko 14th Nov - 21st Nov: Join the En Plein Air Elena Parashko art workshop on Norfolk Island for a week of intensive art tuition. “My challenge is to inspire others and share my passion for artistic creation” – Elena Parashko
First Fleet Anniversary Celebrations 2nd March - 6th March: First Fleet descendants and history lovers are invited to celebrate the first fleet anniversary on Norfolk Island
Government House Charity Open day - 24th Oct: Visit Norfolk Island Historic Government house while donation money to Norfolk Island Charity's
The Silver Discoverer will be calling into Norfolk Island - 18th Nov:


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Welcome to Norfolk Island
Where else in the world can you visit with the family to experience the ultimate calm, the balm of brilliant sunshine trapped in a sub-tropical atmosphere with a distinct charm and nothing but wide ocean spaces? Norfolk Island of course!… Read more.
Fine dining at the Hilli restaurant on Norfolk Island
The ambiance and food are outstanding. Nestled behind the huge old fig trees, the gardens, verandahs and tastefully refurbished restaurant provide an amazing atmosphere to enjoy great food and wine or just to relax… Read about more cafés and restaurants on Norfolk Island.



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