Islanders and visitors alike practice the ‘Norfolk wave’ – a gentle raising of a finger or hand by drivers to acknowledge other drivers.:
Most locals also take Wednesday afternoon off – a long-time tradition once aimed at allowing locals to meet the plane.:
Norfolk is a real holiday haven, especially for locals who enjoy 12 public holidays per year (compared to nine or 10 in most Australian states).:
Norfolk is home to what is thought to be the world’s rarest bird – the Boobook Owl.:
Norfolk is the most haunted place in Australia, according to Richard Davis, author of the ‘Ghost Guide to Australia’,:
Norfolk Island ancestors were the first culture to give women the right to vote:
Norfolk Island ancestors were the first culture to make education compulsory to all children over the age of 5:
Norfolk Island does not have daylight saving:
Norfolk Island has no poisonous snakes or poisonous spiders:
Norfolk island has no traffic jams:
Norfolk Island has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world:
Norfolk Island is home to one of the world’s rarest languages:
Norfolk Island is one of the few places outside America where Thanksgiving Day is celebrated:
Norfolk sports one of the most remote postcodes (2899):
Norfolk was the first Australian soil to be blessed by the first rays of the new millennium in 2000 (and also 2001!).:
Norfolk’s official national anthem remains ‘God Save the Queen’ in recognition of the British monarchy’s:
On Norfolk Island we don't take out keys out of our cars:
On Norfolk Island we leave our homes unlocked:
On Norfolk Island you can be as busy or as laid back as you want to be.:
Our beaches are uncrowded and the water crystal clear:
Roaming cows, geese and ducks have right of way on Norfolk roads.:
Some scientists say Norfolk’s pine-scented skies contain the cleanest air in the world after Antarctica.:
The first Cricket match was played on Norfolk Island in 1838:
The Norfolk cricket pitch at Kingston is the oldest in the southern hemisphere.:
The Norfolk telephone book is the only one in the world to distinguish locals by their nicknames eg. Tarzan, Lettuce Leaf, Diddles, Pinky, Slugs, Boonie and Boof:


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Welcome to Norfolk Island
Where else in the world can you visit with the family to experience the ultimate calm, the balm of brilliant sunshine trapped in a sub-tropical atmosphere with a distinct charm and nothing but wide ocean spaces? Norfolk Island of course!… Read more.
Norfolk Island Farmer's Markets

The farmer's markets are held every Saturday morning from 7.30am - 11.00am in the Bicentennial complex in Taylors Road. Although only small, you can purchase fresh vegies, fruit and herbs that are in season from the back of the farmer's trucks. You can also buy local cheese, home cooked foods, plants and sometimes fresh fish.



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