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Thursday, May 24, 2018

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Norfolk Island National Park and Norfolk Island Botanic Garden Management Plan 2018-28

Thursday, May 24, 2018

The new Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Gardens 2018-2028 Management Plan, which was developed in consultation with the Norfolk Island community, has been finalised.

The plan aims to support the Norfolk Island community and its economy through effective management of the park and botanic gardens, while working with the community to encourage and develop new tourism ideas and opportunities.

Norfolk Island National Park acting park manager Melinda Wilson said the plan balanced the legislative requirements with which a National Park must comply, such as the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conversation Act, with community and stakeholder concerns to provide a clear direction for the management of the park and botanic gardens over the next decade.

“The plan strengthens our commitment to the control of pests such as rats, cats and weeds, whilst allowing for the continued management of the population of tarler birds on Phillip Island,” Ms Wilson said.

“As we strengthen our control on introduced species, the plan also outlines the work needed to protect and promote native and endemic species, and the island.

“We want Norfolk Island National Park and Botanic Gardens to continue providing great recreational experiences for locals and visitors. Our island is an amazing destination with beautiful forest walks and stunning views from Mount Pitt and Mount Bates.

 “This plan charts a positive direction for the management of Norfolk Island National Park & Gardens, and we look forward to working with the community to conserve the biodiversity of our island and promote its tourism potential,” she said.

The plan allows the continuation of a forestry zone in the park for harvesting plantation timber, commits to maintaining remnant vegetation in the forestry zone to reduce costs to the forestry operators, and allows the Norfolk Island community to continue collecting lemons and guava in the park.

Hard copies are available at Norfolk Island National Park Headquarters, or you can find a copy online at:

If Norfolk Island residents would like to discuss the plan, please contact Acting Park Manager Mel Wilson on 22 695.

Media Contact: Mark Sawa – Parks Australia media manager – 02 6274 1276 or 0416 911 968

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MEN: Do you know if you have a “Spanner in the Works?”

Thursday, May 10, 2018

As a part of Men’s Health Week 2018 (11-17 June) we are running a series of free health checks to be rolled out at various sporting clubs across Norfolk. The concept of “Spanner in the Works?” program comes from the Australian Men’s Shed Association.

These free health checks, to be conducted by men, are designed to remind men that, like their cars, they too need a regular service. The initiative is open to all men, reinforcing the fantastic work that our sporting clubs do for the community.

‘Spanner in the Works?’ is based on the idea that men often pay more attention to the health and wellbeing of their vehicles than their own health and wellbeing. Many men remain reluctant to talk about their health and too often delay or avoid going to see a GP to get any potential problems checked out – an attitude that heavily contributes to the fact that men die on average 5 years earlier than women.

This Men’s Health initiative hopes to help influence good habits in men, making it easy for them to get a quick health check and pick up some general health information. The health checks to be conducted will be:


You will be provided with your own HEALTH SERVICE CARD.

This health check should not be seen as a replacement for a complete check up by your GP and is more about encouraging men to think more about their health.

More details about where and when will be provided over the coming weeks.

There will be prize draws.

Funding for these events has been provided to WAGNI by the Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network. For more information please contact Karen Innes-Walker, Health and Wellbeing Coordinator on 22687 or Dale Howe from WAGNI on 56025.

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Norfolk Island Federal member, Gai Brodtmann visits Norfolk Island

Friday, May 04, 2018

What do you do when you arrive on Norfolk Island on Monday for a week of constituent meetings and you’re told your bags won’t arrive until Friday? You head to the op shop of course! This is what happen to Norfolk Island Federal member, Gai Brodtmann who arrived on Norfolk this week without her bags.  

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