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2019 Bounty Bowls

Friday, May 10, 2019

The weather gods were extremely generous to the bowlers this week for the Christian-Bailey Agencies sponsored Bounty Bowls with fine weather throughout the week, with temperatures in the low 20s. Excellent bowling weather and it certainly was on display with the standard of bowls displayed by all teams in the tournament. 34 teams fronted the starters gun on Sunday 5th May for the 1st round for the week, with 22 teams from overseas from all places, Caboolture Lakes, Lowood, Sarina, Brothers Bundaberg, Moore Park Beach, New Farm, Mt Gravatt, Wagga Wagga, Coraki, Musgrave Hill, Northern Beaches Mackay, Nambour, Woombye, Palmwoods plus 4 teams from Western Australia, these 22 teams were up against the 12 teams of local talent and play proceeded through the week until Thursday afternoon, where the 8 teams who qualified for the quarter-finals were decided.  Due to the very generous sponsorship of Kim & Charles from Christian-Bailey Agencies a total of $13,800 dollars was available for the teams who qualified.

The qualifiers were: in Section A, the team from Norfolk Island, skipped by Gary Ryan (and last years winners) together with Dave Smith, Stephen Mathews & Tess Evans qualified 1st with 6 wins +68, in 2nd place was a composite team skipped by Martin Rogers, together with his father A. Rogers, J. Willies and Brent Johnstone with 6 wins +38.

In Section B, the team from Sarina skipped by Wade Cranston together with Brian Adams, Ian Gardner & Trevor Bird topped the section with 7 wins +42, and in 2nd place was the local team of Phil Jones, Ester Sanchez, Barry Wilson & Petal Jones with 6 wins +65  .

In Section C: the team from Norfolk Island skipped by Alan Marshall, Gary Bigg, Graeme Woolley & Jacki Marshall qualified in first place with 6 wins +56, and in 2nd place was again another local team skipped by Moochie Christian, together with Shae Wilson, Culla Graham & Vivian Bigg with 6 wins +45.

In Section D the local team of Mick Godfrey, S. larking, Wes Cooper & S. Cohen placed first with 7 wins +77, and in 2nd spot was the team skipped by Pete Walkinshaw, Jeff Pledger, Spider Webb & Trevor Gow with 6 wins +60.

The quarter-finals are scheduled for Thursday afternoon, with the semi-finals and the final on Friday with the following match-ups decided.

The quarter-final match ups were: Gary Ryan’s team Vs P. Walkinshaw’s team. Culla Graham’s team Vs Wade Cranston’s team, Alan Marshall’s team Vs Phil Jones team, and Martin Rogers team Vs Mick Godfrey’s team.

The write up for the finals and the presentation will be provided in next week’s paper.

The Bowling Club would like to thank all of our generous sponsors in Kim & Charles of Christian-Bailey Agencies, Foodland’s Supermarkets and Cookie for the 2 Drips water.

A great week was had by all and the Club Manager would like to thank his band of helpers throughout the week and he is looking forward to putting up his feet for a couple of days.

Don’t forget that the Club is open 7 days per week for both lunch and dinner, plus the coldest beer in town.

See you on the greens soon.

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Blainville’s Beaked Whale Norfolk Island 2016

Friday, April 26, 2019

Three years ago, on the 26th April 2016, a Blainville’s Beaked Whale was stranded on the reef at Slaughter Bay, Kingston.  During the late afternoon, I will always remember the community effort to attempt to rescue the exhausted whale, but it was too injured to survive, and later died.  The poor thing was very battered, bruised and cut up as the waves bashed it into the coral reef on the shoreline.

On that Autumn afternoon, I spent three hours until after dark down the beach photographing the whale so there would be scientific records of the small whale.  It was later identified as a Blainville's Beaked Whale (Mesoplodon densirostris), also called the dense beaked whale.

On the day the beaked whale died, a biopsy tissue sample was taken and during the past few years the hope to get the sample to Sydney where there has been an offer to test the tissue and confirm the whales species.  It has proved very difficult with Australian biosecurity laws to transport the frozen tissue sample to Australia.  Maybe one day it may be possible but until then, it will remain frozen in Norfolk Island.

Wojtek Bachara, a whale researcher from Poland, contacted me in 2016 and together we gathered information and he then put together a scientific paper including my photographs.  It is interesting reading the research he has completed, and there are several sightings around Norfolk Island which he has documented in the report including the Gilbert Jackson sightings with video footage.  Plus, the picture on cover of Ian Kenny’s book “Whales, Boats & Fish”.  He also included information from other passing boats data records.  It is very exciting to now have my photographs published in my first scientific paper.


This week I have looked back at the photographs I took three years ago, on that sad afternoon.  My biggest thought, as I looked through the photos, was the sense of community.  What an amazing place we live in on Norfolk Island.  I looked at the young teenagers out helping the whale, then how quickly everyone pulled their resources together to help.  Thank you to everyone who attempted to assist with the rescue one year ago.

I hope the next time I see a Beaked Whale it is a healthy Blainville’s swimming in the ocean, and not stranded on the Norfolk Island shoreline.

Thanks, Yorlie for all helping.

Betty Matthews

April 2019

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Airport Master Plan

Friday, April 19, 2019

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PeoplePlus committed to working together for better futures on Norfolk Island

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Since 2016, PeoplePlus have been delivering a range of employment services for job seekers and employers. The Norfolk Island VET Financial Assistance Initiative now makes it easier for Norfolk Island residents to access vocational training, including apprenticeships

PeoplePlus has been operating on Norfolk Island for three years, but there is still some mystery around the services we provide for residents of the Island.

In a nutshell, PeoplePlus helps job seekers prepare for and find work, and match them to our employers’ specific recruitment needs. We’re also Norfolk Island’s exclusive job active and Disability Employment Services provider.

In a further win for the Island, since January 1, 2019 PeoplePlus has also been offering access to subsidised Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses to residents over the age of 15, undertaking courses provided by mainland Australia RTO’s.
Business services

Recruiting the right staff for your business can be a daunting process. Our team have worked hard to build effective working relationships with businesses across our community. Our services for businesses simplify staffing needs and provides additional assistance, such as:

• Drafting job specifications to ensure we find the right job seeker for your business

• Creating and posting job ads for the Norfolk Islander Newspaper and Facebook free of charge

• Provide business advice for employers and new businesses looking for job seekers and those with specific needs.

Assistance for job seekers

We can help with every aspect of employment preparation and application, including:

• Assist you in applying for jobs including answering selection criteria, writing cover letters,
reviewing your education history and utilising the technology in our office to apply for work

• Reviewing the job register for all the positions we have advertised in the community and
discussing any other non-advertised positions that may interest you

• Undertaking practice interviews to help prepare you for any problem-solving approaches
or personal responses you may need

• Disability Employment Services including Disability Management Service for job seekers
with disability, injury or health condition who need assistance to find a job and occasional
support in the workplace to keep a job.

• Post Placement Support services and connections to local community groups and allied
health services.

• PeoplePlus is a non-government organisation – private enterprise, you do not have to
registered with Centrelink to engage with this service.

VET Training

In early 2019, PeoplePlus secured the Norfolk Island VET Financial Assistance Initiative -making it easier for residents of the Island to access vocational training.

The Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities has partnered with PeoplePlus to deliver the Initiative and provide information to Norfolk Island residents onthe financial support now available to them.

The Hon Sussan Ley MP said “During my visit to Norfolk Island many issues were raised with me, including the need for Norfolk Island residents to have access to the full variety of education opportunities, such as Vocational Education and Training (VET).

“The sorts of qualifications people may wish to take up include those that lead to working in a trade—carpenters, chefs, plumbers or early childhood teachers.”

The availability of new courses which will lead to career opportunities for roles in nursing,disability support and early childcare education and aged care will strengthen the skills for people in our community.

There are several employment opportunities which are currently available in these sectors.With the introduction of NDIS in July 2018, as well as the new construction project at Banyan Park Play Centre which is due for completion in 2020, there is expected to be demand for early childhood educators and facilitators next year.

PeoplePlus Norfolk work closely with AETS (Australian Employment and Training Solutions)and have established connections at Kingscliff / Wollongbar TAFE. Both organisations provide flexible study options to support your learning needs.

For students interested in earning a qualification in Early Childhood Education and Care, the training and support we offer for students include employing an experienced local mentor,with the course delivered via distance education and weekly face to face study sessions, via Skype, Zoom or other media, if in-person is not possible.

With several recent enrolments for apprenticeships to note, our team have received glowing feedback, as we continue to work throughout the year in building steady momentum for employment and training opportunities across Norfolk Island.

Meet the Norfolk Island team
Heather Bruce is our Norfolk Island Branch Manager and has a background in hospitalityand education.

Annie Kenny is our Norfolk Island Case Manager and has a background in human resources and law.

We make the perfect team to help you with your employment needs. Over the month of March, we connected and supported eight job seekers into employment. This is a great outcome in a market where employment is limited and approaching our quieter months.

Further Information
Our services are on offer for anyone looking for work or wanting to fill a vacancy in their business. PeoplePlus provides a confidential service which can create quality support to the business community on Norfolk Island.

For more information, contact our office.
22562 or 50925

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Fun Community Day

Thursday, April 18, 2019

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Customer Care Offices

Friday, March 29, 2019

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Bathurst Old Bulls Rugby To Visit Norfolk Island

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Bathurst Old Bulls Visit Monday 4th March – Monday 11th March – We are happy to announce we have a visiting Over 35 Rugby Team visiting Norfolk Island Next Month. We have organised a Welcome Night on Monday at the NI Golf Club, a game on Wednesday 3pm Kingston Oval followed by a BBQ, Pizza & Music on Friday Night at Castaway (unlimited Pizza $20 per head) and Farewell Dinner on Sunday at the NI Bowling Club. Everyone is welcome to attend all or some functions. We know this will be a week full of fun. We will need numbers for catering so please contact Jill or 51152 OR Russell or 22743. There is no cost to play, however our insurance is due 1st March so for $25 you will be covered for playing with Bathurst Old Bulls in March and Rugby on the Rock in August. Insurance money can be paid to Raewynne Tarrant at Transam Argosy in the morning or Borry’s in the afternoon OR Jill or Carol at the Hospital. Family and Friends are more than welcome.

Cook Islands Golden Oldies Mini Festival – May 2019

We are committed to sending players to Cook Islands 3rd – 13th May 2019. We wish them all the best and I know they will enjoy their time with our dear friends from the Bundaberg Rum Ruckers.  

Rugby on the Rock 2019

Lock in the dates for Rugby on the Rock 2019 – 3rd August to 10th August 2019. This is always a fun week with some visiting teams already booked. This tournament will be a male only tournament, girls are encouraged to support and help on the side line, without our volunteers this tournament would not happen. We will also be asking for anyone interested in providing food at the games, please provide us with your expressions of interest. The cost for Rugby on the Rock is:

$50 to Play (this includes some post match drinks)

$50 Opening Ceremony

$75 Closing Ceremony

$25 Insurance is due now (this will cover you for Bathurst Visit next month plus ROR)

If players and supporters wish to attend both Opening and Closing a package may be purchased prior to 31st May 2019 for $150 Player Package and $100 Supporter Package

World Vintage Rugby – Fiji November 2019

The Creaky Ol Convicts would like expressions of interest for attending World Vintage Rugby in Fiji 10th – 17th November 2019.

Jersey Order and Sponsorship

The Creaky Ol Convicts are currently looking for sponsorship to buy some new jerseys to be used here for Rugby on the Rock and to take to overseas tournaments. If you are interested in sponsoring jerseys or anything else, please contact a committee member. We will also order extra jerseys so if you would like to purchase your own jersey with name, number etc please talk with a committee member.

Creaky Ol Convicts Committee

Gary Dowling (President), Mal Tarrant (Vice President), Raewynne Tarrant (Treasurer), Jill Buffett (Secretary), Rossco Quintal, Helen Dowling, Carol & Russell Lowry

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What a great week of racing at NOC the Rock!

Friday, January 25, 2019

A brilliant week of outrigger racing has just come to a close for over 150 paddlers this week at NOC the Rock for 2019! As members of Norfolk Island Wa’a Outrigger Club farewell participants over the weekend we hope that the memories of the week will keep everyone smiling and keen to be back for more in 2020.

With last night’s (Friday) Farewell Function at Orn Daa Cliff revealing the week’s overall winners for the Norfolk Island Travel Centre Round Island 26km Marathon, in coming weeks the Club will present a full run down on the week with all the winners listed. Friday night’s presentation was one of three, with the Pacific Direct Mid Line 12km Iron and the Mokutu Chalet Pursuit Sprints being presented throughout the week.

For now the Club would like to say a massive thank you to all the visiting paddlers for travelling to Norfolk to compete, embracing our Island, your sportsmanship, friendship and fun.  We’ve had a ball and hope you leave with the best memories of a great week.

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Interview with Administrator Mr Eric Hutchinson

Thursday, October 04, 2018


Don Wiseman    RADIO NZ      1 October 2018

Mr Don Wiseman:  The administrator on Norfolk Island is assuring residents that services will not be affected if New South Wales ends its links with the island in 2021.

NSW has been providing health, education and some other services under the federal government's administration since the end of autonomy in July 2016.

Some concerns have been raised about a lack of communication over the possibility of NSW going after an anonymous letter appeared on social media and in the local paper.

The administrator, Eric Hutchinson, spoke with Don Wiseman about this matter and other concerns on the island.

Mr Eric Hutchinson:   My assessment is that overwhelming the community here they care less about the how and the who what they care more about is the what and the when.

It is very important to recognise that the commitment that the Australian Government has made to the community and the people here on Norfolk Island in respect of being able to have access to that equivalent, similar, comparable services to similar communities elsewhere around Australia is undiminished and that won’t change.

So there are conversations at very early stages in fact no details of            conversations have taken place with alternative jurisdictions that may be as appropriate or more appropriate as the circumstance might be

Mr Don Wiseman:  But in terms of NSW providing these services that you mention they do want out

Mr Eric Hutchinson:  That is completely incorrect and nonsense in characterising in that way.  There is a commitment there from New South Wales until 2021 and undoubtedly and as the Minister Ley has expressed there will continue to be ongoing conversations with New South Wales but also initial discussions have started with alternative jurisdictions and the Australian Government’s commitment to the people of Norfolk Island remains undiminished that they should reasonable have access to a level of services that is comparable that is similar that is the same to communities of a similar size and location in other parts of the country.

Mr Don Wiseman: Why do you not use the word equivalent right through. Are we talking about similar or the same?

Mr Eric Hutchinson: Well in fact there are of course nuances that need to be taken into consideration given that Norfolk Island is a small community 1600 kilometres off the east coast of Australia so one could reasonable appreciate that there are circumstances here that present differently to a similar size community for example 150 kilometres north west of Dubbo for example in NSW.  Still a remote community nevertheless but the nuances of Norfolk Island I think we are getting into some anti when we are talking about the parable the similar or the same because in fact  is respect of medicare, for example, in respect of pharmaceutical medical benefit scheme for example, in respect of the age pension and eligibility for that, for disability support pension, for newstart allowance, for fee release for early child care education all of those things are identical.

Mr Don Wiseman:  I have heard from people on the island who are upset  that they heard through an anonymous letter that appeared in the local newspapers that laid out these possibility here.  Their concern is what they feel is a lack of open communication with the Administration and I guess with the Minister.

Mr Eric Hutchinson:  In fact it appeared on social media that the letter to which you referred before it appeared in the local press here.  Now it contained many many factual inaccuracies.  The Minister responded very promptly to the concerns that had been raised.  But again the Australian Govnmentt commitment to the people of Norfolk Island remains absolutely undiminished.

Mr Dob Wiseman:   Yes we have the Chamber of Commerce saying they would like an open forum for improved communication.

Mr Eric Hutchinson:  Look I think it is fair to say Don that we can always do better there is no question about that. 

And look I welcome the Chamber of Commerce’s interest in the things that they believe support their membership.  But it is a question I guess for the membership of the Chamber of Commerce as to whether or not unidentified letters that are published on social media are the sort of things that the Chamber of Commerce sees as adding value to their membership.

Mr Don Wiseman:  Something that is obviously very close to home for them is  - you have talked about the award system and the concerns there, there is also other concerns such as lands tax and the general decline that a lot of people report in the tourism industry, and I suppose there is a lot of people who are fretting

Mr Eric Hutchinson:  First of all we are not talking about land tax as such we are probably referring to a system of local government rates that apply to land and property around the island.  Now I don’t think that is so dissimilar to what occurs in New Zealand and I don’t think it is so dissimilar certainly to what occurs all around the rest of Australia.

Now it does value and it does I guess  put an opportunity cost if you will on property and I see many in this community responding in the most positive of way where they are starting to put some of that land to work and start to see a revenue being generated.

Mr Don Wiseman:   Difficult though to generate a revenue stream if the economy is going down the gurggla

Mr Eric Hutinson:   Well I think again with the upmost of respect I think that is a complete and utter mischaracterisation of what is happening here on Norfolk Island.  Like everywhere I guess there are some businesses that will be doing better, yes there are some businesses that possibly have been ahead of the curve if you will in terms of adapting, but we have a significant amount of investment occurring on Norfolk Island.

For example the Australian Government has just appointed a Regional Investment Officer it is all about attracting investment within the island and from off the island to stimulate and grow the economy.

We are seeing passenger numbers to Norfolk Island increasing after the lows of 2008 2009 2010.  So we are seeing the signs of an economy that is turning around.  The biggest complaint that I get is that we need a regular air freight service they are systematic of an economy that is growing. 

I have had conversations with both of the banks that operate here on Norfolk Island and their business activity levels are indeed significant and growing.  So there are many many signals and there are many businesses that are doing very well on Norfolk Island.

There is so much to be positive about and the vast majority of people understand that.

Mr Don Wiseman:  The Administrator of Norfolk Island Eric Hutchinson.

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Call for Field Volunteers

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Do you enjoy birding and have some time to share? Allie Nance is a PhD student at Monash University in Victoria, Aus, looking for volunteers to help collect data for her field study on the breeding ecology of Norfolk Island perching birds. The project will be taking place through the months of October, November and December of 2018.

What you would be doing as a volunteer:
- Walking through various areas of Norfolk Island National Park to pre-identified nests of either the Scarlet Robin, Golden Whistler (Tamey), Grey Fantail, Grey Gerygone or Long-billed White-eye
- Monitoring individual nests for 30-minute periods
- Collecting information during monitoring such as arrival and departure times of males and females, time spent feeding and time spent sitting on the nest (incubating eggs or brooding chicks)

Time commitment needed from each volunteer:
- Brief training in study procedures before any new nest checks (this will probably take 5-10 mins directly before you complete a nest check)
- You will need to be available for a minimum of 1 hour after arriving at NI National Park – this hour will be taken up by any necessary training, walking to nests, settling time before monitoring, 30-min monitoring, then either walking back to the meeting point or to the next nest
- We will be completing nest checks in the National Park most days over the three-month period anytime between 7am and 5pm. You are free to elect any times and days that suit you, and the number of nest checks you would like to complete (your efforts are deeply appreciated, whether you do 1 nest check or 10!)

Skills necessary for this field work:
- Ability to passively monitor (i.e. sitting and watching) a nest for a consecutive 30-minute period, and fill in data sheets as data is collected
- Ability to effectively use stopwatches to time behavioural events
- Ability to safely traverse forested areas to get to nests
- Ability to locate nests from maps and orientational instructions/directions
- Binoculars are not compulsory but may make the job easier!

The data that you will help collect for this study will provide much-needed information on the breeding ecology of Norfolk Island’s endemic perching birds. If this project interests you or you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact Allie by email at She will be arriving on Norfolk Island on the 25th of September and will be contactable on a Norfolk phone number soon after. Thank you for your time and consideration

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