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Shipwreck Archaeology in Australia ... by Michael Nash

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Since the loss of the Trial in 1622, more than seven thousand shipwrecks have occurred in Australian waters. A significant number of these have now been located - often revealing themselves as time capsules providing fascinating insights into marine transportation, cargoes and early colonial life.

This is the story of how a unique underwater resource has been conserved and protected as part of the nation's rich maritime heritage - including wrecks associated with early exploration, colonial trade, whaling and the introduction of steam technology. Containing comprehensive maps and many previously unpublished photographs, Shipwreck Archaeology documents the work of leading maritime archaeologists on some of Australia's most important shipwreck sites.   


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Cloven Pine – poems for Norfolk Island ... by Don Reid

Thursday, December 05, 2019

Cloven Pine – poems for Norfolk Island by Don Reid’ is a unique publication, inspired by and penned especially for Norfolk Island

“…even before the plane touched down this place aroused my curiosity, set me thinking, touched me emotionally…poems began to form…” Don Reid 


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The Bounty and After ... by Albert Stanley Gazzard

Thursday, November 28, 2019

A short history of the descendants of the mutineers of the "Bounty"  


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Hell and Paradise ... by Peter Clarke

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Here, in one magnificent volume, is the complete saga of The Bounty Mutiny, the Pitcairn Story and the two centuries of enthralling events on Norfolk Island.

Vividly written, and with full colour illustrations on every page, the book has world-wide sales exceeding  $1,400,000.

DISCOUNT PRICE FOR FAMOUS BOOK: Mainland price $50.00. Your price $39.50.


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The Commandants ... by M.G. Britts

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Norfolk Island, the beautiful island the British chose as a penal settlement and source of ship building materials, became living hell for thousands of convicts.

Unfettered by government control, the Commandants of Norfolk Island were brutal and sadistic rulers of this tiny island, turning it into a place to rival the concentration camps of later years.  

M. G. Britts graphically depicts the impressions made by the succession of brutal Commandants who made the name of Norfolk Island notorious around the world.  


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The First Fleet 1788 Poster ... by The Norfolk Island museum

Thursday, November 07, 2019

This easy to read poster provides the names of the ships of the First Fleet together with the names of crew, convicts and officials on board.

A must for any descendant of the First Fleet.  


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Our Island Holiday ... by Sal Davies and the Children of Norfolk Island

Thursday, October 31, 2019

A Children's treasury of their holidays on Norfolk Island. This book was written for two reasons. The main one being that my own children were lucky enough to spend some of their childhood on Norfolk Island, where they were able to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and play naturally as children should do.

I also wanted to present the Norfolk language to children and others in an understandable and easy to read format. 

The Norfolk language was developed on Pitcairn Island and spoken by the families of the Bounty mutineers and their Tahitian wives. It is a mixture of 18th century English and Tahitian. The language is still spoken today on both Pitcairn and Norfolk Islands.


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Pitcairn Island Heritage and Norfolk Connection (DVD)

Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Trilogy. Released together to coincide with the 2006 Sesquicentennial of the Pitcairners Landing on Norfolk Island. 

A Pitcairn Pilgrimage - Tracing the experiences of 25 Norfolk Islanders on a "trip of a lifetime" to remote Pitcairn where Christian sailed the "Bounty" There were able to experience life on their ancestral homeland. 

The Pitcairn Story & Bicentennary Visit - An inspiring and detailed look at the Pitcairn Story, partly told by Tom Christian, a 5th generation of Fletcher Christian. Also features burning of the Bounty replica, a re-enacted massacre scene, visit to Christian's Cave, and recognition of John Adam's influence, seafaring skills. 

The People & Their Heritage - Thrilling stories from he Old People of Norfolk Island, telling their history & of life on the Island, beginning with one of the annual re-enactments of the Pitcairner's arrival on Norfolk Island in 1856. 

These 3 films together encompass the heritage values and the connection between the two islands. 


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Pitcairn Tapa ... by Pauline Reynolds

Thursday, October 17, 2019

There is an untold chapter to the Bounty story – it begins here.

The tapa cloth of Pitcairn Island illuminates the forgotten story of the Polynesian women of HMAV Bounty.

In French and English.  


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A Norfolk Legacy DVD

Thursday, October 10, 2019

A people history is the foundation of their future Holder Christian's dream was to record Norfolk's Oral history so that future generations may be acquainted with early life on Norfolk Island.

In 1991 Holder and a small, enthusiastic team began fundraising for a project that became known as A Norfolk Legacy. The Film and Television Department of the Queensland College of Arts was contracted to create the film.

The story of Norfolk Island is told by numerous islanders and begins with the discovery by Captain Cook, includes information about the First and Second Settlements and the arrival of the Pitcairners in 1856. Reminiscences, poetry, humour and amazing facts are included in this amazing DVD version of the original film.


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