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Bowls Report by Ballzup

Thursday, May 03, 2018

The Heritage Bounty Bowls week has been in full steam at the Bowling Club this past week, with 30 teams participating, both local and overseas teams, who have come from as far away as New Zealand (via Australia) and Western Australia. Many teams have returned after successful visits to Norfolk Island in the past, and esp. the Northern Beaches Club in Mackay, QLD, Barry Gartrell has brought over nearly 30 persons from WA, two teams from Waihopai, N.Z., and teams from Sarina QLD, Semaphore SA, Gayndah QLD, and Coraki NSW.  120 players began their quest for the trophy last Sunday at 9am, with games continuing throughout the week, having to compete not only their opposition but the continued rain and wind, which haven’t made the bowling easy for any team.

After the weeks bowling and at the time of writing this report the majority of the sectional games had been completed, with two sections on the green as I speak vying for the final positions in the quarter finals.  Section A (completed) was won by the team of Garry Ryan, Pat Campbell, Matt Anundsen & Tess Evans with 6 wins +69, closely followed by the team from the Northern Beaches Club of Jason Little, Paul Finlay, Barry Finlay & Bruce Pilon with 6 wins +63; Section B (completed) was won by the team from Northern Beaches of Neil Grummet, Stewart Lackings, Robert Lynch & John Shepherd with 4 wins +13, closely followed by the local team of Neil McWaters, Marg O’Brien, Ann Snell & Peter Glass with 4 wins +9; Section C, with the final round to play was led by the team from Sarina, QLD skipped by  Brian Adams, Ron Perkins, Ivy Henshaw & Ian Henshaw with 4 wins plus a draw +48, and with the local side skipped by Peter Walkinshaw, Jeff Pledger, Spider Webb & Trev Gow with 4 wins +25; Section D was wide open with Ryan Dixon, Rob Dixon, Matt Bigg & Hayden Evans leading the way with 5 wins +58, but with 3 teams fighting it out for 2nd, with the team from Northern Beaches of W. Alexander, Michael Godfrey, S. Mau & P. Foot on 4 wins +35, the team skipped by Barry Gartrell, T. Needs, F. Faigenbaum and B. Hood on 4 wins +22, and the team of R. Kelsey, Alan Marshall, Graham Woolley & D. Fowler on 4 wins +31.  A very hard section by the looks.

After the sectional play, the quarterfinals were played on Thursday afternoon, with the semi-finals and final played on Friday, these results will be reported on in full in next weeks paper.

At the time of writing the quarterfinals looked like this, Garry Ryan to play the 2nd team from Section C; Neil McWaters to play the winner from Section D; Jason Little to play the winner from Section C and Neil Grummet to play the 2nd team from Section D.

These tournaments cannot be played without sponsorship and I would like to thank Mike King for his continued sponsorship with Heritage Events over the past years, as this is Mike’s last year, the Club will be looking for a new sponsor (so if your keen let the Club know), Mike has been a great stalwart of the Club over many years and the Members thank Mike for his support.

Next week will see the 2nd week of the Bounty played with games to commence on Monday and continue until Thursday, so come on down to the Club and watch some terrific games, a lot of the visiting players are staying for the 2nd week, with new faces also turning up this weekend.

The Club restaurant continues to trade very well, with a great menu and great prices to match.  Come on down for a cold drink and great feed, and a casual roll on the green if it suits your mood.

See you all on the greens.

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