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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hapkido Instructors John Christian and Harvey McCoy would like to congratulate Sean Laginikoro on acheieving his first degree black belt in Hapkido. The photo shows John Christian and Harvey McCoy awarding the black belt to Sean.

Sean graded in Australia under Masters Matthew Kim and Kevin Brown. Having moved from Norfolk for studies Sean had to drive 2 hours to his nearest Dojang to train and it is this dedication and hard training that earned him his black belt. In a sign of great respect to his two original instructors on Norfolk , Sean decided not wear his Black belt until it was placed on him by his two Norfolk instructors.

For John and Harvey it was a very proud moment to award the belt to Sean and the NI Hapkido club along with John and Harvey congratulate Sean on his success.

For any one interested in training in martial arts NI Hapkido has recommenced training for 2019, Monday Wednesday 6pm at the girl guide hall. for information ring John Christian on mob 50312.    

note only children over 10 years of age

Please 'contact us' for more information.

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