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Bowls report by Ballzup.

Friday, November 01, 2019

The Representatives for the Men’s Champion of Champions have been decided over the past two weeks, with terrific bowls being played and the winner of the Men’s section needed to defeat the current Club Champion and the Current representative for this years Champion of Champions. Well done to Mick Godfrey on qualifying for the 2020 Championship to be held in Adelaide.

The results of the men’s final games played last weekend were: Game 19. Ryan Dixon defeated Mark Carroll 17-1, 13-0 (nothing more to say); G20. Graeme Woolley defeated Neil McWaters 9-5, 6-4; G22. Graeme Woolley defeated Ryan Dixon 11-3, 11-5; G23. Haydn Evans defeated Graeme Woolley 10-7, 8-4. FINAL 1st game. Haydn Evans defeated Mick Godfrey 11-8, 8-7; and in the 2nd game (as it was a two life system and Mick had only lost the one game), Mick Godfrey defeated Hayden Evans 12-1, 14-7; in what was a comprehensive win to Mick over the current champion.

Social bowls were also played with the results thus: Tim Sheridan, Wes Cooper & Irene Buffett defeated Mick Godfrey, Norm Trickey & Tracey Wora 17-13; and Pete Walkinshaw, John Wilkes & Kevin Harvey drew 15-15 all with Haydn Evans, Peter Simpson & Harold Roper.

The ladies commenced their Champion of Champion competition last weekend with the results being: Game 1. Shae Wilson defeated Petal Jones 7-7, 11-6; G2. Kitha Bailey defeated Debby Adams 12-2, 9-7; G3. Ann Snell defeated Tess Evans 7-4, 9-4; G4. Ellie Dixon defeated Maycee Deszecsar 8-9, 9-4, 4-0; G5. Shae Wilson defeated Vivian Bigg 11-4, 8-7; G6. Kitha Bailey defeated Annie Pledger 16-4, 10-7; G7. Vivian Bigg defeated Debby Adams 13-0, 12-2; G8. Petal Jones defeated Annie Pledger 8-7, 13-5; G9. G9. Vivian Bigg defeated Tess Evans 9-6, 11-4; G10. Petal Jones defeated Maycee Deszecsar 9-3, 6-6; G11. Shae Wilson defeated Ann Snell 8-3, 7-5; and G12. Ellie Dixon defeated Kitha Bailey 7-7, 10-3. G13.

The games continued on Wednesday with the results thus: G14. Petal Jones defeated Ann Snell 12-3, 13-1; G15. Shae Wilson defeated Ellie Dixon 10-8, 13-6 (which means that Shae remains the only undefeated person and awaits the 2nd life winner). G16. Vivian Bigg defeated Kitha Bailey 10-6, 12-6. G17. Petal Jones defeated Vivian Bigg 9-4, 12-2. With one game to play in the losers section (Petal Vs Ellie) it will be interesting to see who gets to play Shae in the final when it is played.  Social bowls were also played on Wednesday with the results being: Mick Godfrey, Irene Buffett & Esther Trickey defeated Tess Evans, Terry B (visitor) & Kitha Bailey 15-13; Ester Sanchez & Janice B (visitor) defeated Kate Smith & Brent Johnstone 19-13; and Neil McWaters, Graeme Woolley 7 Greg Purchase (visitor) defeated Haydn Evans, Norm Trickey & Debby Adams 18-14.

This week-end is the Club’s Memorial Day for bowls with A Day for Force being played. Teams of triples (3 persons) are encouraged to enter or single entries will be accepted. Start time will be 2pm with a BBQ on completion. Results for the day were winners marie Forsyth, Khan Forsyth & Jan Williams defeating Mick Williams, Danny Forsyth & Brett Bergagnin 26-5, RUP’s were Phil Jones, Petal Jones & Jett Pettit defeating Jimmy, Louie & Karen Quintal 27-9, with a close 3rd in Mark Carroll, Steve Winters & Tracey Wora defeating Norm Trickey, John Kane & Esther Trickey 20-12. Other results on the day were: Martin Rogers, John Wilkes & Pete Walkinshaw defeated Ann Snell, Brent Johnstone & Kitha Bailey 20-14, Mick Godfrey, Irene Buffett & Debby Adams defeated Ellie Dixon, Ryan Dixon & Paul (visitor) 18-17; Neil McWaters, Graeme Woolley & Marg Buffett defeated Jeff Pledger, Joseph Williams & Trev Gow 16-14; and Tim Sheridan, Tony Mitchell & Maycee Deszecsar defeated Kieran Glass, Jenice (visitor) and Jeanne Forsyth 22-15. A terrific afternoon of social bowls and this will be an annual event, Memorial Day for past members.

The Club’s two representatives for the 2019 Champion of Champions left for Adelaide last Friday and the members wish both Shae Wilson and Haydn Evans good luck with their games. Scores can be found on the World Bowls website, with competition commencing on Monday last. Results up to Wednesday were:

Shae: Win England 13-2, 12-8, Win Zimbabwe 12-6, 12-5, Loss Namibia 5-9, 8-9, Win Botswana 15-6, 9-4, Win Isle of Man 11-5, 13-2, Loss Australia 13-3, 8-10, 2-3. Shae currently is placed 3rd in her section of 10 teams.

In the Men’s section, Hayden results are: Loss Israel 16-1, 6-8, 2-3, Loss Ireland 4-11, 3-12, Loss Guernsey 6-6, 3-11, Loss Fiji 16-3, 7-8, 1-2, Win Botswana 9-8, 15-8, Win Singapore 7-5, 12-4, Win Japan 12-9, 13-6. Hayden currently is placed 8th in his section of 14 teams. The full results will be in the next edition of Ballzup.

On Wednesday last the ladies hosted a social day of bowls with the results thus: Tess Evans, Norm Trickey & Kieran Glass defeated Jackie Ryan, Ashley Blewer (visitor) & Debby Adams 27-10; Kate Smith, Brent Johnstone & Irene Buffett defeated Neil McWaters, Graeme Woolley & Esther Trickey 20-14; and Petal Jones, Mick Godfrey & Kitha Bailey defeated John Groat, Mark Carroll & Cheryl 22-10.

Don’t forget that the Club’s Bistro trades 7 days per week for both lunch (closes at 2pm) and dinner from 5:30pm til late.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls News

Thursday, October 10, 2019

As you may have noticed there was no report last week as Ballzup was off Island at the Army Majura Training Area in Canberra, freezing the nuts off and then up to Army Training Area in Holsworthy, Sydney where the temperature was over 30 degrees, dry and dusty. Not my idea of a holiday, but whilst I was gone the Bowls Club continued with their yearly competitions and on Saturday previous the final of the Men’s Major Singles was played between good mates Haydn Evans & Ryan Dixon with the game going down to the wire. Haydn was the more consistent bowler of the first 10 ends to have a slight lead 10-6 but by the 13th end Ryan had taken the lead 12-11 with the score locked together at 16-16 all after 19 ends. Haydn then put the pressure on Ryan by winning 5 of the next 6 ends to have a lead 23-19 in a race to be first to 25. Ryan’s demon’s must have been prevalent as Ryan had been the runner-up in this competition a few times previously and had not won the Major Singles. Haydn then relaxed a little and Ryan, with his International experience coming to the fore, pounced to win two ends to only trail Haydn by one shot 23-22, with Haydn claiming one shot on the next end to be within sight of the finish line 24-22, but Ryan who was playing excellent bowls claimed two shots on the next end to square the ledger at 24-24 apiece and managed to claim the one shot required on the next end to ruin Haydn’s party and win the Major Singles for the first time at the Club 25-24.  A terrific game to watch with excellent bowls played by both players but unfortunately, as they say, there can only be the one winner. Congratulations to Ryan, commiserations to Haydn.

Sat social bowls were also played with the results being Ann Snell, Kath Leeson (visitor) & Peter (visitor) defeating Norm Tricky, Rob (visitor) & Danny (visitor) 31-3; Denise, Seb & Keiran Glass defeated Robyn, Kerry & Jag 21-8; John Ellison, Ron Armitage & Ron Hastie lost to Pete Walkinshaw, Brian & Jason Scott  20-11; Dan Mathews, Ross & John Wilkes defeated Moochie Christian, Geoff Griffiths & Mergi 18-15.

Last Saturday the Open Pairs final was played with Mark Carroll & Mick Godfrey defeating Ellie & Ryan Dixon in straight sets 9-6, 9-5, with 3 games of social bowls being played with the results being: Petal Jones, Ann Snell & Bob Myers (visitor) defeated Haydn Evans, Kitha Bailey & Ulla Finlay (visitor) 21-17; Phil Jones, Martin Rogers & John Groat defeated Matt Bigg, Garry Knox (visitor) & John Wilkes 17-16; and Dave Smith, Brent Johnstone & Debby Adams defeated Rob Dixon, Stephen Mathews & Geoff Griffiths 21-12.

Last Wednesday the semi-finals of the ladies Major Singles were played and in two good games the results were: Ester Sanchez defeated Vivian Bigg 25-15; and Petal Jones defeated Shae Wilson 25-18. The final will be played next Wednesday.  3 games of social pairs were played and the results were: Brent Johnstone & Maycee Deszecsar defeated Norm Trickey & Jackie Ryan 32-9 (Maycee must have played well); Stephen Mathews & Kitha Bailey defeated Haydn Evans & Esther Trickey 19-17; and Peter M (visitor) & Debra (visitor) defeated Ann Snell & Kylie M (visitor) 20-16.

This weekend and due to only one green being available the Men’s Champion of Champion competition commences on Saturday with the first two rounds being played, and the 3rd & 4th rounds being played on Sunday. Draw is on the Club notice-board. The Ladies Champion of Champions competition has been deferred one week and will commence on the 19th October.

Sad news was received during the week from New Zealand with the reporting of the passing of Gary Kerr in New Plymouth. Gary lived on the Island many years ago and then returned to NZ but was a frequent visitor to the Island for the bowling competitions. The Club President and Member’s pass on their condolences to the family.

Don’t forget that during the summer months and with the daylight saving making the evenings enjoyable, the Club’s Bistro cooks until 8pm or later, depending on demand and with the menu’s changing a little over summer, it is the place to be. Grab a table on the under covered veranda and enjoy a terrific meal whilst watching the boys and girls perform on the greens.

The Manager apologies for any inconvenience caused by the work being undertaken within the Club, but the inside is looking great with more to follow.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls report by Missed Kitty

Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Terence Grube Sponsored NIO Triples came to a dramatic close last Friday with the two finals (men & ladies) played in conditions more suited to the Eskimos. With wind gusts up to 80km per hr, overcast skies, very cool temperatures and 10mm of rain throughout the day, the players found it very difficult to perform at their normal levels. During the morning the semi-finals were played and the winners were the composite team of Marg O’Brien, Ruth Gordon & Sue Moore, who defeated Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Ann Snell (Norfolk Island) 17-14. In the other semi-final the team of Petal Jones, Ester Sanchez & Vivian Bigg (Norfolk Island) defeated Kitha Bailey, Jackie Ryan & Joy Bishop (Norfolk Island) 28-10.

In the Men’s semi-finals, the team of Dave Smith, Mick Godfrey & Moochie Christian (Norfolk Island) defeated Ryan Dixon, Matt Bigg & Haydn Evans (Norfolk Island) 24-13. With the other semi going to the composite team skipped by Graham Pernell, Harry Wicks & Norm Trickey, who defeated Trevor Allwright, Mike Walker & Alan Pritchard (Pialba BC) 19-16.

The finals of the Terence Grube sponsored NIO triples were played last Friday afternoon in very trying conditions, with the conditions not great for spectators watching the bowls, who mainly stayed indoors and supported the bar. The players themselves struggled through the conditions with the Ladies final cut short (9 ends of 18) when players were unable to bear the conditions any longer. The Men faired a little better and lasted the distance over 18 ends.

Final results were in the ladies game, the team skipped by Petal Jones, Ester Sanchez & Vivian Bigg defeated the team skipped by Marg O’Brien, together with two visitors Ruth Gordon & Sue Moore by 15-2, with Marg’s team conceding after 9 ends of play.

In the men’s final the well disciplined team led by Dave Smith, Moochie Christian & Mick Godfrey defeated the team of Graham Pernell, Harry Wicks & Norm Trickey 18-11. The game was played in excellent spirit not withstanding the atrocious conditions and with Dave’s side leading 7-1 after 3 ends and then 14-1 after 8 ends, it looked like the lads were going to join the ladies at the bar. Graham’s team dug deep to win the next 5 ends to only be behind 14-8 with 5 ends but to no avail as Dave’s side then won the next 3 and the game was over.

The whole week was thoroughly enjoyed by all the visitors and the presentation night was a hoot, with Karaoke sounds filling the bar and bowls players singing like ABBA.

After the solid week of bowls the Club got straight back into its club competitions with the quarter-finals of the Open Pairs being played last Sunday, with the results being: Annie Pledger & Jan Williams defeating Esther & Norm Trickey in straight sets 15-6, 9-9; Mick Godfrey & Mark Carroll defeated Tim Sheridan & Shae Wilson in straight sets 9-7, 7-5; Dave & Kate Smith defeated Neil McWaters & Marg Buffett 10-5, 12-10. In social bowls played last weekend the results were: John Groat, Brent Johnstone & Steve W (visitor) drew with Trev Gow, Stephen Mathews & Bob (visitor) 14-14 all; Peter Tonkies (visitor) & John Kane defeated Haydn Evans & Kitha Bailey 22-11.

On Wednesday social bowls were played and results were: Haydn Evans, Stephen Mathews & Tracey Wora defeated Graeme Woolley, Sue Moore (visitor), & Betty Hertwick 22-17; Neil McWaters, Brent Johnstone & Tom (visitor) defeated Garry Ryan, John Groat with Tom playing swinging lead 17-12; Ester Sanchez, Ann Snell & Tess Evans defeated Petal Jones, Stephen Mathews & Vivian Bigg 21-16.

The Club Championships continue this week/weekend with the commencement of the Major Singles for both the men and ladies. Draw is on the noticeboard and players are asked to find their own markers.

Of note is that the Club has accepted an invitation to play a Multi-nation Competition during 18-24th Nov 2019, as a trial for World Championships next year. Countries who will be competing will be Australia, New Zealand, Malta, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, Wales and Norfolk Island. The Club will be selecting players to play and the information is on the Club Noticeboard with nominations from Members closing on the 10th September 2019. A terrific chance to trial for the World Championship next year.

The Club’s Bistro continues to draw large crowds of diners each day, esp. with the Bistro open for both lunch and dinner until 8pm each evening.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Missed Kitty.

Friday, August 16, 2019

It has been a sad week at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club with the passing of Club stalwart and Club Patron, Mr Thornton (Dan) Yager OAM, who passed away last Friday 9th August with his family by his side. Dan was a terrific club Member and was instrumental in fostering the Club’s oldest tournament, the Bounty Bowls Tournament, which is now in its 59th year of running. Dan played in the first 50 years of this tournament (returning from Australia for the 50th when he was undergoing medical treatment) and was the skip of the first Norfolk Island team to win this prestigious tournament, back in 1968 along with Warren Sheridan, Lober Christian & Bill (Pumpa) Adams. Dan will leave a huge hole in the Club and missed by Members and friends alike.

Considering the events of last week, the past week-ends bowls were cancelled, but play resumed on Wednesday with the Ladies playing their 4th round of their triples championship. Results of these games were: Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora defeated Kitha Bailey, Jackie Ryan & Joy Bishop 13-10; and Ester Sanchez, Vivian Bigg & Ellie Dixon defeated Annie Pledger, Kate Smith & Jan Williams 20-11. In the social games played the results were: Petal Jones, Jim B (visitor), & Steve K (visitor) defeated Ann Snell, Grace L (visitor) & Ian H (visitor) 26-6; Neil McWaters, John Groat & Martin (visitor) defeated Marg O’Brien, Stephen Mathews & Alan H (visitor) 17-14; Haydn Evans, David W (visitor) & Peter L (visitor) defeated Culla Graham, Neil L (visitor) & Andy R (visitor) 28-9; and Brent Johnstone, Jeff W (visitor) & Gordon W (visitor) defeated Graeme Woolley, Ron B (visitor) & Rod (visitor) 17-11. It was a great afternoon’s bowls with the numerous visitors enjoying the greens.

Back on the home front and the NIO Triples commence play on Sunday the 18th, and on Saturday the Club will host a welcome function for the travelling bowlers at around 4pm. The Club will also host the family of the late Dan Yager at this function and all members are requested to attend and bring along a plate of food for the table.

Results of the NIO Triples will be posted on Face book and also in next week’s addition of tales from beyond ditch.

The Club’s Bistro is continuing to trade for both lunch and dinner, 7 days a week. Come along and enjoy the bowls whilst enjoying a terrific lunch, washed down with a nice cold beer, 5 beers on tap to choose from.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls News

Thursday, August 01, 2019

The International representative season has come and gone and the Bowling Club members are back in action with their championships continuing at the Club. Last Saturday the quarter-finals of the men’s triples were played with interesting results all round, some close and some not so close, some even missed kitty. The results of these games were: Tim Sheridan, Barry Wilson & Jett Pettit (great sub) defeated Phil Jones, Dave Smith & John Kane (sub) 25-5; John Groat, Martin Rogers & John Wilkes defeated Culla Graham, Stephen Mathews & Mark Carroll 24-4; Pete Walkinshaw, Spider Webb & Norm Trickey defeated Mick Godfrey, Neil McWaters & Graham Woolley 25-12; and Ryan Dixon, Matt Bigg & Haydn Evans defeated Jeff Pledger, Trev Gow & Joseph Williams 15-14 in a very good game of bowls. In the social games played Ann Snell, Jan Williams & Kitha Bailey defeated Tess Evans, Ellie Dixon & Vinnie Martinovich (another promising junior) 18-15; and Ester Sanchez & Marg Buffett defeated Petal Jones & Vivian Bigg 25-15. The semi-finals of the men's triples are to be played on Saturday commencing at 1pm.

On the Sunday last, the Open Pairs Championship commenced with 5 games of set-play played, with the results being: Petal Jones & Matt Bigg (sub) defeated Culla graham & Trev Gow in a tie-break game 11-5, 4-9, 6-0; Dave & Kate Smith defeated John Groat & Haydn Evans in a tie-break game 3-11, 12-6, 6-3; Ryan & Ellie Dixon defeated ester Sanchez & Barry Wilson in a tie-break game 11-5, 4-9, 4-3; Norm & Esther Trickey defeated Pete & Liz Walkinshaw in a tie-break game 14-5, 11-4, 7-0; and Annie Pledger & Jan Williams defeated Jeff Pledger & Joseph Williams in straight sets 8-7, 7-5, a very diplomatic loss for Jeffery. The quarter-finals of the Open Pairs will be played on Sunday commencing at 1pm.

On Wednesday the ladies 2nd round of their triples was played with the results thus: Ester Sanchez, Vivian Bigg & Ellie Dixon defeated Petal Jones, Shae Wilson & Maycee Deszecsar 15-12; and Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora defeated Kate Smith, Ann Snell (Sub) & Jan Williams 25-17. In the social games played Haydn Evans & Joy Bishop defeated Kitha Bailey & Jackie Ryan 17-12; and Graeme Woolley & Norman Trickey defeated Marg O’Brien & John Groat 17-9.

The 3rd round of the Ladies Triples will be played on Wednesday commencing at 1pm.

Members are reminded to support the walk through town of the South Pacific Games teams on Sunday commencing at 9am, from the markets down to the Bowling Club, where refreshments will be available.

Members are also reminded of their AGM which is to be held in the Club rooms at 10am on Sunday.

The Club’s Bistro continues to be very busy and if bookings are needed to be made, these can be done by phoning 23259 and leaving a message.

Great meals to compliment anybodies taste.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Friday, July 05, 2019


The Norfolk Island Bowls team departed on Tuesday, 2nd July alongside teams from Norfolk Island representing in Squash, Netball, Clay Target & Pistol Shooting, Archery & Golf, for Samoa to participate in the South Pacific Games during the period 7-20 July 2019. Bowling Club participants are Shae Wilson, Petal Jones, Ann Snell, Tess Evans & Tracey Wora, together with Phil Jones, Gary Ryan, Gary Bigg, Trev Gow & Stephen Mathews, with team management Betty Mathews, Betty Wora & Elizabeth (Betty) Hertwick. Flag bearer for the Opening Ceremony is squash player Eamonn Kennerley, what an honour. The Club members wish them good luck and fond memories for these games, with results in next weeks report.

On the home front the social games have continued, as competition has ceased whilst our representative teams are off Island. Saturday games results were; Graeme Woolley & Wes Cooper defeated Trev Gow & Jan Williams 21-10, Tim Sheridan & Brent Johnstone defeated Culla Graham & Malcolm Dowling 24-16, Dave Smith & Barry Jones defeated Mick Godfrey & John Kane 26-19 and  Ann Snell, Tess Evans & Tracey Wora defeated Gary Bigg, Stephen Mathews & Jett Pettit 19-16. The winners of the dead chooks this week were Graeme & Wes.

On Wednesday, with the weather not looking very good at all with light drizzle and fog throughout the morning but 4 brave souls endured the weather to play one game, John Groat & Brent Johnstone defeated Haydn Evans & Kevin (visitor) 27-9, and enjoyed a few beers after.

Members of the Club are notified (see separate ad in Paper) that the Clubs AGM has been set down for Sunday 4th August at 10am in the Club-rooms.  Nominations are open for all positions within the Management & General Committee, with nominations forms available on the Club Notice-board.

During these cooler months of July & August, don’t forget that the Club has a terrific Bistro open 7 days for both lunch and dinner, with a warm cosy fire-place in the evenings.

Nominations lists are also on the Club’s Notice-board for the next Club Championships, the Men’s & Ladies Triples plus the Open Pairs, these list close in late July.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Back on the Club scene and with players away, the Club Championships are on hold for a period but social bowls were played last Saturday with the results thus: Graham Woolley & John Kane defeating Jeff Pledger & Jett Pettit 19-11, John Groat & Mark Carroll defeating Tim Sheridan & Jed (visitor) 16-15, Phil Jones & Esther Trickey defeating Norm Trickey & Margaret Jackson 26-11, and Stephen Mathews & Tess Evans defeating Trev Gow & Kitha Bailey 35-9. The winners on the day were Stephen & Tess on a count back over Phil & Esther, dead chooks all round.

On Wednesday, the delayed final game in the ladies fours was played with the team skipped by Ann Snell, Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora defeating Annie Pledger, Kate Smith, Maycee Deszecsar & Jan Williams 23-15. As the Championship was played over a round-robin basis, the final standings were: Winners only by margin was Petal Jones, Ester Sanchez, Shae Wilson & Vivian Bigg with 2 wins +25, 2nd were Annie Pledger, Kate Smith, Maycee Deszecsar & Jan Williams with 2 wins + 7 (points for and against 63-56), 3rd were Ann Snell, Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora with 2 wins + 7 (points for and against 60-53), and 4th were Kitha Bailey, Irene Buffett, Ellie Dixon & Esther Trickey with 0 wins -39. Congratulations to the ladies on a very close competition.

Social bowls were also played on Wednesday with the results being: John Groat, Brent Johnstone & Kitha Bailey defeating Culla Graham, Barry Jones & Coralie (visitor) 28-12; and Mick Godfrey, Graeme Woolley, Norm Trickey & Ester Trickey (swinger) defeating Neil McWaters, Stephen Mathews, Trev Gow & Ester Trickey (swinger) 20-11.

The Club also enjoyed a very social day’s play on the Queens Birthday holiday on Monday with many players enjoying the Club’s greens and great hospitality in the Club.

Social bowls will be played on Saturday and Wednesday commencing at 1pm.

The Club is starting to look great with the additional pavers being laid by Deane and with the warm fire-place alight each evening, the restaurant is very cosy and the meals terrific. Don’t forget that the Bistro is open 7 days per week for both lunch and dinner.

See you all on the greens soon.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Friday, June 07, 2019

It’s time to get in the saddle again and write the bowls report for the week, apologies for no report last week, but Ballzup had the week off visiting his new born Grand-daughter in Rockhampton, plus a well earned break after the two weeks of Bounty Bowls.

During my absence the Club has been very busy with it’s Club Championships with the 3rd round of the men’s fours played with the results being: Phil Jones, Dave Smith, Stephen Mathews & Brent Johnstone defeated Ryan Dixon, Matt Bigg, John Groat & Haydn Evans 27-17, and Martin Rogers, Barry Wilson, Trev Gow & Rob Dixon defeated Mick Godfrey, Wes Cooper, Barry Jones & Gary Bigg 17-16; in the 4th round the team of Phil Jones defeated Mick Godfrey 27-22, and Pete Walkinshaw, Spider Webb, Jeff Pledger & Mark Carroll defeated the team of Martin Rogers 23-15. The final results of the Club Fours Championship were: Phil Jones (team) 3 wins +20, Mick Godfrey (team) 2 wins +5, Pete Walkinshaw (team) 2 wins + 3, Ryan Dixon (team) 2 wins -6, and Martin Rogers (team) 1 win -22. Congratulations to Phil’s team on the win for 2019 and a great concept in having a round-robin with only 5 teams entered.

The Ladies Fours also completed their 2nd round with the results being: Annie Pledger, Kate Smith, Maycee Deszecsar, Jan Williams defeated Petal Jones, Essie Sanchez, Shae Wilson & Vivian Bigg 26-14,and Ann Snell, Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora defeated Kitha Bailey, Joy Bishop, Ellie Dixon & Esther Trickey 34-9. The 3rd and final round will be played next Wednesday.

The Mixed Pairs Championship was also played over the last two Sundays with the results being: Phil & Petal Jones defeated Culla Graham & Vivian Bigg 23-10; Ester Sanchez & Barry Wilson defeated Ryan & Ellie Dixon 24-7; Shae Wilson & Moochie Christian defeated John Groat & Tess Evans 24-18; Mick Godfrey & Ann Snell defeated Stephen Mathews & Maycee Deszecsar 25-10. In the quarter-finals the results were: Phil & Petal Jones defeated Jeff & Annie Pledger 29-11; Ester Sanchez & Barry Wilson defeated Trev Gow & Tracey Wora 20-18; Shae Wilson & Moochie Christian defeated Gary Bigg & Kitha Bailey 22-18; and Stephen Mathews & Maycee Deszecsar defeated Brent Johnstone & Debby Adams 25-12. The semi-finals are to be played on Sunday.

Social games played over the past couple of weeks were very entertaining with results thus: (18th) Norm Trickey, Kitha Bailey & Brian (visitor) defeated Ann Snell, Debbie Adams & Tony Scicluna 18-14; Pete Walkinshaw, Mark Carroll & Bob (visitor) defeated Culla Graham, Mark Carroll & Gro (visitor) 24-13. (22nd) Ann Snell & Tess Evans defeated Vivian Bigg & Culla Graham 18-16; Graeme Woolley & Marg Buffett defeated Neil McWaters & Esther Trickey 20-14; Barry Jones & Kitha Bailey defeated Brent Johnstone & Debbie Adams 18-15; Graham Fairbrother (visitor) & Mark Laines (visitor) defeated Norm Trickey & Taina (visitor) 18-11; (25th) John Groat, Mark Laines (visitor) & Rob Ware (visitor) defeated Norm Trickey, Graham Fairbrother (visitor) & Joan Ware (visitor) 16-14; Petal Jones & Shae Wilson defeated Haydn Evans & Tracey Wora 17-14; (29th) Haydn Evans, Barry Jones & Lawrence Archer (visitor) defeated Mick Godfrey, Norm Trickey & Gail Archer (visitor) 26-10; Graeme Woolley, Mark Carroll & David Grover (visitor) defeated Brent Johnstone, Mark (visitor) & Debbie Adams 19-13.

Social bowls will be played on Saturday 1st June with visitors welcome to play, with games commencing at 1pm.

The Club is looking forward to a slower winter period with the August NIO Triples to commence on the 18th August and the Club’s Representative teams training hard for the Asia Pacific Championships to be played on the Gold Coast in the last two weeks of June, and then the South Pacific Games to be played in Samoa in early July. A busy period for the Club’s bowlers.

The Club’s Wora Bistro is open 7 days for lunch (10am-2pm) and dinner from 5:30-8pm. Check out the daily specials and group bookings easily catered for.

See you all on the greens soon.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bronze for Norfolk Juniors

Thursday, June 06, 2019

The bowlers at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club never cease to amaze oneself, and this time it is two of the Junior girls who are putting Norfolk Island on the bowling map by winning Bronze in the pairs at the CHS (Combined High Schools) championships at Warilla during the week.

Two of the girl Juniors, Maycee Deszecsar and Tracey Wora, who have been playing bowls just for a couple of years now, have done themselves proud by not only participating in the CHS Championships during the past week but in the pairs championship the girls won the Bronze medal.  This is the first time that bowlers from Norfolk Island have participated in the CHS Championships (and apparently not the last) and for them to come away with a medal is an outstanding effort and a credit to the hard work on the greens that these two girls have achieved.  At the time of going to press, I have just heard that in the Singles Championships, Maycee Deszecsar has qualified for the semi-finals in what is another great achievement for her. Full results will have to wait until next week unfortunately.

There were also bowls played at the Bowling Club this week but with the two juniors away, no competition bowls was played. The results of the social bowls played last Wednesday were: Mick Godfrey, Brent Johnstone & John Kane defeated Trev Gow, Gary Bigg & Jett 18-6; Tess Evans & Margaret Buffett defeated Ann Snell & Jan Williams 21-14; and John Groat, Mark (visitor) & Mark Carroll defeated Culla Graham, Stephen Mathews & Norm Trickey 19-16. In the Saturday last games, the results were: ester Sanchez & Vivian Bigg defeated Petal Jones & Shae Wilson 14-7; Haydn Evans, Tess Evans & David G (visitor) defeated Alan Leyson (visitor), Ann Snell & Gail Archer 14-10; and Stephen Mathews & Barry Jones defeated Brent Johnstone & Lawrence Archer (visitor) 19-15.

Bowls this Saturday will be a farewell BBQ Bowls afternoon for the Asia Pacific Games teams, who will be departing Norfolk for the Gold Coast (lucky buggers) next Saturday 15th June, with the South Pacific Games team departing for Samoa on the 2nd July. A good roll up of Members is requested.

The Wora Bowls Bistro continues to put terrific food on the plates of visitors, members and guests every evening of the week from 5:30pm, and great tasting lunches from 10am-2pm daily.

See you all on the greens soon.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Friday, April 05, 2019

With finals played last week, the Bowling Club is a hive of activity with new Club Championships about to be played. Last Saturday, a day of social bowls was played with 16 members in attendance along with two visitors. The results of these social games were; Phil Jones, Petal Jones & Mark Carroll defeated Ester Sanchez, Barry Wilson & Vivian Bigg 25-16; Haydn Evans, Wes Cooper & Kitha Bailey defeated Ryan Dixon, Kate Smith & John Kane 16-10; and John Groat, Tess Evans & Kevin Minoque (visitor) defeated Trev Gow, Ann Snell & Trevor McArdle (visitor) 26-9.

On Sunday, the rained out games from the previous Sunday were completed with the final results raising a few eyebrows, as two of the games were in anybodies eyes a fair flogging, but I’m sure those players will be starters in the next competition. The results of the first round were; John Groat, Stephen Mathews & Tess Evans defeated Dave Smith, Moochie Christian & Kate Smith 23-3; Petal Jones, Phil Jones (sub for John Nagy) & Maycee Deszecsar defeated Annie Pledger, Jeff Pledger & Mark Carroll 26-6; and Pete Walkinshaw, Mick Godfrey & Liz Walkinshaw defeated Barry Jones, Marg O’Brien (sub for Graeme Woolley) & Leslie Buffett 21-16. It was unfortunate that during the week delay of these games, both John Nagy, who fell of a  ladder, and Graeme Woolley, who had a minor turn, were needed to be medivac’d off Island for treatment. The President and Members wish both these members a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing them both on the green again in the future.

The next round of the Mixed Triples will be played on Sunday 7th April.

On Wednesday, the ladies commenced their Minor Singles Championship with 3 games played with the results being; Ester Sanchez defeating Kitha Bailey 25-7; Petal Jones defeating Ann Snell 25-18; and Tracey Wora defeating Liz Walkinshaw 25-8. The next round of these singles games will be Wednesday 10th April.

Only two social games were played with the results being Stephen Mathews & Lesley Buffett defeating Barry Jones & Ellie Dixon 16-11; and Culla Graham & Irene Buffett defeating Trev Gow & Mark Carroll 17-16.

With only just over 4 weeks until the Bounty Tournament commences on the 5th May, 32 teams have entered so far, with entries closing on the 5th April. This promises to be another huge week for the Bowling Club as long as the ship arrives and unloads the food and beer that the Island so desperately needs. It’s sad seeing the boys having to drink coffee on the Table of Knowledge in the afternoons.

Come on down to the Bowling Club and check out the great renovations that are just being completed, freshly painted and a terrific area to dine outside under the stars. The Club and Bistro is open 7 days from 11am, with lunch until 2pm and dinner from 5:30pm – 8pm.

See you all on the greens soon.

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