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Stidaun Short Letl' ... by Rachel Nebauer-Borg and Tracey Yager

Thursday, April 09, 2020
Stidaun Short Letl is a wonderful, insightful collection of short stories and poems written in Norf’k .Not only does it pay homage to the Island’s unique language and culture, but it is also a charming and sentimental journey sprinkled with good humour, misadventure, and mild irreverence. 

Above all it reflects Rachel’s deep and abiding love for Norfolk Island, it’s people and the language and culture that the Islanders of Pitcairn descent have carried with them down through the generations. 

This lovely new book gives us all a little and quite intimate insight into what it means to be an Islander descended from the ‘Pirates and Polynesians’ who settled on Pitcairn Island following the infamous mutiny on board HMAV Bounty. 

It is as frank as it is fascinating. Rachel has endeavoured not only to reveal ‘the thousand tiny idiosyncrasies of Island life’ but also to preserve many of the old words, phrases and idioms which are part of one of the world’s rarest living languages and one that is increasingly in danger of disappearing. 


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