Norfolk Telecom offers a Prepaid mobile service operating on a 2G GSM network. This service is available when you purchase a local sim card. (This will only work if your phone is NOT locked into a plan so make sure you contact your service provider to ensure your mobile is not networked locked prior to bringing your phone to Norfolk Island) Local SIM cards are available for purchase at Norfolk Telecom, Pawpaws Pump Shed, The Trading Post and various other outlets on Norfolk Island and cost $20 which also includes a $10 pre-loaded credit.
Global roaming is available for these carriers Telestra, Optus and Vodaphone. Any enquiries please call into the Norfolk Telecom office on New Cascade Road.

Internet Services & Wireless Hotspots Access

There is a internet cafe located in the main street and most cafes offer wireless hot spot areas, where you purchase a prepaid voucher for your laptop. 
Wireless Internet Hotspot access is available at Norfolk Telecom and participating Hotspot locations on the Island. Most cafés and clubs have Wireless Internet and most accommodation houses and hotels offer ADSL Services or Wireless Hotspot access to their guests.

Prepaid Hotspot Vouchers can be purchased from Norfolk Telecom and also various outlets around the Island.
     1 hour: $5
    5 hours: $20
    10 hours:$35
    1 GB valid for 6 months: $25
    2 GB valid for 6 months: $40
    4 GB valid for 6 months: $70