Andre Neville Nobbs is a political figure from Norfolk Island. He was elected to the Norfolk Island legislative Assembly in 2007 to become the Chief Minister and re-elected in 2010 as Minister for Tourism, Industry and Development. Andre is had been on the front line fighting to restore self government on Norfolk Island

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UK Update

Friday, May 12, 2017

Productive few days so far, back to back meetings with parliamentarians, political and legal advisors, as well as specialist advisors on strategy and United Nations effective process for the Norfolk Island Self-Determination petition. All of the UK based support network across the varied political parties have agreed with and enhanced the strategies we have developed and committed to since November last year – many proposing significant (additional) actions aimed at ensuring there is no choice but to list Norfolk Island through the UN for a self-determination process.

The many professional linkages we established in 2016 have strengthened and have been given even greater impetus by the NI resolve… compliments of the people of Norfolk Island; through the civil disobedience (tent embassy), various petitions, concise and evidence based documentation and the multitude of communication mediums – Thank you again for everyone who filmed their views on their home and their future. These short videos, plus the film put together by Nat Grube and some incredible community members has been a further gamechanger in communication and will be a significant future platform for a targeted social media campaign, (that is already in professional hands and under production).

We are leaving no stone unturned on this visit to activate and resource the legal, political and UN support networks, while at the same time leaving Norfolk Island’s unique culture, heritage and pride emblazoned across our meetings, and the walls of the United Kingdom Houses of Parliament… quite literally as we present an incredible artwork to the Speakers office and deputy speaker tomorrow! Once presented I’ll upload pictures of the artwork and the handover – huge thank you to Nicole Vaughan. Thanks also to Ric for supplying the great seal and plaque’s. So many people have supported and assisted this trip and we have been able to make some real progress specifically because of the team effort, without naming everyone individually please know we are burning 5 candles at 10 ends to make sure there is visible and helpful progress throughout this delegation. We have specifically committed to some constructive partnerships with indigenous groups, tribes and elders to enable a further endorsed/sponsored approach to the UN. In this instance, we are a helper as well as being helped to preserve awas kamfram.

We have quite a few photos and a small mountain of documentation from meetings so far, one such photo is attached to this facebook update. Albert and I were honoured to be part of a round table presentation and discussion with the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights… an incredibly constructive and high level opportunity for the Norfolk Island delegation in assessing the actions of the Australian Government against the principles and ethos of Human Rights obligations. Of specific relevance to the community and people of Norfolk Island were questions I asked and the ensuing discussion around; “A nations internal and external consistency to meet (UN) Treaty obligations, particularly when independent scrutiny and accountability measures are not easily accessible to affected minority groups”. The High Commissioner for Human Rights identified the principles and mechanisms – as we hoped he would, while also identifying the clear obligations of all nations to the treaty obligations for the full spectrum of human rights frameworks – With no exclusions!! Following the meeting we had an opportunity to discuss areas of concern and one of the assistants snapped the attached photo of His Excellency Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein (UNHCHR) towards the end of the meeting.

I hope Australian Government representatives see this post, and when they feel the prickle of sweat breaking out, understand that they are not above any other nation in their requirement to meet international and United Nations obligations. Specific constitutional discussions have also taken place over the last week to identify previous claims that the Australian Constitution excused the Australian Government from their international and UN obligations, thisis a stretch of the imagination and there is no applicable constitutional process that is accountable to the peoplesupporting this bizarre concept or interpretation by some Australian Government representatives. We won’t bestopping our progression toward self-determination for NI, higher authorities and eminent experts remain very clearthat the Australian Government has made a serious error with the treatment of the people of Norfolk Island.

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As the Sun Slowly sets on 2016

Thursday, December 29, 2016

As the sun sets on 2016, it is important to recognise the ongoing strategy, acknowledge a few of the past year’s challenges and celebrate a few successes achieved for our home and the people of Norfolk Island during the last twelve months.

Representatives of the Australian Government continue to impose socio-economic and constitutional changes against the wishes of the majority of islanders – Throughout this the people of Norfolk Island have maintained the higher ground, responding with integrity and intellect, in many cases exposing the Australian Government breaches of, UN charters, ICCPR covenants, global democratic principles and their complete disregard for the truth. The November 2016 Petition delivered to the UK PM demonstrates greater than 70% of Norfolk Island residents continue to oppose actions of the Australian Government representatives.

Although we, as islanders have become very concerned about the Australian takeover rewriting history, defaming the people, impacting on culture, the heritage, Norfolk Island’s own funded infrastructures and our reputation as an island and a tourist destination – We also note that the evidence of the Australian Government’s actions and negative intent continues to mount (and is now assessed by a much larger and influential audience). To summarise, here are just three examples:

1. The Australian Governments own Parliamentary Committee reported that the Norfolk Island Act amendments failed anti-discrimination requirements….. yet the handful of Senators in attendance pushed the legislative amendments through, devoid of accountability, lacking impact assessment or the support of the Norfolk Island people - regardless of the Parliamentary Committee or the Community petitions from the people of Norfolk Island seeking to retain self-government.

2. A further example is the restructured Australian bureaucratic top heavy NI public sector with a budget blowout thrown on the shoulders of the Australian and Norfolk Island taxpayer. Even if we don’t count the 40% pay rise given to the administrator to compensate for increases to the cost of living… caused by imposed and unmodeled economic changes, it is easy to identify that the costs for delivering less services on the island have more than doubled.

3. The contrast between the Australian propaganda on economic development and the rejection of a fibre optic cable connection for Norfolk Island is obvious. The Air New Zealand reduction of services, (removal of international services) to Norfolk Island demonstrates the shrinking of the tourism economy and broader impacts on non-Australian ports. The stroke of a bureaucrat’s pen has redefined Norfolk Island as a “clayton’s domestic destination”, reducing safety and travelling cost obligations when travelling from Australia, however this transfers the full cost of aviation firefighting/airfield services and obligations to a single international port and directly impacts on the commercial viability of those air services. Dr James Fogarty who was contracted by the Australian Government to evaluate the Norfolk Island economy warned of the current “negative feedback loop” created by introducing the imposed tax and regulatory changes prior to a consistent period of economic growth for Norfolk Island – the report and advice have been ignored in the same way expert ICT undersea fibre optic cable and economic growth advice has been ignored.

Although others will attempt to rewrite history and paint a jaded view of the governance on Norfolk Island since 1979, everyone should remember that rather than full self-government or our rightful self-determination, the Australian Parliament enacted a restricted form of self-government. The Australian Government themselves could never operate sustainably within the restrictions imposed within the 1979 Norfolk Island Act. We acknowledge that as with any governance there were issues and improvements to be made. In the Australian context, there is no island or external arrangement that operates as cost effectively or productively as Norfolk Island has for more than 20 years prior to GFC.

Looking to the next twelve months; We have established a solid foundation of process, evidence, alliances and connections with international agencies and media. We have the continuing support of UN executives, multiple parliamentarians, human rights experts and political commentators… that support continues and grows. We should all be aware that these experts and senior public and representational officials have assessed the Australian Government’s actions, the international rights applicable to the people of Norfolk Island and the principles of right and wrong – and they continue to provide support for an act of self-determination with the urgent implementation of independent scrutiny to hold the Australian Government actions to account. A substantial strategic program is helping to coordinate the initiatives and people working to help Norfolk Island. There are many champions on NI and away who are giving time and effort to ensure a successful and fair outcome for the people of the island. Future leadership is a priority and should be featuring in all our considerations, ideally a “fresh batch” of leadership would ensure best results with no baggage. Over the next three to six months there will be some substantial results visible from the groundwork completed to date, there will also be some opportunities for new leaders or community minded people to help forge a strong future for Norfolk Island, so please encourage our younger and new leaders.

In closing this letter, I wish everyone a productive and successful new year, there are still some hard rows to hoe and I am sure there are some in Canberra who may think we have run our race… Anyone who thinks that way does not understand our island culture and our unstoppable determination. The people of Norfolk Island completed some incredible milestones throughout 2016, we have some major showstoppers planned for 2017, creating the year of the SNAG!! (Self-Determination/Natural Justice/Accountability/Global awareness & responsibility).

With Best Wishes and Determination, Andre, Kim and the Nobbs family

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