Time Difference

Norfolk Island does not have daylight saving. Norfolk Island time zone will be GMT + 11 (or UTC +11 hours).


The Norfolk Island Power House is located next to the airport and the generators are run on diesel. Our power is 240Volts AC and our power points are all three pin plugs. A power surge protection device is advised for all electronic equipment. Most house on Norfolk Island do have Solar power. 

Hot water
Hot water is achieved in most houses on Norfolk Island by solar power, with an electric or gas booster. Some homes on the Island use gas heaters for their hot water or the old fashion braema.


Norfolk Island has one of the best hospitals in the world with great staff.  Norfolk Island offers a wide range of medical, nursing and allied health services. Currently we have three doctors on the island who can attend to all your medical and emergency need. The hospital provides 24 beds. The Island also has a permanent dentist who can help with all your dental needs.  Medicare is accepted on Norfolk Island


Language English is the common language on Norfolk Island but the Norfolk Islanders speak their own language which is a mixture of English and Tahitian. The language was brought to the Island by the Pitcairners.

Banks on Norfolk Island

Norfolk Island has two banks, Westpac and the Commonwealth Bank. Branches of both are located in the middle Burnt Pine shopping area.

Both banks are opened Monday to Thursday from 9.00am until 4.00pm and on Fridays 9.00am until 5.00pm

There is one ATMs on the Island which is located outside of the Commonwealth Bank.

Norfolk Island uses Australian Currency and both banks can exchange your foreign currency for you.

All major credit cards and travel cheques are also widely accepted on the island.

Phone: +6723 22144  Phone: +6723 22120
(has an ATM)

Churches on Norfolk Island

Anglican Church
St Barnabas Chapel
Douglas Drive
Phone: 22293

All Saints Church
Phone: 22293

Seventh Day Adventist Church
New Cascade Road
Phone: 22201

Norfolk Island Community Church
Taylors Road
Phone: 23688

St Phillip Howard Catholic Church
Queen Elizabeth Avenue
Phone: 22763

Uniting Church
Cascade Road
Phone: 22179

Jehovah's Witnesses

Grassy Road
Phone: 22360

To view a larger map of where to find Churches on Norfolk Island, please"click here"

Radio Norfolk

Radio Norfolk broadcasts on 89.9 FM and 1566 AM from the following hours

Monday to Friday is from 7am to 4pm

4pm is MaxTrax in FM. Radio NZ in AM

Saturday from 7am to 12pm

12pm is MaxTrax in FM. Radio NZ in AM

Sunday from 7am to 11am

11am is MaxTrax in FM. Radio NZ in AM

Radio Norfolk is a Government owned and locally-run radio station, it provides a Radio Service to the community of Norfolk Island. Providing News, Notices and Weather on the hour and combining it with great music programming as well.


Please 'contact us' for more information.