The dead hand of colonialism

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11-Jan-2021 11:26 PM


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Thank you, Norfolk Online, for publishing the latest research article by Dr Chris Nobbs concerning the audit of the NI Regional Council. As usual, Chris Nobbs has presented a well-researched and carefully argued paper. I have now had the chance to read the entire Nexia and Grassroots reports and largely agree with Chris that they are professionally prepared and reasonably accurate, within the limitations he has detailed. 

But the problems are exactly as he has listed, and boil down to the glaringly obvious: the governance model imposed on NI by the Commonwealth is oppressive, inefficient, costly and definitely not fit for purpose. While trying to "normalise" NI as just another part of Australia, it ignores a raft of significant differences, both in the comparatively high costs imposed and the lack of access for NIRC to federal or state funding programmes, such as local government grants and federal specific-purpose grant schemes (eg sports, community development, rural and regional subsidies etc.). And that's not to mention the relatively higher costs related to remoteness, freight and travel (among others).

I cannot add much to the sensible conclusions drawn by Chris, with which I totally agree.


01-Mar-2021 12:48 PM

White-Shoe Brigade

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Well said Democrat - but what the Hell happened to the UN Appeal ?!??!?

Anyway on behalf of the induction committee of the the White Shoe Brigade -Welcome to Queensland "Yorli"...[phew! hope I got that right ...b.t.w - it's pronounced 'Kweenslan'- for the benefit of New Chums..]

Here in Godzone - which you're now a ridgy-didj part of - there's nothing which tickles our fancy more thancheap real estate -& just between you & me ... this particular transfer of title looks like a classic Bjelke-era'five-finger discount' !!! ...& cheap labour thrown in to boot!! ... it's the complete package so far as the Brigade is concerned ... as for'rebranding' the Island - how does 'Gold Coast East' grab ya???


10-Mar-2021 05:26 PM

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When I look at the following evocative image:  ... [ lubb'ee = 'leave - be']

...what I see is a calculated continuation - of what the luminous Australian scholar,Alan Moorehead, termed: ... "The Fatal Impact" ... of European imperial-colonization of the South Pacific Ocean.

A mere half-century after Cook's first expedition in 1769 ... the population of Tahiti had collapsed from circa 40,000 to less than 9, is simply incomprehensible that these clowns in Canberra are continuing the bloodless genocide of autochthonous Pacific Islanders in the Year of Our Lord ... 2021 - to add insult to injury - Scott Morrison claims to be a sincere Disciple of Jesus Christ.

ref. ...