Former Prime Minister Rudd’s swingeing critique of the Morrison gov’ts freshly minted ‘Strategic Policy Update and Force Structure Review’…suggests that the time has come to consider the formation of a ‘United Pacific Confederation’ …which embraces all Pacific Island nations – including Japan…the Secretariat of which could be headquartered on Norfolk Island:

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re.“Only countries like the United States, Canada, and Australia have the vast land to serve our need for mass colonization.”

遲浩田  [General Chi Haotian PLA]

The practical application of the “Precautionary Principle”[cf. ] dictates that we need to wake up & realize that we may already be enmeshed inwarfare with chinese characteristics’ …imposed upon us by thelethally unhinged - Han-Supremacists who control the PRC.


“For gaining strategic advantage (shih) in battle, there are no more than "surprise" and "straightforward" operations, yet in combination, they produce inexhaustible possibilities. "Surprise" and "straightforward" operations give rise to each other endlessly just as a ring is without a beginning or an end.146 And who can exhaust their possibilities?”

  • 孫子  [General Sun-Tszu(pronounced shwen-zuh) According to the ‘Ssu-ma Ch'ien's Shih chi’, also called the Records of the Grand Historian - Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general during the Spring and Autumn period (722-481 B.C.). The Spring and Autumn Annals of Wu and Yueh confirms this account except it claims he originates from the state of Wu, not Ch'i.]
  • The Psychopath War – Part 6 – 21st Century Genocide:  

vide.  'A national security scandal': Kevin Rudd names three gaps in defence strategy :   


  • Coronavirus – China’s Secret Plan To Weaponize Viruses:      
  • Protecting undersea cables must be made a national security priority:

etc. Ravelstein