Shame on you

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26-Mar-2015 10:41 PM

Mitch Graham

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Mr. Abbott, It would seem that you and the Australian Commonwealth Government still haven’t learnt how to respect and treat Indigenous people and instead still think might is right.

Because this week Mr. Abbott, under your Government, Assistant Minister Jamie Briggs announced that the Australian Cabinet is intending to dissolve the Legislative assembly of the Norfolk Island People, descendants of the Pitcairn Islanders, and strip their Self-Governance and Democracy.

It astounds and saddens me that in this 21st Century, no matter what the current financial situation here on Norfolk Island may be, you and your colleagues involved in this have the arrogance and disrespect to think that you have the right to strip an Indigenous people of their Self Governance and Democracy in their homeland outside of Australia. This oppressive and dictatorial type of thinking and actions are the trademarks of Hitler and Stalin!

And being a partner to the United Nations, Australia is meant to be a champion for Democracy, Human rights and freedom of the people. Well, I’m guessing you have let your membership lapse as your actions towards Norfolk Islands People are in direct opposition to this and the UN Charter!! In due time the UN will clarify this for us.

To think that, we as a humble People came to the Australian Commonwealth Government with our hats in our hands in 2010 asking for short term financial help because of the GFC to get us back on our feet and once again become self – sustainable. But instead, we get financially blackmailed into submission and forced to open our borders to all Australian Citizens without thought of consequence to our Culture or resources, stripped of Democracy and told by Gary Hardgrave we can ask for a referendum on Self Governance till the cows come home.. Wow, that’s 21st Century progressive thinking!

Mr. Abbott, your representatives have squashed all investment ideas Norfolk Island has tried to instigate to help its economy and financial sustainability. You prevent us from accessing our fishing resources in our EEZ but have happily reaped the hundreds of millions of dollars from this resource which would have gone a long way to helping our sustainability. And then your representatives say they will improve our economy with more Taxes and Social Welfare. Oh but wait, you then want to add extra burden on to the Australian Tax payers pocket by taking Norfolk over. Hmmm interesting…..

To the people of Norfolk Island and the World who may be listening and who believe in Democracy and Human  Rights, lets stand up for this together with courage, conviction and perseverance and not allow these  oppressive dictating bullying actions of the Commonwealth  of Australia Government  in stripping its current form of Democracy .

Governments are not rulers of the people, they are meant to be extensions to and servants of the people’s wishes!   We are only powerless if we believe we are!

I say to you Mr. Abbot and your representatives, and anyone else who supports this oppressive, arrogant, dictatorial way of acting,SHAME ON YOU!!!

Mitchell Graham