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Wednesday, July 04, 2018

“To All Myse Norfolk Family”

Wael I car side fe start? Moosa kill me but we se ya! Doctors had a look on myse latest x-ray photo and yorlye nor gwen belewe et but he had the cheek fe tull wuthing any yorlye would tull, “Ooney es horse se daed”. But he nort know the half. Ef wasn’t fe the likes of all yorlye orn Norfolk, I gut no bout a doubt et, I se plunt et by now.

We like a thank all dem bin pray fe ucklun. We do belewe een God and he surely bin part of myse life da much time I car starn fe larn, es jus I nor high up ar ladder as plenty, but thank you gain fe yorlyes thoughts and prayers. And as for the many yorlye that ‘se time had some manners’, ketching Beck and me at uckluns weakest by shuwen a money  lorngfa card een uckluns harn…..we se jes lors fe words. En fact, dar thing f Shankie, “that’s unbeleweable”. 

Thank you jes nor cut et, fact I still ya poodlen…I did tulla Beck, fuddet, we’ll beat de thing and keep gwen roun da werld! I nor mean et, but truly many, many thanks. We nor moosa deserwe dea. God bless en luw all yorlye from uckluns heart. 

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