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Silkwood School Year 10 Camp - Conservation Expedition

Thursday, September 12, 2019

This week Norfolk Island has hosted a group of environmental sustainability aware year ten students on a conservation expedition. Right off the bat the group were warmly welcomed to Norfolk Island and immersed in the fascinating history, culture and community network. “We are excited to be looking at island sustainability through social, cultural, economic, political and environmental lenses.” – Silkwood Facebook

Visiting the Bureau of Meteorology gave the students an in-depth experience of weather science and how forecasts are made using aligned data gathered from around the world to inform all aspects of human life. Understanding the impact of climate change and climate variation - in particular the need for consistent and reliable water sources - was eye-opening for the students.

After invitation, the group of students attended the Norfolk Island People for Democracy (NIPD) to learn about the complex relationship Norfolk Islanders have had with Australian Governance and laws over the years and their ongoing plight to maintain self-determination and cultural identity in a world of increasing globalisation. The students were shown around places of cultural and historical significance by community locals, starting to piece together the disconnected settlements of Norfolk Island and how the island has come to be the place it is today.

Working with the Norfolk Island National Park team, students took part in restoration projects to protect critically endangered ecosystems. Students were taught that Norfolk Island is a biodiversity hotspot with endemic plant species being rescued from extinction.

Over the week the ‘green’ students planted 400+ trees and plants in the National Park and mulched these areas. They also weeded other restoration zones, filled up 600 seedling bags and potted in 450 seedlings in the Park’s Nursery. Students also enjoyed helping Mervyn Buffett with regeneration work in his ‘fairy glen’ pocket of land, filled with plants of high conservation value.

“The community have been wonderful to engage with and students are amazed at how beautiful and scenic this place is every day.” – Silkwood Facebook

As we say goodbye to these conservation students, from everyone at the Norfolk Island Travel Centre we wish all the students and Silkwood School a wonderful trip and a safe journey home. We say thank you for the good environmental work you have undertaken for our Island and also genuinely connecting with our community and way of life. We hope to see you back on island again one day soon. The future is in good hands with these young adults.

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