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Friday, August 10, 2018

The Rotary Club of Norfolk Island meets on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 5.30 PM at Bailey’s Restaurant. Our next meeting will be on 23 August with guest speaker Dr Peter McMinn. Peter is a long-standing member of the Rotary and in 2013 was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of the humanitarian work he has undertaken in East Timor. He’ll be sharing some of his experiences as a medical specialist helping to combat childhood infectious diseases.

At this week’s meeting we were inspired by the efforts of local beekeepers to have Norfolk Island declared a Bee Sanctuary. This is in recognition of it being one of the few remaining places on the planet that is almost free of the Varroa Destructor mite that is threatening bee industries globally. The urgency of this was made clear when our speakers, Clare McPherson and Merv Buffett, told us about the discovery only a few weeks ago of a bee colony infested with the varroa mite detected at the Port of Melbourne on a ship from the United States. Another type of varroa mite has recently been found in Queensland. Becoming a Bee Sanctuary would not only help preserve our own unique bee species but has the potential to open up new industries for our community.

Our club has just started an exciting new project compiling the history of Rotary on Norfolk Island. Ed Willingham, one of our early members, had started this project and managed to compile a wonderful box of goodies including old photographs, annual reports, and documents related to Rotary’s achievements. His efforts came to an end in about 2007 so the club is picking up where Ed left off, and hopes to organise some fascinating events to celebrate this project and share the history. One suggestion is a variation on the old treasure hunt, with clues leading us to places where Rotary has made its mark on our island. Stay tuned for more news on this!

We love having guests come along to our meetings and find out more about Rotary here and afar, so give us a call on 51645 (Vere) or 52112 (Kate).

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