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Putting Norfolk Island on the Map

Friday, August 09, 2019

Last weekend was a hive of activity as locals were entertained by the Melbourne International Comedy Roadshow and Weather presenter James Tobin, known as J.T., from Channel Seven Sunrise Breakfast Show.  It is so fantastic that Norfolk Island has included by these amazing entertainers and putting Norfolk Island on the map for all the viewers to see our beautiful piece of Paradise.

Sunrise is an Australian breakfast television program, broadcast on the Seven Network.  Presenter J.T. and the TV crew have visited Norfolk Island many times in recent years.  Their passion for Norfolk Island was shown as they worked their magic showcasing Norfolk Island on their weekly breakfast show.

During the morning TV film footage, I saw Helen Brackin presentation at the Sirius Museum, one of the Norfolk Museum.  Helen spoke with J.T. and inviting viewers to visit and learn about the Norfolk Island history.  Eric Hutchinson spoke about the Polynesian history and archaeology Emily Bay digs.  Chelsea Evans spoke about the Norfolk Island history and her passion for Norfolk Island. The beautiful Bounti Beauties danced along with showcasing our local foods and plaited hats.

Thank you to the local publicity teams who have supported and assisted with the TV film team and those how promoted and organised the Melbourne International Comedy Roadshow to visit our community.  I have seen photos on social media, and they looked like they all had a great time.  I was not able to make it to the comedy festival night, but I heard that everyone had a fantastic night.

Thanks for everyone who came and helped to promote our little piece of paradise and hopefully we see your lie again soon.

Betty Matthews

August 2019

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