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Principal’s Report

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bounty Day Celebrations

What a treat it was again to be part of the Bounty Day celebrations. The excitement leading up to this event was very much on the minds of all our students and the stories of how much they ate… which pie, baked tatie, Tahitian fish, crackling, phili, trifle was the best, has been the topic of conversation this week. The weather was absolutely magnificent, and with the beautiful warm sunshine, students and their families dressed in bounty clothes and took pride in their culture and history, keeping alive the Norfolk Island spirit that shines through where ever you go on the Island.

To the Kindergarten to Year 11 students who participated in the Bounty Ball on Saturday evening, congratulations to you all. Seeing our students suited up and frocked up, and gracefully waltzing and participating in many other dances around Rawson Hall was a glorious sight. I must say that the Barn Dance looked to be the favourite dance of the night. Our heartfelt thanks go to Robin Butterfield and Jan Reeves who have nurtured our ballrooms dancers through the weeks; you are very much appreciated.

2019 Bounty Ball Winners

Kindergarten  -  Ruby Quintal and Cooper Eales

Year 1 and  Year  2  -  Memphis Leigh and Xavier King

Runners Up  -  Ciara McGillycuddy and Alfie Ferry

Year 3 and  Year 4  - Timi Snell and Mitchell Randall

Runners Up  - Tyler Schmitz and Myles Fisher

Year 5 and Year 6 - Isabella Randall and Brandon Borg

Runners Up  -  Elliana Henderson and Rawson Buffett

Year 7 to Year 11  -  Mirabelle Creek and Harrison Hayes

Runners Up  -  Tiana Randall and Croyden Snell

General Information

Brett Carr, our Principal, has been off Island all of last week attending a Principals’ Conference in Sydney. I am sure that Brett will share information from the conference through our Newsletter on Tuesday.  

Public Holiday (Queen’s Birthday) will be celebrated on Norfolk on Monday, 17th June. We wish our students a safe and happy day. See you all on Tuesday, 18th June, for business as usual.

Lynn Rodgers (Speech Pathologist) and Wendy McLean (Psychologist) will be on Island on Monday for the week. If you would like to make an appointment please phone the School Front Office on 23000.

Careers Market

On Wednesday, 26th June, we will be holding our annual Careers Market from 12:30pm - 3:00pm. All students from Years 9 – 12 will be involved. Students have been surveyed as to their career interests, and we have invited members of the public to come and share their knowledge with the students.

A huge thank you to all our very generous local employers who are giving up their afternoon to come and speak with our students, and impart their knowledge and wisdom about their own career paths and occupations. We cannot express our gratitude enough to you.

Petra Wlodarczyk from Queensland TAFE and Rhys Hinds from Southern Cross University will also be presenting to the students.

This year we are also looking at running a Panel session where students can “Ask an Expert” in order to better understand what university study, TAFE, a gap year or an apprenticeship might be like. This will then allow students to make a more informed decision about what to do once Year 12 has finished. . 

Parent/Community Information Evening – TAFE/University

On Wednesday evening, 26th June, from 5:30 – 7:00pm in Rooms 20 and 21, Petra and Rhys will be holding a parent information evening. There will be information about courses, entry requirements, pathways of entry, modes of study, accommodation, costs etc. Last year this evening was well attended, with parents able to ask a number of questions in relation to both TAFE and University study.

Interviews with TAFE and/or University representatives are available for community members as well as parents and students. I would strongly encourage you to make an appointment to discuss the individual needs of your children, as this will allow you to plan for what their next stages of education may look like.

Interviews can be booked through the School Front Office to speak with both or either of these representatives on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th June. This is available to students and their parents, as well as members of the community who would like information about TAFE or university options.

Any further information you would like, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the school.


Sally Thompson

Relieving Principal

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