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P&C Presidents Report for 2019 AGM 8th May

Friday, May 10, 2019

It has been another difficult year for Norfolk Island and in turn the P&C Association.

The announcement that the Education Dept of NSW would discontinue its service as provider of Education to Norfolk Island Central School was a severe shock to the membership and community.

In addition, and as an association involved in a strong school community, we must acknowledge how gravely ill our President Dave is.  Dave has worked tirelessly for the P&C to make sure our voice is heard and that we continue to be a major contributing part of the life of the school, not only in contributions towards finances with the fundraising of the Easter Carnival but in the care and support the P&C give to the students and the teaching force.  Dave put a huge effort into the selling off of old school equipment, to make way for the new classroom equipment, with thanks to the Commonwealths upgrade contribution.  Dave worked tirelessly on the school bus situation, dealing with the difficulties of both Council Administration and Commonwealth requirements with the purchase and then deemed ownership of the school’s yellow bus.   Many of us are not aware of how much time and integrity Dave put into his passion for Norfolk Island Central School and we humbly thank him for that.  He did his work with no desire for recognition of reward, he just got on with the job.  On behalf of all the members I thank him so very sincerely for his time and effort given so freely.

The P&C this year has made contributions towards Maths-on-line, Literacy Pro, SENTRAL (A new data collection system) to name a few.

Thank you to all other members of the Executive for their support for the P&C (Vicky, Tara, Karen and Principal Brett) and also to you, the membership, who take time out of your already busy schedules to attend meetings and continue providing support towards the efforts this P&C offers to NICS.

All the best for the incoming Executive and I trust that our P&C Community corporate knowledge, as a team, can continue to support NICS and continue to make it the great school it currently is.


Louci Reynolds

Acting President for May 2019

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