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Friday, May 10, 2019

ATTENDED: Vicky Jack, Robin Adams, Lou Tavener, Sally Thompson,Gill Brown, Karen Buffett, Sarah Christian, Lisa Richards, Heather Bruce, Louci Reynolds, David Haberfield, Brett Carr, Tara Patel, Susie Dixon, Joel Reeves

APOLOGGIES: Spuddy Buffett, Adam Deszecsar, Bron and Dave South

GUESTS: Fiona Anderson, Rebecca Hayes

CONFIRMATION OF 2018 AGM MINUTES: Proposed confirmation of minutes Joel Reeves, Gill Brown. Members agreed.


Vice President, Louci Reynolds, as Acting President presented this year’s report. (refer attached) Proposed Sarah and Joel. Accepted and agreed by members present.


Tara Patel provided members with a several hard copies of actual account statements however the Auditor’s Report had only arrived late that afternoon, so copies were unavailable. A copy of that report is attached. Brief, general discussion on the problems of current account status in relation to the audit that may have seen the auditor handle some debits and credits differently. Overall greater understanding may be required when reading the report. Proposed Roz and Gill. Accepted and agreed by members present.


Thanked Louci for stepping up to President’s role and thanked all outgoing P&C Executive members especially Dave South who had been an extremely proactive President during his many years in the role. Last year Dave had welcomed Brett not just to NICS but his whole family into the Norfolk Island community. Dave had liaised with the relevant Commonwealth officers, NSW Education and Premier and Cabinet officer and the Island’s own administrative officers. He had met with all these people with one common goal in mind, the best outcome for the Norfolk Island Central School and its’ students.

One other matter was to recognise the NSW Education Department and the approx. 120 years of educational services it had provided to Norfolk Island. The partnership was ending and hopefully the next provider would soon be known, and the many uncertainties put to rest. We need to leverage the opportunities this situation can provide. Proposed Vicky and Louci. Accepted and agreed by members present.


Just prior to commencing this section of proceedings Vicky Jack, as Secretary, thanked all members for their support during her years in the role. It had been a ‘hoot’ being Secretary in turn to both Bron and Dave as Presidents but now it was time to take a back seat and for her to provide her support to the next person to fill the role. She also thanked all those members for coming along to the AGM and for keeping the NICS P&C Association going.

President: Joel Reeves, nominated by Sarah Christian and Lou Tavener. Accepted nomination. No other nominees. Agreed by members present.

Vice President: Two required under requirements of NSW P&C Association. Louci Reynolds, nominees Karen Buffett, Gill Brown and Roz Tierny, nominees Vicky Jack and Gill Brown. Both nominees accepted nomination. No other nominees. Both were agree to by members present.

Treasurer: Tara Patel, nominated by Vicky Jack and Louci Reynolds. Accepted nomination. Members present agreed.

Secretary: David Haberfield, nominated by Vicky Jack and Susie Dixon. Accepted nomination. Agreed by members present.

Parent Representatives: Karen Buffett, nominated by Sarah Christian and Roz Tierny. Accepted nomination. Agreed by members present.

Easter Carnival Representatives: Roz Tierny, Bronwyn South, Tara Patel were all nominated by Vicky Jack, Brett Carr, Sally Johnson, Louci Reynolds, David Haberfield, Heather Bruce. All accepted nominations. Agreed by members present.


Grounds and Buildings: Brett Carr, Joel Reeves and Sarah Christian all agreed to continue in their role from 2018. Members present agreed.


The Treasurer, Tara Patel, put forward the motion

That Cathy O’Sullivan continue to be the NICS P&C Associations internal auditor for 2019/2020 financial year

Members present agreed.

Also needed agreement as to which executive members could sign cheques. Motion put forward

Continue to require two signatories each cheque and that President, Treasurer, both Vice President’s and the Secretary all be registered as signatories on the relevant accounts.

Members present agreed

Appointment to Merit Selection panels

Joel Reeves, Spuddy Buffett, Vicky Jack, Heather Bruce, Fiona Anderson/Haberfield, David Haberfield

The Principal will send out relevant website to incoming Secretary who can then forward out to all members. The website allows members to enrol and process data that results in certificate enabling them to take part as a panel member in the merit selection process.

AGM ended 8.15 p.m.

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