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NIJRL Match Report

Thursday, September 06, 2018

Midget B’s – NIO Blues 64 defeated NIDS/Car Beat Et Greens 56.

Try scorers for NIO Blues – Max Mietzel x 6, Matilda Smith x 3, Lachie McCoy x 3, Connor Henderson x 2, Slater Schmitz Quintal x 1, Zac Randall x 1.

Try scorers for NIDS/Car Beat Et Greens – Alickson Kalsrap x 5, Nate Christian Bailey x 3, Ella-Kaye Ellis x 3, Charlie Sanders x 2, Traydon Wora x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Matilda Smith.


Midget B’s – Central Service Station Golds 52 defeated Christian Baileys Agencies Reds 28.

Try Scorers for Central Service Station Golds – Eroni Kanaitoma x 6, Xavier King x 2, Zhyler Cawit x 2, Heidi John x 2, Teo Magri x 1.

Try scorers for Christian Baileys Agencies Reds – Rocco Menghetti x 5, Tyler Pashley x 1, Mace Sanders x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Xavier King.

Midget A’s – Paradise Reds 44 defeated Castaway Greens 14.

Try scorers for Paradise Reds – Stefan Kalangis x 4, Will Peapell x 1, Mia Pashley x 1, Jai Henderson x 1, Jack Richards x 1, Ali Miller x 1. Conversions – Stefan Kalangis x 2, Will Peapell x 1, Toby Christian x 1.

Try scorers for Castaway Greens – Taj Quintal x 2, Leeloo Evans x 1. Conversions – Taj Quintal x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Stefan Kalangis.


Junior B’s – Jolly Roger Blues 40 defeated Hot Krust Purples 12.

Try scorers for the Jolly Roger Blues – Carolynn Morgan x 2, Cameron Christian x 2, Tony Martinovich x 1, Jesse Schmitz x 1, Bailey Reeves x 1, CJ Sharp x 1. Conversions – Cameron Christian x 3, CJ Sharp x 1.

Try scorers for the Hot Krust Purples – Trey Mills x 2. Conversions – Tom Kelly x 1, Taj Quintal x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Cameron Christian.

Girls League Tag – No Game.

Junior A’s – No Game.

Hot Krust Bakery player of the week – Rocco Menghetti.

NIJRL Game times for Sunday 9th September at the Bicentennial Oval.


10:00am - Midget B’s training

10:15am - Midget B’s – Christian Bailey Agencies Reds V NIDS/Car Beat Et Greens

10:15am - Midget B’s – Central Service Station Golds V NIO Blues

11:00am - Midget A’s – Castaway Greens V Paradise Reds

11:45am - Junior B’s – Jolly Roger Blues V Hot Krust Purples

12:30pm - Girls League Tag – Butcher in the Mall Greens V NIO Pinks

1:15pm - Junior A’s – Bedrock Golds V Norfolk Online Blues

Could all players please be at the ground 30 minutes before kick-off.

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