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Life on the West Island - Dear Santa

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Dear Santa

It was great to see you at our local shops before Christmas. Thank you so much for bringing me the Slime kit that I asked for. It is really cool the way the slime sets and stays gluggy without sticking to everything. I also liked the maths exercise book, because that is my favourite subject in Grade 1 and the book is full of fun maths games and puzzles.

My little sister Frida loves the three storey Barbie house you brought. She has been playing with it every day and especially likes the lift and the swimming pool.

We hope that you liked the food we left for you at our house and at Grandma and Grandpa’s place. There were lots of carrots for the reindeer, who only left a few munched tops so it looks as if they enjoyed them. Mummy said that there were only a few crumbs left from the home-made fruit mince pies. We helped Grandma to make the Santa’s hats with big strawberries, melted white chocolate, coconut and a little marshmallow on top. I tried one and it was really yummy.

On Christmas Day, we followed your travels on the Santa Tracker on Grandpa’s computer and saw that you delivered presents all over the world, including to Auntie Zab and Uncle Karl in Baltimore and to Nanna and Pa in Toronto. Thank you very much for looking after our family so well.

We had a fairly interesting Christmas. As you know, it is very hot here on the West Island so we need to use refrigerators to keep everything cold. Unfortunately, our fridge broke down at 11p.m. on Christmas Eve and things began to melt. Mummy tried to get an electrician and said that she had to “pay a motza” to get one to come out that night. Unfortunately, he said that the fridge was dead and nothing could be done until after the Christmas holidays. Luckily, Grandma and Grandpa came over and took some of the important things like the prawns, ham and ice cream back to their place. They also brought some bags of ice so that we could fill the laundry tub with ice and put drinks in there.

We moved Christmas lunch from our place to Grandma and Grandpa’s and had a really great time with all of the fancy food and opening all of the presents you brought. Dad loved his socks and jocks and Grandpa got some more pyjamas. Then we all went for a swim in the pool at their apartment. It was super cool.

At midnight on Christmas night, Uncle Fritz phoned from where they are staying with Auntie Jen’s family, about 300km away. Their neighbours had phoned to say that their burglar alarm at home had gone off and was keeping the whole neighbourhood awake. They had called the police, but also asked Grandma and Grandpa to go down there (it is about a half hour’s drive away). They got there and managed to disconnect the alarm but had to turn off the power to do it. Uncle Fritz drove up with the keys and did not arrive until 3.30 am. They and the police all went inside and found everything okay, so Uncle Fritz reset the alarm and drove back to pick up Auntie Jen and their two little babies. Grandma and Grandpa only got to bed around 4.30 am and were too tired to play with us very much on Boxing Day!

I am sure that you and the reindeer would have been very tired that day as well. The Santa Tracker said that you travelled over 300,000km and delivered over seven billion presents. If you need to rest and want some help with making the presents for next year, I would be happy to come to the North Pole to help out. Please let me know your street address there so that I can find you. I will probably bring Charlie Rabbit and Sheila the First Hippo on the Moon with me, because they are very good helpers. Thank you again for everything,


With lots of love

Freya (and my little sister Frida)

x x x x x x x x x x x x x

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