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Fishing with Greenwoods Fishing Adventures

Friday, October 18, 2019

With a few wild days of weather there was only a couple time for a couple of fishing trips this past week. Here on Norfolk Island we are so spoilt with excellent fishing on most trips but every now and then it’s a little bit slower than we are used to and we say we’ve “struggled”,  but in fact we’ve still caught more fish in a few hours than most fishermen get in a year. After the full moon last Sunday this week was always going to be tougher fishing than most weeks but even then we had a great catch. Sweetlip were only biting for a limited time but the kingies were on! Between two of us we caught 25 over the morning with many over a meter. I also caught a 30lb Snapper while fishing for kings which we released to breed up and give our visiting fisherman a chance to catch one while on Greenwoods Fishing Adventures. The week ahead looks reasonable so let’s go fishing!

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