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Police Report - 28 April 2018

Minding your Business

We are pleased to announce that we have now started and given the role of Business Liaison to our Administration Officer Deb “Fishy” Steven to work closely with businesses to ensure business owners and workers know how to keep themselves and their businesses safe.

Fishy will be speaking with business owners and staff to update the Norfolk Island Keyholder Register which assists us in contacting the nominated person should they be required to attend after hours. She will also be speaking with businesses about any security matters of concern.

Whilst security should be adapted to suit the individual needs of your business, our general advice is to:

•        Install (and use) adequate external security doors, screens and locks.

•        Record details of the assets of your business and mark them for identification purposes.

•        Install a securely anchored safe, keeping it locked when not in use and limit access to keys and the combination to a small number of trusted persons only.

•        Establish secure cash handling and banking procedures (and follow them).

•        Develop clear policies that reduce the risk of internal and external fraud.

•        Keep Police phone numbers nearby and contact us in the event of an emergency or crime.

Smoko with the Popo

At 10am on Thursday 3 May, Officers will be sitting down with members of the local community for our next “Coffee with a Cop” event. This will be held at the Wrap & Roll Cafe.

Coffee with a Cop is a worldwide police initiative to invite members of the public to share a coffee with their local police to discuss issues, raise questions or just get to know a little more about the activities and role of your police force. So come down on Thursday to share a coffee with us.


Phone 22222 or 000 for Police enquiries, attendance and emergencies. If the station is unattended, please use the courtesy telephone located near the front door to contact on duty or on-call Police officers 24/7.

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