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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Thursday, February 07, 2019

The year has certainly gotten off to a flying start with February already upon us and the first of the Club’s championships has been completed for the year with another final this weekend.

But, first to the bowls played last Saturday with the men’s semi-final pair’s teams squaring off and the dangerous combination of Jeff Pledger & Brent Johnstone had a fairly easy win against Tim Sheridan & Moochie Christian 18-11; and in the other game Ryan Dixon & Haydn Evans had a handy win over Mick Godfrey & Graeme Woolley 27-8. The final of this Club championship will be played today, Saturday at 2pm, a terrific game should be on the cards. In the social games played on Saturday, Culla Graham, Ann Snell & Vivian Bigg defeated Petal Jones, Wes Cooper & Sue (visitor) 16-15; Rob Dixon, Martin Rogers & Marcus (visitor) defeated Barry Wilson, Gary Bigg & Mark Carroll 26-12; and Ester Sanchez, Kate Smith & John Wilkes defeated Dave Smith, Tess Evans & Kitha Bailey 17-14. One game of the Open Singles was also played with Trev Gow defeating John Groat in straight sets 7-7, 9-5.

On Sunday the quarter-finals of the Open Singles were played with the results thus: Ryan Dixon defeating Trev Gow in a tie-break game 8-10, 10-8, 5-0; Moochie Christian defeated Culla Graham in straight sets 9-5, 11-7; Phil Jones defeated Haydn Evans in a tie-break game 3-13, 10-3, 2-1; and Barry Wilson got out of jail against Kitha Bailey in a tie-break game 7-4, 8-6, 6-0. The semi-finals of this championship will be played tomorrow, Sunday at 2pm.

On Wednesday and with the Ladies Pairs championship complete, social bowls was played with the results being: Ester Sanchez & Sue (visitor) defeating Culla Graham & Leslie Buffett 19-16; Petal Jones, Mark Carroll & Marcus (visitor) defeating Kate Smith, Vivian Bigg & Esther Trickey 20-11; Dave Smith, Jackie Ryan with Kitha Bailey swinging lead for both teams defeated Brent Johnstone & Norm Trickey 19-13; and Neil McWaters & Barry Jones defeated Ann Snell & Tess Evans 21-19.

As mentioned this week-end the semi-finals of the men’s pairs will be played on Saturday and the semi-finals of the Open Singles will be played on Sunday.

Last Tuesday, Meg Wills arrived back on Island, and we welcome Meg back into the Club as she is the main sponsor for the Kev & Meg Wills South Pacific Pairs, which is due to commence on the 18th Feb with 40 teams participating. More on this great tournament next week.

The top green will be back in play shortly and on completion of the SP Pairs Tournament, night owl bowls will re-commence.  This will be triples games, so get your team together and see Tim to enter a team.

Work should start shortly on the driveway into Dot’s paddock and Members and guests are asked to take care when this work is been undertaken.

NOW at the Club’s Bistro, COFFEE is now available during Bistro hours which are 11-2pm for lunch and from 5:30-8pm for dinner.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

The commencement of the Bowling Club’s yearly championships have commenced and are in full swing with both the ladies & men’s pairs continuing, together with the open singles commencing last Sunday. It’s terrific to see that the Members have endorsed the year’s calendar and are eager to display their talent on the bowling green in an effort to catch the selector’s eyes; with all the representative bowls the Club is involved in this year.

Results of the first round on the Men’s Pairs played last Saturday were: Culla Graham & Wes Cooper defeated Mark Carroll & Joseph Williams 24-11; Matt Bigg & Rob Dixon defeated Neil McWaters & Barry Jones 24-7; Tim Sheridan & Moochie Christian defeated Phil Jones & Gary Bigg 24-15; and Jeff Pledger & Brent Johnstone defeated John Groat & Barry Wilson 20-9. In the social games played that day the results were: Haydn Evans, Ester Sanchez & Kitha Bailey defeated Pete Walkinshaw, Frank (visitor) & Tiana Hall 24-8; Dave Smith, Graeme Woolley & Irene Buffett defeated Ryan Dixon, Kate Smith & John Snow 17-12; and Petal Jones, Ann Snell & Mark Carroll defeated Mick Godfrey, Trev Gow & Carolyn Pullen 15-10.

On Sunday the Open Singles, an Sets Play format, commenced with a full green with the results being: Kitha Bailey defeated Jeff Pledger in a tie break 2-9, 9-8, 3-1; John Groat defeated Neil McWaters in a tie break 11-6, 7-8, 2-1; Graeme Woolley defeated Tess Evans in a tie break 9-5, 7-6, 3-1; Tim Sheridan defeated Annie Pledger in straight sets 8-8, 7-6; Barry Wilson defeated petal Jones in straight sets 5-4, 8-2; Moochie Christian defeated Vivian Bigg in straight sets 10-5, 6-5; and Rob Dixon defeated Mark Carroll in straight sets 8-3, 9-6.

Last Wednesday the ladies played their semi-final of their pairs championships, with the two results being: Vivian Bigg & Kitha Bailey defeated Ann Snell & Irene Buffett 22-13; and Kate Smith & Tess Evans defeated Jackie Ryan & Joy Bishop 24-8.  The final will be played this Wednesday.

Two games of the men’s pairs quarter-finals were also played with the results being: Ryan Dixon & Haydn Evans defeated Culla Graham & Wes Cooper 21-6; and Tim Sheridan & Moochie Christian got out of jail against Pete Walkinshaw & Spider Webb 19-16, after having a 7-0 lead early, but then trailing 13-9 and with 3 ends to play the scores were locked together at 14-14 but Tim & Moochie managed to score on two of the last few ends to record the win. In the social games played on Wednesday Ester Sanchez, Brent Johnstone & Esther Trickey drew 20-20 all with Petal Jones, Martin Rogers & Esther Trickey (lead for both teams); and Graham Woolley, Barry Jones & John Wilkes defeated Norm Trickey, Vic Tagg & Mark Carroll 19-12.

The remaining games of the men’s quarter-final games will be played today at 2pm, with the open singles continuing on Sunday.

On Monday for the Australia Day holiday the club will host social bowls with a BBQ commencing at 2pm, come on down for a great afternoon.

The Club’s Bistro has been very busy and now with Sam & Betty returning from holidays the Bistro will be open 7 days for lunch as well as dinner. Terrific meals at great prices.

DATES to Remember is that the SP Pairs commences on the 18th February, with nominations now closed and the draw will be displayed shortly.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

The first week of competition has commenced at the Norfolk Island Bowing Club with the Ladies commencing their Club Pairs last Wednesday, but first to the games played last Saturday socially.  Phil Jones with his young grandson Jordi defeated Nana Petal Jones & John Groat 19-16; Ester Sanchez, Gary Bigg & Vivian Bigg defeated Rob Dixon, Arianne Dixon & Mark Carroll 18-13; Tim Sheridan & Moochie Christian defeated Barry Wilson & Brent Johnstone 26-13; Culla Graham & Wes Cooper defeated Mick Godfrey & Trev Gow 20-16; and Haydn Evans & Tess Evans defeated Ryan Dixon & Luke (visitor) 16-11. No more social Saturdays with the Men’s competitions commencing today, Saturday with the Men’s pairs commencing at 2pm.

The Ladies commenced their pairs competition and with only the 6 teams entered, 2 teams had byes and the results of the other games were: Ann Snell & Irene Buffett defeated Arianne & Ellie Dixon 25-12; and in the other game the hot favourites for the title this year were defeated in a close game, with Kate Smith & Tess Evans defeating Petal Jones & Ester Sanchez 19-15 but with the game at 16-15 with two ends to play it was anybodies game, but Kate & Tess hung in tough to get the win.  In the social games played on Wednesday Graeme Woolley & Mark Carroll defeated Mick Godfrey & Kitha Bailey 19-17; Haydn Evans & Mark Hall defeated Neil McWaters & Emmett (visitor) 31-3; and Rob Dixon, Barry Jones & Tiana Hall defeated Ryan Dixon, Vivian Bigg & Brent Johnstone 24-14.

As mentioned the Men’s Pairs commence today at 2pm and tomorrow Sunday the Open Singles commence at 2pm with players asked to find their own markers. The draw for these games is on the Club Notice-board.

In a coup for young Shae Wilson, the Brisbane based club Hamilton has signed Shae up to play Premier League for them this year with the games commencing last weekend and on the Saturday Shae’s team had a good win 25-13 against Tweed Heads but on Sunday was defeated soundly by Victoria Point 32-12. A great experience for Shae playing with the super stars of bowls in Australia.

The List for the South Pacific Pairs is on the Club Notice-board and closes on the 31st January 2019.

The Club Bistro is open for both lunch M-F from 11am, and dinner 7 days from 5:30pm.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Friday, August 24, 2018

Next week the Club will resume its Club competitions with the Mixed Pairs closing today with play next Saturday.  The lists for the Open, Singles, Pairs & Triples will also close on the 1st September, with play to commence after that date.

The Bowling Club Wora Bistro has now open for both lunch and dinner, with lunch from 11am – 2pm, and dinner from 5:30pm. Great value meals to be had together with the coldest beers in town.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Repot by Ballzup

Thursday, August 16, 2018


The NIO Classic Triples international tournament commences tomorrow, Sunday, with the new sponsor Terence Grube and his business Norfolk Insurance Office (NIO).  A huge thanks to Terence and NIO for making the tournament possible, as well as our minor sponsor Norfolk Island Foodland’s who always contributes. More on this tournament in next week’s report.

Last Saturday, the Club enjoyed a relaxing weekend away from competition bowls with a BBQ bowls day and by the look at the turn out, it won’t be the last.  Results for the day were: Tim Sheridan, Ester Sanchez & Jackie Ryan defeated Ryan Dixon, Mark Carroll & Kitha Bailey 22-10; Marg O’Brien, Trev Gow & Esther Trickey defeated Haydn Evans, Norm Trickey & Ling Glass 16-10; Brent Pauling, Ann Snell & Chrissie Pauling defeated Pete Walkinshaw, Wes Cooper & Jan Williams 19-14; Culla Graham, Tess Evans & Vivian Bigg defeated Mick Godfrey, Sean (visitor) & Irene Buffett 23-17; Petal Jones, Peter Glass & Harry (visitor) defeated Phil Jones, Dave (visitor) & Marg Buffett 23-17; and Stephen Mathews & Dave Murdoch defeated Barry Wilson & Sarah (visitor) 30-10.  A great day was had by all and a huge thanks to Foodland’s for the contribution to the BBQ.

Last Wednesday, the Ladies final of their triples championship was played in very trying conditions, with a very strong southerly blowing, the ladies were challenged throughout the afternoon.  In the end the Commonwealth Games trio of Petal Jones, Shae Wilson & Chrissie Pauling were too strong for Ann Snell, Tess Evans & Ling Glass who were gallant in defeat and never gave up the chase, with 7 ends played the score was 5-5 all and anybody’s game, but then Petals team scored 13 shots in 5 ends to have the score 18-6 with 6 ends to play, but with Shae and Chrissie drawing to the kitty and Petal playing her conversion shots when needed, the trio ran out winners 24-14.

The results of the social games played on Wednesday were: Mick Godfrey & Marg Buffett drew 12-12 all with Ester Sanchez & Vivian Bigg; Carole Yager & Irene Buffett defeated Glenn (Visitor) & Kitha Bailey 20-7; Haydn Evans, Stephen Mathews & Herb Haines defeated Brent Pauling, Trevor Gow & Carolyn (visitor) 23-9; Neil McWaters, Jackie Ryan & Barry Jones defeated Culla Graham, Peter (visitor) & Geoff Weier (visitor) 24-13.

As mentioned earlier the NIO Classic Triples commences tomorrow, and the greens will be available today for team roll-ups from 1pm.  Social bowls will also be played and players are asked to organise their own game, or place team names with the match committee so as to ensure a rink is made available.  On completion of the roll-ups at approx. 4:30pm, a welcome for the visiting players is to be held with the Club providing a fish-fry and BBQ. Members are also asked to provide a plate for the table and a good attendance is asked.

As from today, Saturday, the Club’s Wora Bistro will be open for lunch from 11am-2pm, with great lunch-time meals on the menu.  Call into the Club for an easy lunch with a cold beer or two.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Another week has come and gone at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club with the continuation of the Club’s championship games, as well as entertaining visitors from afar with our great Bistro meals and the introduction of a new beer dispensing system, which will make it easier for all customers to see what draught beers are now on tap, esp. our new draught beer 150 Lashes is proving to be very popular.

Competition got underway last Saturday with the Men commencing their Triples championship and the results of these games were: Stephen Mathews, Wes Cooper & Trev Gow were too good for Garry Bigg, Mark Carroll & Norm Trickey 27-8; Phil Jones, Dave Smith & Moochie Christian defeated Mick Godfrey, Brent Pauling & Peter Glass 26-11; and the side of Tim Sheridan, Barry Wilson & John Nagy started their defence of the title be defeating Pete Walkinshaw, Spider Webb & Jeff Pledger 22-17.  The semi-finals will be played today at the Club at 1pm.  Social bowls were also played with the results thus: Haydn Evans & Brent Johnstone defeated Kate Smith & Kitha Bailey 27-9; Marg O’Brien & Dave Murdoch defeated Neil McWaters & Irene Buffett 19-13; and Ann Snell, Chrissy Pauling & Esther Trickey had a draw 16-16 against Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Ling Glass.

The Ladies commenced their Triples championships on Wednesday last, and the results of these games were: 1st round: Marg O’Brien, Kate Smith & Elle Dixon defeated Jackie Ryan, Marg Buffett & Irene Buffett 25-15; semi-finals: Ann Snell, Tess Evans & Ling Glass defeated Marg O’Brien, Kate Smith & Elle Dixon comfortably 22-17; and Shae Wilson, Vivian Bigg (sub) & Chrissie Pauling defeated Ester Sanchez, Carole Yager & Kitha Bailey 20-11.  The final will be played next Wednesday at 1pm.  Social bowls were also played and the results were: Neil McWaters, Norm Trickey & Marg Buffett defeated Graeme Woolley, Peter Glass & Jan Williams 23-18; Mick Godfrey, Stephen Mathew defeated John Groat, Brent Johnstone, with Irene Buffett playing a swinging lead 21-12; and Haydn Evans & Esther Trickey defeated Brent Pauling & Leslie Buffett 19-16.

Whilst it has been fairly quiet at the Club over the past couple of weeks, the Club is looking forward to the August Classic Triples which commences on the 19th August, with some 25 teams visiting the Island to participate in what will be a great week of bowls.  The greens have been having a rest, with plenty of TLC to make them look great for the tournament.

Members are reminded that subscriptions are now due at the affordable price of only $75 for the year, with social memberships available for regular non-bowlers at only $20 per year.  Join the Club and receive discounts on your bar purchases.  Call in and get one of the Bowlo-cards, where you pay for 10 drinks and receive the 11th drink free.

Come on down to the Club and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, great cold draught beer, and fabulous food coming out of the Bistro kitchen.

Semi-finals of the Men’s Triples championships today at 1pm.

See you all on the Greens soon.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bowls Report by Ballzup.- BOWLING CLUB A.G.M.

Friday, July 27, 2018

Each year the Members of the Norfolk Island Bowling Club are provided with the opportunity to have their say and are given the chance to give something back to the Club by standing for Office at the Annual AGM.  The Members would like to give thanks to the following persons who have stood up and volunteered to be on the Executive and Membership and the General Committee.  A good turn-out of Members last Sunday at the AGM, good spirited discussion and feed-back, both positive & negative will provide the new Committee with plenty of opportunities to move the Club forward over the next 12 months.  Members elected to the Executive team were: President – Trevor Gow; Senior Vice-president – Christine (Petal) Jones; Junior Vice-president – Haydn (Teddy Evans); Treasurer – Barry Wilson; Secretary – Lesley Buffett; General Committee Members – John Groat, Mark Carroll, Ryan Dixon & Kitha Bailey.  Good luck to this great looking team for the next 12 months.

Last Saturday, with no competition bowls scheduled, social bowls were played with the results being: Gary Bigg & Kitha Bailey defeated Barry Jones & John C 21-18; Wes Cooper & Brent Johnstone defeated Teddy Evans & Chrissy Pauling 28-15; Kate Smith & Ling Glass defeated Jackie Ryan & Irene Buffett 20-15; and Mick Godfrey, Brent Pauling & Peter Glass defeated Pete Walkinshaw, John Groat & Trev Gow 23-11.

Last Wednesday, the ladies played social bowls with the results being: Petal Jones, Brent Johnstone & Stephen Mathews defeated Brent Pauling, Cyril Butters & Irene Buffett 23-12; Vivian Bigg & Marie Hodgetts defeated Graeme Woolley & Leslie Buffett 21-14; Ann Snell & Tess Evans defeated Marg O’Brien & Ester Trickey 19-7; and Ester Sanchez, Steve & Chrissy Pauling defeated Mick Godfrey, Nor Trickey & Allan Ireland 18-10.  One of the Men’s Triples championship games was played with the result being a come from behind win to Ryan Dixon, Matt Bigg & Haydn Evans over Neil McWaters, John Groat & Barry Jones 23-19.

Today, Saturday, the Men commence their Club Triples Championships and with 8 teams entered the 3 remaining games are to be played today commencing at 1pm.

Club Members are reminded that the August Classic Triples entries close on Tuesday 31st July, to enable the draw to be completed and overseas teams notified, so that they can organise their plans for their holidays and the organisation of the tournament completed.

Come on down to the Club Bistro and say hello to Betty & Sam, they have generously donated a voucher for the weekly raffle prize with tickets on sale as you pay your green fees.

Members are also reminded that memberships are now due, including social memberships ($20 ea.) for persons who frequent the Club often.  See the Club Manager Tim Sheridan or one of his staff to pay your dues.  Don’t forget – no subs – no play in club competitions.

See you all on the greens soon, with details next week on the Club Triples competition results.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bowls report by Ballzup.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

What an incredible week at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club, with the players having to not only compete against their opposition but the windy conditions, coupled with a fast green proved challenging for all.  Last Saturday, the Men played their semi-finals for the Major Singles competition for the year and the results of these games were: Tim Sheridan defeated Barry Wilson 25-11 after the scores were locked together at 5-5 all, and in the other game played between Ryan Dixon and Graeme Woolley the game was also locked together at 8-8 all after some 9 ends, and then Ryan skipped away by a few points but the Graeme’s credit he levelled the scores again at 18-18 all, and then got to the lead 20-18.  Ryan then concentrated on playing draw bowls, and with deft drawing to the kitty made Graeme have a couple of drives, which missed by millimetres, so Ryan eventually ran out the winner by 25-20. A terrific game of bowls. The final will be played today at 1pm at the Club.

Also played last Saturday were a few social games with the results thus: Peter Walkinshaw, Wes Cooper & John Kane defeated Brent Pauling, Kate Smith & Kitha Bailey 18-6; Stephen Mathews & Peter Glass outplayed Neil McWaters and Barry Jones to record a 23-14 win; Haydn Evans & Irene Buffett defeated Mick Godfrey & Brent Johnstone in a very close game 18-17.

DON’T FORGET: The Club AGM will be held in the Club-house on Sunday 22nd July at 10am, with nominations being sought for all positions on the Committee, and sub-committees.

Last Wednesday the ladies completed their Major Singles championship semi-finals, with both games being comfortably won by the winners.  In the first game Petal Jones had a good win against Kate Smith 25-10; and in the other game Shae Wilson had a very good win against Marg O’Brien 25-6. The final will be played next Wednesday at 1pm.  A terrific game should be on display.

In the social games played Haydn Evans & Ling Glass defeated Peter Glass & Irene Buffett 18-12; Ryan Dixon & Ester Trickey had a draw 17-17 with mick Godfrey & Norm Trickey; and in the last game Neil McWaters, John Groat & Brent Johnstone defeated Stephen Mathews, Vivian Bigg & Marie Hodgetts 25-8.

NEXT CHAMPIONSHIP: The next championships for the Club are the Men’s and Ladies Triples with the lists on the Club notice-board, with the Ladies closing next Wednesday 18th July for play on the 25th July., and with the Men’s list closing on the 21st July for play on the 28th July.

The Club Bistro continues to open 7 evenings a week from 5:30pm with terrific deals on offer coupled with 5 beers on tap, with the Club introducing 150 Lashes draught from this week-end.

See you all on the greens.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup

Friday, June 29, 2018

Over the past week at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club, their Major Singles championships began, the blue-ribbon event of the calendar year.  In perfect conditions last week-end the first and second rounds were played, with the results being thus: Round 1: Ryan Dixon defeated Mick Godfrey 25-20; John Groat defeated Brent Johnstone 25-18; Barry Wilson defeated Gary Bigg 25-17; and Graeme Woolley defeated Barry Jones 25-11.  Only one social game was played last Saturday with a game of pairs between the teams of Culla Graham & Sue Semple and that of Tess Evans & Irene Buffett with the game being drawn 12-12.

The results of the second round of the Men’s Major Singles played last Sunday were: Graeme Woolley defeated Haydn Evans 25-9; Tim Sheridan defeated John Groat 25-7; Neil McWaters defeated Stephen Matthews 25-16; Jeff Pledger defeated Trev Gow 25-15; Brent Pauling defeated Peter Walkinshaw 25-20; and Ryan Dixon defeated Peter Glass 25-12.  The quarter-finals will be played today between Tim Sheridan Vs Brent Pauling; Barry Wilson Vs Culla Graham; Neil McWaters Vs Graeme Woolley; and Ryan Dixon Vs Jeff Pledger.

On Wednesday last, the Ladies commenced their Major Singles championships, with the results of these games being:  Jackie Ryan defeated Joy Bishop 25-17; Kitha Bailey defeated Irene Buffett 25-14; Shae Wilson defeated Maycee Deszacsar 25-2; Margaret O’Brien defeated Ester Sanchez 25-13; Ling Glass defeated Elle Dixon 25-23; Kate Smith defeated Chrissie Pauling 25-21; with Petal Jones and Tess Evans having wins by default.  In the social games played Neil McWaters & Peter Glass defeated Stephen Mathews & Margaret Buffett 20-11; and Mick Godfrey & Tess Evans defeated Graeme Woolley & Culla Graham 18-16. The semi-finals of the Women’s Major Singles will be played next Wednesday.

During the quiet winter months, the Club Bistro is still opening as per normal at 5:30pm for everybody to enjoy the tasty meals and enjoy the lovely cold beer from the bar.

The Club AGM is to be later in July and further details will be in the paper nearer to the time, but the AGM notice is on the Club notice-board and Members are encouraged to nominate for positions on the Club Committee and various sub-committees. Don’t leave it too late.

See you all on the greens.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bowls Report

Friday, June 15, 2018

Another Bowls Club Championship has been concluded over the past week-end, with the Men’s four’s teams of Pete Walkinshaw, Spider Webb, Jeff Pledger & Mark Carroll taking on the team of Brent Pauling, Wes Cooper, Gary Bigg & Peter Glass, and it proved to be a very long game finishing well past sunset at 5:15pm.  Brent’s team got off to a flyer (which proved to be a bonus at the end of the game) with 5 shots in the first two ends, but Pete’s team knuckled down to the task at hand and with some great conversion shots from the skip, did the best over the next 9 ends picking up 15 shots, and at the half-way mark had a comfortable lead at 15-9, but Brent’s team was not to be out done and took advantage of an error from Pete, when he trailed the kitty to the ditch, when holding shot and dropped 5 shots on the 15th end to make the score 16-16 all. This seemed to knock the wind out of Pete’s team, and Brent’s team won 4 out of the remaining 6 ends to end up comfortable winners 22-18.  It was a great game of bowls, and as they all say, bowls was the winner on the day, as it was an excellent game of bowls with many twists and turns, right up until the last end.  A new team up on the Honours Board.

Social bowls were also played on the Saturday with the results being: Ryan Dixon, Stephen Mathews & John K defeated Neil McWaters, Trev Gow & Marie Hodgetts 26-22; Haydn Evans & Brent Johnstone defeated John Groat & Graeme K 20-11; and Mick Godfrey & Barry Jones defeated Barry Wilson & Marg Buffett 20-14.

Last Sunday the completion of the rained out semi-finals of the mixed fours championship were completed and the scores in these games were: team of Tim Sheridan, Shae Wilson, Jonny Sheridan & Moochie Christian defeated Ryan Dixon, Brent Pauling, Chrissie Pauling & Elle Dixon 24-12; and in the other game the team of Wendy Nagy, John Nagy, Gary Bigg & Brent Johnstone defeated Pete Walkinshaw, Ester Sanchez, Liz Walkinshaw & Barry Wilson 18-17, in what was a very close game with the scores level at 13-13 all after 17 of 21 ends, but Wendy’s team managed to score 5 shots to 4 over the final 4 ends to win a close contest 18-17.  The final of this championship will be played next Sunday at the Bowls Club.

On the Queen’s Birthday public holiday, the Club played social bowls with the results being thus: Peter Glass & Jackie Ryan defeated Alan Anderson & Myka Quintal 15-13; Neil McWaters & Ling Glass defeated Ryan Dixon & Irene Buffett 16-13; and with the team of Nicky Quintal, Marie Hodgetts & Steven Graham defeating (and winning the chocolates) Barry Jones, Mark Carroll & Tosca Quintal 20-16. A terrific way to spend the public holiday, on the greens at the bowling club, and good to see different persons playing the game.

The final round of the women’s fours championships were played last Wednesday and this round decided the champions for the year, with the results being: the team skipped by Ann Snell, Jackie Ryan, Jan Williams & Ling Glass lost to the team of Marg O’Brien, Kate Smith, Maycee Deszecsar & Wendy Nagy 19-20; and in the other game played Petal Jones, Ester Sanchez, Chrissy Pauling & Shae Wilson defeated Tess Evans, Marie Hodgetts, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora 25-11, with the final standings after the round-robin being: Petal Jones team 3 wins with a margin of +44, Tess Evans team 2 wins with a margin of -4, Marg O’Brien’s team 1 win with a margin of -6, and finally Ann Snell’s team Nil wins with a margin of -44. The championship trophy goes to the team of Petal Jones, Ester Sanchez, Chrissy Pauling and Shae Wilson, who were undefeated during the games and well-deserved winners. In the social game played Graeme Woolley & Brent Johnstone defeated Neil McWaters & Peter Glass 17-15; and Haydn Evans & Irene Buffett defeated Stephen Mathews & Kitha Bailey 22-18.

The list for the Men’s Major Singles is on the Club notice-board and closes at 6pm today with play to commence next Saturday the 23rd Jene, with the Ladies Major Singles list closing at 6pm on Wednesday 20th June for play on the 27th.

DID YOU KNOW: That the Men’s “Do you have a spanner in the works” health check-ups will be conducted at the Club today between 4:30-5:30pm.  Come up to the Club and have a free health check-up.

Tomorrow, Sunday the final of the Mixed Fours Championship will be played with play to commence at 1pm, come on up to the Club and see some great bowls played, enjoy the lovely fire-place heating the club-rooms, with a nice cold beer in your hand.  This is prior to the Bistro opening at 5:30pm (each evening) for you to enjoy a tasty meal in a splendid atmosphere. Come and check out the newly laid walkway and area at the front of the Club, but please take care of the works in progress.

As we say in the Club, there are no strangers in this Club, only friends who you haven’t met as yet.

See you all on the greens.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

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