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Employment Opportunities @ NICS

Friday, July 12, 2019

As part of our ongoing strategy to support student learning we are advertising for two new roles at NICS.  These two roles will add to our growing Wellbeing and Engagement Team designed to assist students through proactive and productive programs and intervention.

More information about these advertised positions can be found on SEEK via the links below.  Prospective applicants can also find this information by searching ‘Norfolk Island’ on the SEEK home page.


School Learning Support Officer – Early Intervention K-2:

Norfolk Island Engagement Officer:

In addition to these two new positions, we will also be advertising for additional School Learning Support Officers to add to our existing casual pool.  This advertisement will also be available on SEEK.  Successful applicants will join our casual pool to provide cover for our School Learning Support Officers, as needed, to provide student support when staff are away sick, on leave, or engaged in professional learning.

All opportunities are very exciting for the school and the community and I hope we get a great field of applicants.



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School News

Friday, June 28, 2019

Pink and Grey

            On the last day of school, Friday, July 5, the SRC are hosting a ‘Pink and Grey’ day to raise money for breast cancer and brain cancer research.  Students are asked to bring a gold coin donation and wear either pink, grey or a combination of both.  Students will also be involved in old-fashioned games after lunch to round out the term with some fun.  Thanks in advance for supporting our SRC.

Careers Market

            Our annual Careers Market was again an absolute success, with representatives from university and TAFE on hand to assist students as they firm up ideas about their post-school options.  The special relationship the school shares with the community was very much on show with many recent graduates returning to the school to share their experiences and advice to our students.  We also had a significant number of representatives from local businesses on hand to give students explicit advice about their workplace and the world of work.

            Special thanks goes out to Ro Peterson for her organisation and passion for Careers Education.  The contacts the school has built up over the years really places our students on the front foot as they graduate to post-schooling options.


            Thanks again to Sarah Robinson for her work in outdoor education.  Sarah partners with our Primary School students in the gardens to grow fresh produce, which the students then sell to raise money to invest in donations throughout the local community.  Recently the students received a formal thank you from the Norfolk Island Hospital Auxiliary, as the students have made contributions that have funded residents with a cuppas and ice creams.  Sarah and her crew of echo warriors also have a popular following on our Facebook page with the work they are doing and the difference they are making.  Thanks for us for the valuable learning you are leading for our students!

100% Attendance

            We have 68 students with 100% attendance so far this term.  One more week to go…hopefully all these students can maintain their exceptional attendance.  Great effort.

Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Class Clowns @ Norfolk Island

When the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow comes to Norfolk Island for a performance on August 3, 2019, a fabulous opportunity is available for Year 7-12 NICS students to attend a Class Clowns workshop.

Class Clowns is Melbourne International Comedy Festival's development program for young people around the country. From comedy workshops in schools to a national comedy competition, Class Clowns engages and inspires young funny peeps to hone their potential. With alumni including Joel Creasey, Rhys Nicholson, Aaron Chen, William McKenna and Tom Ballard, Class Clowns truly is a one-of-a-kind experience and a springboard to success!

The Workshop will be run by comedian Xavier Michelides. Xavier has a unique brand of surreal character comedy. He has been an active writer and stand-up comic performing across Australia, travelling to each corner of the country.  Xavier has written for television; he is currently a writer on The Project and has previously worked on Good News Week, You’re Skitting Me and Dafuq? He has also appeared on TV programs such as ROVE live, SBS’s Stand Up @ Bella Union and ABC’s Comedy Up Late.

The workshop will be held from 3.30pm to 5.30pm on Friday August 2, in the Bean Shed and is free of charge. Workshop size is strictly limited so contact Mr English ASAP to be included.

Mark Meehan

            I’d like to formally thank our outgoing School Counsellor, Mark Meehan, for the significant contributions he has made to our school over the last 18 months.  Mark has been a fantastic support for students and their families, and has played a pivotal role in championing a full time School Counsellor at NICS.

            Mark, your dedication to wellbeing and learning is inspiring.  While we are very excited to have Lisa Johnson come on board as our full time school Counsellor, we are equally sad that our time with you ends.  On behalf of the school and the community, I wish you and your family all the very best in your future endeavours.


Over the last few weeks, staff have been working on mid-year reports for their students.  This year we are using a new school management program called Sentral to write our reports.  Sentral is a platform that we introduced at NICS in 2019 with the help of our P&C.  I hope the community like the way reports are set out using this new system.

Reports will be sent out to families prior to the upcoming holidays.  It has been encouraging reading the students’ reports, and I ask that students and their parents take the time to engage in discussion around reports in support of ongoing improvements in learning.

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 10:

  • Wear Pink and Grey – Friday, July 5.

Things coming up Term 3 - Week 1:

  • School Development Day – Monday, July 22 (Staff only).
  • First Day Back For Students – Tuesday, July 23.


Brett Carr

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Principal’s Report

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Bounty Day Celebrations

What a treat it was again to be part of the Bounty Day celebrations. The excitement leading up to this event was very much on the minds of all our students and the stories of how much they ate… which pie, baked tatie, Tahitian fish, crackling, phili, trifle was the best, has been the topic of conversation this week. The weather was absolutely magnificent, and with the beautiful warm sunshine, students and their families dressed in bounty clothes and took pride in their culture and history, keeping alive the Norfolk Island spirit that shines through where ever you go on the Island.

To the Kindergarten to Year 11 students who participated in the Bounty Ball on Saturday evening, congratulations to you all. Seeing our students suited up and frocked up, and gracefully waltzing and participating in many other dances around Rawson Hall was a glorious sight. I must say that the Barn Dance looked to be the favourite dance of the night. Our heartfelt thanks go to Robin Butterfield and Jan Reeves who have nurtured our ballrooms dancers through the weeks; you are very much appreciated.

2019 Bounty Ball Winners

Kindergarten  -  Ruby Quintal and Cooper Eales

Year 1 and  Year  2  -  Memphis Leigh and Xavier King

Runners Up  -  Ciara McGillycuddy and Alfie Ferry

Year 3 and  Year 4  - Timi Snell and Mitchell Randall

Runners Up  - Tyler Schmitz and Myles Fisher

Year 5 and Year 6 - Isabella Randall and Brandon Borg

Runners Up  -  Elliana Henderson and Rawson Buffett

Year 7 to Year 11  -  Mirabelle Creek and Harrison Hayes

Runners Up  -  Tiana Randall and Croyden Snell

General Information

Brett Carr, our Principal, has been off Island all of last week attending a Principals’ Conference in Sydney. I am sure that Brett will share information from the conference through our Newsletter on Tuesday.  

Public Holiday (Queen’s Birthday) will be celebrated on Norfolk on Monday, 17th June. We wish our students a safe and happy day. See you all on Tuesday, 18th June, for business as usual.

Lynn Rodgers (Speech Pathologist) and Wendy McLean (Psychologist) will be on Island on Monday for the week. If you would like to make an appointment please phone the School Front Office on 23000.

Careers Market

On Wednesday, 26th June, we will be holding our annual Careers Market from 12:30pm - 3:00pm. All students from Years 9 – 12 will be involved. Students have been surveyed as to their career interests, and we have invited members of the public to come and share their knowledge with the students.

A huge thank you to all our very generous local employers who are giving up their afternoon to come and speak with our students, and impart their knowledge and wisdom about their own career paths and occupations. We cannot express our gratitude enough to you.

Petra Wlodarczyk from Queensland TAFE and Rhys Hinds from Southern Cross University will also be presenting to the students.

This year we are also looking at running a Panel session where students can “Ask an Expert” in order to better understand what university study, TAFE, a gap year or an apprenticeship might be like. This will then allow students to make a more informed decision about what to do once Year 12 has finished. . 

Parent/Community Information Evening – TAFE/University

On Wednesday evening, 26th June, from 5:30 – 7:00pm in Rooms 20 and 21, Petra and Rhys will be holding a parent information evening. There will be information about courses, entry requirements, pathways of entry, modes of study, accommodation, costs etc. Last year this evening was well attended, with parents able to ask a number of questions in relation to both TAFE and University study.

Interviews with TAFE and/or University representatives are available for community members as well as parents and students. I would strongly encourage you to make an appointment to discuss the individual needs of your children, as this will allow you to plan for what their next stages of education may look like.

Interviews can be booked through the School Front Office to speak with both or either of these representatives on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th June. This is available to students and their parents, as well as members of the community who would like information about TAFE or university options.

Any further information you would like, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the school.


Sally Thompson

Relieving Principal

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School News

Friday, May 24, 2019

Pacific Nations Tennis

            Good luck to Sam Cribb and Hannah Wright who are representing Norfolk Island in the Pacific Nations Tennis Cup this week in Fiji.  Arki Nobbs and Vanessa Brown round out the Norfolk Island team, with Danny Nobbs as coach.  This is the first time Norfolk Island has entered a full team in this event.  We wish all competitors a successful campaign!

P&C News

Reminder, if you have anything to contribute to the scoping document being finalised to articulate the community’s priorities related to the future of education on Norfolk Island, please attend the extraordinary P&C meeting on June 5 at 7:00pm at the school.  If unable to attend the June 5 meeting, community members can share their contributions with a P&C representative to bring to this meeting on their behalf, or contribute to the conversation via the following dedicated email address:

School Counsellor Update

            Mark Meehan is with us until the end of Week 5 (Friday, May 31).  Mark will be returning again in Weeks 9 and 10 later this term.  If you would like to speak with Mark prior to the end of his visit, please contact him at the school.

            Recruiting is being finalised for the appointment of our full time counsellor.  We are hoping to have our successful candidate announced next week.  Our full time School Counsellor is expected to commence their appointment at the beginning of Term 3.  We are very appreciative of DIRDC’s investment in additional staffing to provision this increased entitlement in support of our students.

Evacuation Drill - Week 5

            As part of our commitment to keeping everyone safe on our site, we undertake emergency drills each term.  These drills ensure we are prepared in the unlikely event of needing to engage an emergency response in an actual crisis.  This is a notice to ensure there is no cause for alarm (pun intended) when our emergency alarms sound next week as part of our evacuation drill.

NI Active Kids Program

            NI Active Kids is a trial program designed to encourage and support school aged children living on Norfolk Island to be physically active.  All children currently enrolled at Norfolk Island Central School are eligible to apply for a $100 NI Active Kids Voucher. This $100 voucher can be used for their choice of one sport or other activity provided by registered local providers on Norfolk Island within a 12 month period.

Application forms can be collected from NI-Connect, located in the Bounty Centre on Taylors Road, or you can email and a form will be emailed to you.  Forms can also be found at the NIHRACS website (

Completed forms are to be returned to NI-Connect.  NI Active Kids Vouchers can be collected from NI-Connect.  Please allow two working days for your voucher to be prepared.  Parents can then use their NI Active Kids voucher with their chosen registered sport or activity provider in lieu of payment.  A great initiative in keeping our youth active and engaged in physical activity.


Things coming up Term 2 - Week 5:

  • School Evacuation Drill – Time TBC.
  • School Counsellor visit concludes Friday, May 31.

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 6:

  • P&C Meeting – Wednesday, June 5 at 7:00pm at NICS.


Brett Carr

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School Report

Friday, May 17, 2019

Athletics Carnival

            We are on track (pun intended) for our Athletics Carnival on Wednesday, May 22.  As I said last week, we are looking forward to a great carnival and putting the new tiered seating area to use!  Students have been eagerly participating in long distance events throughout this week and we have held marching practice over the last two Fridays, in preparation for the main event on Wednesday.

             Can Philip House continue their dominance shown at the Beach Carnival, or will another House step up and take the glory?…Time will tell.

P&C News

            Since November 2018, the P&C have been working in partnership with the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities (DIRDC) to develop a scoping document that articulates the community’s priorities related to the future of education on Norfolk Island. 

This framework of opportunity is being designed to communicate a clear vision and direction for the school, and will assist DIRDC in their work, identifying a new education provider for NICS.

            There is going to be an extraordinary P&C meeting on June 5 at NICS at 7:00pm.  This meeting will be the community’s last chance to contribute to this scoping document. 

If you have anything to contribute, P&C members invite you to attend this meeting.  If unable to attend the June 5 meeting, community members can share their contributions with a P&C representative to bring to this meeting on their behalf, or contribute to the conversation via the following dedicated email address:

Rugby League News

            Thank you to Norfolk Island Rugby League Club and the NRL for coordinating our Rugby League clinic held on Monday for our K-6 students.  It was great to see our students out and about, learning new skills, being active and most importantly, having fun together.  Thanks also goes out to John Howell for being the conduit between Norfolk Island Rugby League Club and the school, and to our senior student helpers who assisted the NRL representatives to make this workshop great yet again.

Restoration Project

            Our Year 11 Industrial Technology class are embarking on a special project for the school that will showcase their learning and skills beyond the classroom.  Our students are working on designing and building display housing around the original school yard bell. 

As part of this project students are linking in with community members to learn about the history of the bell, traditional building techniques to restore the thatched roof, and using this project to complement their studies as they literally build towards their HSC (pun intended again).

            To assist our students with their research, we are asking community members to email their teacher, John Howell (, with any information, pictures or stories related to the bell.  This is a great joint project sponsored by the Department of Infrastructure.  Watch this space for more news as things develop.

Wiik F’ Yang Salan

            On Wednesday, May 1, Norfolk Island Central School had the honour of hosting the Opening Ceremony of the inaugural “Wiik F’ Yang Salan”, or Youth Week on Norfolk Island. Working in partnership with Jon Evans from Strength4Life, NI-Connect, Norfolk Island Council, Norfolk Island Youth Council and Key Assets, it was agreed that the school was the perfect place to launch the new event designed to further engage young people of Norfolk in their culture and traditions.

            Students participated in a variety of culturally connected activities, including dance, cooking, music and film.  This was in addition to the large proportion of students who engaged with the numerous competitions available to students, celebrating “Foot I luw lewen orn Norf’k” (Why I love living on Norfolk).  This launched kicked off ten days of activities for our youth in the community. 

Our students thoroughly enjoyed the activities on offer, particularly the boys when they participated in cultural dance!  Again, I’d like to thank Jon Evans for his leadership in this community event and to our Head Teacher Wellbeing and Engagement, Chris English, for his commitment to making the launch a success at the school.  Special mention must also go out to the staff at NICS for getting behind this event in celebration of wellbeing.

We wish Jon and Strength4Life all the best in their endeavours to pursue other connected community wellbeing initatives, planned for later in the year.

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 4:

  • Athletics Carnival – Wednesday May 22

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 5:

  • Athletics Carnival Back Up Date – Wednesday May 29

Save the Date

  • P&C Meeting – Wednesday June 5 at 7:00pm at NICS (Week 6)


Brett Carr

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School Report

Friday, May 10, 2019

P&C News

            On Wednesday, May 8, we held our P&C Annual General Meeting (AGM).  At our AGM we elected our executive members.  I’d like to formally announce Joel Reeves as our P&C President and welcome the team:

President – Joel Reeves

Vice President – Louci Reynolds

Secretary – David Haberfeld

Treasurer – Tara Patel

Parent Representative – Karen Buffett

Easter Carnival Coordinator – Roz Tierney

            I also need to acknowledge the great work of outgoing executive members, Dave South (President), and Vicki Jack (Secretary), for their outstanding commitment, passion and advocacy for the school and its community.  An extended acknowledgement to Dave South in particular can be read in the published P&C minutes of our meeting.

Athletics Carnival

            Our Athletics Carnival is fast approaching.  Thank you to the Norfolk Island Athletics Association for their work over recent weekends to mark out our oval for the track and field events.  We are looking forward to a great carnival and putting the new tiered seating area to use.  Thank you also to Ngaire Christian for her work with preparing the oval throughout the year in preparation for this big event.

Community Use of the Oval

            It’s great to see people of all ages using the oval outside of school hours.  While we encourage community use, we ask that all people who bring dogs onto the oval be vigilant in cleaning up after their dogs, as we have had incidents where this has not been the case in recent weeks.  Thanks for us in advance for your understanding and support.

Rugby League News

            Saxon Snell and TK Morgan represented the school in a representative selection match to be considered for a spot in the NSW Open Boys NSW CHS Team.  Both boys played exceptionally well and were “unlucky not to have been picked for the final side”, in the words of their team manager, Adam Culbert.

            Both Saxon and TK played in the Northern NSW side with great pride, narrowly missing final selection.  Honourable mention must go out to TK Morgan, who was named in the President’s Representative Team.  Well done yet again gentlemen for representing yourselves, the school, and Norfolk Island with excellence in both your sporting performance and your conduct.  You have been great ambassadors for the school throughout the year.

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 3:

  • NRL Rugby League Clinic - Monday 13th May
  • NAPLAN Assessment:  Tuesday 14th May – Friday 17th May.

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 4:

  • Athletics Carnival – Wednesday 22nd May

Save the Date

  • Athletics Carnival Back Up Date – Wednesday 29th May (Week 5)


Brett Carr

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School News

Wednesday, May 01, 2019

Welcome to Term 2

            I’d like to welcome everyone back to school.  Term 2 is an important term for consolidating learning and formally reporting progress to parents and carers mid-way through the year.  All staff are looking forward to a productive term of learning and raising our expectations of students in their application to learning, their progress in learning and their general conduct through our school values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Resilience.

We are blessed to have such great community support, and we value the partnerships we share with families to provide quality education for our students.  I too am personally excited about a productive term of learning ahead!

ANZAC Acknowledgement

            On ANZAC Day, several of our students represented the school and the community at events to commemorate our service men and women.  These included the Dawn Service, the Gunfire Breakfast, and the community mid-morning service at the Cenotaph.

            Our students demonstrate great character and respect at events such as these, which fills me with an immense sense of pride knowing that our youth are growing with such commendable values.  Special mention is extended to School Vice-Captain, Yasmin Coombes, for the weaving of our school wreaths.

            Thanks must also be extended to Jess Miller and Tet Grube for maintaining the close relationship we share with the RSL.  The school’s programs and our students significantly benefit from these partnerships by making learning real, contextual, connected and meaningful.  Thanks for us.

100% Attendance

            This week we acknowledged 70 students who achieved 100% attendance in Term 1.  These students were at school every minute, of every day, across the 11 weeks, which is a fantastic effort. 

The challenge has been set for all students Term 2.  It would be outstanding to report an even higher number of students with 100% attendance for this term at the beginning of Term 3. 

Exceptional school attendance is a great platform for learning.  While we enjoy attendance rates above state averages, I hope that all students take up the challenge and our collective average continues to move closer to 100%.

Connected Learning

            Our 130 state-of-the-art laptops arrived at the end of last term which we are very excited about.  This $100k investment in technology will see students across the school having access to updated devices.  Parents and students are reminded that our laptop program relies on the payment of our laptop levy.  Families from Year 5 through to Year 12 are encouraged to pay their laptop levy if they have not already done so.  As per the program, new laptops will be issued to students who have paid their laptop levy.

Yamaha Music Great Start Grant

Top 3 in all of Australia!   We are excited to announce that Norfolk Island Central School have been awarded a $2000 prize for our outstanding application in the Yamaha Music Great Start Grant. Whilst we are disappointed to have missed out on the top prize, we are thrilled to be recognised in the top 3 of 137 applicants from across Australia. As a result, we will receive music equipment to the value of $2000, which will be a wonderful boost to the Music faculty. Thank you to Chris English, Sally Thompson and Kath King for their wonderful support during the application process.

Student Health and Wellbeing

            At the end of last term, we reviewed all our health care information for students.  To ensure we meet our duty of care for our students, it is vitally important that we have accurate and up to date information around health care needs. 

            If you received either a letter or a call from the front office requesting information late last term, and have not returned requested information, please assist us by returning this as soon as possible.  If at any time the health care needs of your child / children change, please let the school know as health care management is an important part of our work.

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 2:

  • P&C AMG – Wednesday 8th May
  • Lead Boldly and Connect:  Leadership Workshop – Saturday 11th May

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 3:

  • NRL Rugby League Clinic - Monday 13th May
  • NAPLAN Assessment:  Tuesday 14th May – Friday 17th May.

Save the Date

  • Athletics Carnival – Wednesday 22nd May (Week 4)
  • Athletics Carnival – Wednesday 29th May (Week 5)


Brett Carr

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School Report

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Term 1 – Done!

            Term 1 is a very busy time each and every year.  I’d like to thank the staff for their ongoing efforts and energy throughout the term to deliver the high-quality service and education we provide.  Thanks must also go out to our parent and community helpers who volunteer their time to value add to the programs and learning that takes place week in, week out, across the school.  The support we receive enriches our learning environment and enhances our school.  Thanks for me.

Student Health and Wellbeing

            To ensure we meet our duty of care for our students, it is vitally important that we have accurate and up to date information around health care needs.  As a priority goal, our front office staff have been reviewing and updating health care information for our students.

            If you receive either a letter or a call from the front office requesting information, please assist us by returning the requested information.  Thanks in advance for helping us with this important part of our work.

Connected Learning

            Our 130 state-of-the-art laptops arrived on Monday, 8th April.  These devices will be imaged and connected to our network in preparation for distribution early Term 2.  This $100k investment in technology will see students across the school having access to updated devices.

In support of our senior students, our Year 11 and 12 students will receive their laptops before the upcoming holiday break to ensure they have access to technology to support their studies across the next two weeks. 

Parents and students are reminded that our laptop program relies on the payment of our laptop levy.  Families from Year 5 through to Year 12 are encouraged to pay their laptop levy if they have not already done so.

Week Fe Young Sullen

In partnership with Jon Evans from Strength4Life, the school is launching the ‘Week Fe Young Sullen’ on Wednesday, 1st May.  We are very excited about launching this focus week for our youth, with cultural activities on Wednesday afternoon, followed by a week of community events coordinated by Strength4Life in support of our ‘young sullen’ Week 1 –Term 2.  This is a great community wellbeing initiative that we are looking forward to being in partnership with, early next term.

Easter Carnival

Our Easter Carnival is on this Friday!  A reminder to students and parents to get your raffle tickets sold and returned to the front office ASAP.  We are looking forward to a great evening to cap off a wonderful term.  Thanks in advance to the community for their ongoing support, making this special event a signature feature that celebrates our school and its place in the community.

Debating Success

            Our Senior Debating Team kicked off their 2019 campaign with a victory over Byron Bay High School.  Our refined team, Ella Langusch, Joni King, Harry Hayes and Cam Rogers, made the most of their strengths to overcome a resistant opponent.  We look forward to more good news in the space of debating in the coming weeks.  Great work team!

Playing The Game

            Saxon Snell and TK Morgan flew out to Australia again last week to continue their journey towards their goal of Rugby League CHS NSW State Representation.  Both young men continued to impress and have progressed further towards securing a position in the NSW Open Boys Rugby League Team.

            This is a massive achievement considering that many of the players they would be up against are known to selectors and are regular team members in various mainland representative sides.  For our lads to be relatively unknown, they have done an amazing job and will be rewarded with yet another trip to Australia to be part of an extended training camp, culminating in the final trial selection game.

            Again, on behalf of the school, I congratulate Saxon and TK on being fantastic representatives for the school on a significantly competitive sporting stage.

Things coming up Term 1 - Week 11:

  • Year 12 Parent Teacher Evening – Tuesday 9th April
  • P&C Meeting – Wednesday 10th April
  • Easter Carnival – Friday 12th April

Things coming up Term 2 - Week 1:

  • School Development Day – Monday 29th April
  • Students return to school – Tuesday 30th April
  • ANZAC Assembly – Tuesday 30th April
  • Week Fe Young Sullen Launch – Wednesday 1st May

Save the Date

  • First Day of Term 2 – Tuesday 30th April
  • Lead Boldly and Connect:  Leadership Workshop – Saturday 11th May


Brett Carr

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Principals Report

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Primary Classroom Visits

            Throughout the week I’ve been team teaching in our Primary classes.  As principal, it is important to see first-hand what is happening in classes to gain a deeper understanding of how I can better support teachers and students to be the best that they can be.  I am so delighted seeing our great teachers in action, and I am looking forward to my remaining visits next week! 

Coming from a secondary background, it has been many years since I’ve taught in a Kindergarten class (yep…I taught a Kindergarten class in England as a casual teacher in 2002).  That being said, Michelle Hayes, I’m humbled by the magic you produce. 

As part of these visits I have also had the privilege of teaching in my own son’s class.  This was a great personal and professional experience (thankfully Joss listened to me in class…) and this made me reflect on the great work and experiences our parent helpers enjoy.  To all our parent helpers, your efforts and assistance are invaluable.  Thanks for us for your partnership in learning and enriching our learning environment for our students.   

Harmony Day

On Thursday, 21st March, we celebrated Harmony Day.  Students participated in activities related to Harmony Day, wore orange items of clothing (for those who had one); and raised money in support.  This was a great initiative, and was a timely reminder to students about the messages of respect, tolerance and inclusivity, which students learned in Week 7 as part of our ‘National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence’.  Thanks to Roz Tierney, Adam Deszecsar, our student leaders and the SRC for making the day a success.  Also, thanks for me to Kindergarten students, Arlo Robinson and Jack McGillycuddy, for making the fashionably orange necklace I wore throughout the day.

Easter Carnival

Easter Carnival is fast approaching.  As always, many hands make light work.  If you can support in any way, and / or you are not on our parent helper list, please contact the school to discuss.  This is a great community event, so thanks in advance to everyone for getting behind our Carnival and supporting the P&C and staff here at NICS.  We are very much looking forward to a great evening coming up.

SRC Induction and Beach Carnival Assemblies

Thank you to all parents and family members who attended our SRC Induction and Beach Carnival Assemblies over the last two weeks.  It is so special seeing the community celebrate our fantastic students with us.

100% Attendance

            We still have over 130 students with 100% attendance for Term 1.  Keep up the great effort team.  It appears that we’ll be making many sausage sandwiches early next term to recognise our students with 100% Attendance in Term 1.  A great result!

Homework Centre – Thursday Afternoons

            Don’t forget that the homework centre is in operation every Thursday afternoon from 3:00pm in the library!  At the homework centre, students can access resources, technology and teacher assistance to support their learning.  No need to book; turn up, and the help is there.

Things coming up Term 1 - Week 9:

  • Regular week – Business as usual.

Things coming up Term 1 - Week 10:

  • Regular week – Business as usual.

Save the Date

  • Easter Carnival – Friday 12th April (Week 11)
  • First Day of Term 2 – Tuesday 30th April


Brett Carr

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School Report 8 March 2019

Friday, March 08, 2019

University of Newcastle – Quality Teaching Partnership

The University of Newcastle is ranked in the Top 100 Universities in the world for Education.  One of the key components to this impressive status is their commitment to research, innovation and focus on the development of teacher quality for enhanced learning.

I’m proud to announce, through self-nomination processes, we have been selected as one of 200 Australian schools to participate in the ‘Building Capacity for Quality Teaching in Australian Schools’ research project.  This study focuses on teachers and teaching through Quality Teaching Rounds.

Quality Teaching Rounds is a research-based approach to teacher professional development that involves teachers working in groups of four or more (known as Professional Learning Communities) to observe and analyse each other’s teaching using a framework called the Quality Teaching Model.

As part of this study, data will be collected at the beginning of the study in reading, science and mathematics.  Data will then be collected at the end of the study to measure student growth.  This is an exciting project for our school.  Our involvement commences in Week 7 with a representative from the University of Newcastle, Brooke Rosser, working with staff all next week.

100% Attendance

Our school has a long and proud history of attendance rates above state average.  This is a great measure of student engagement.  At present we have 156 students with 100% attendance since the beginning of the term.

To improve what we do to recognise student achievement, students with 100% attendance for all of Term 1 will be recognised on the first assembly back in Term 2.  As part of this recognition, the school will also be putting on a sausage sizzle lunch for these students.

While this is only a little gesture, it is important to recognise and celebrate the efforts of our students.  I encourage all students to come to school every day; this is the first and most important ingredient to successful learning!

If your child has been away this term (like my son who has been off sick), don’t stress, we’ll be running this initiative every term for the remainder of the year.  Every student will get four opportunities to have their commitment to attending school recognised, once every term.

Parent Teacher Evening

A reminder to parents and carers of students in Years 7 and 11, we have our Parent Teacher Evening on Tuesday 12th March from 4:30pm.  I encourage all parents, carers and their students to attend this evening.

Strong three-way partnerships between school, the students and home, lay a great foundation for success in learning.  As Year 7 and 11 are key transition times in a student’s learning journey, again, I encourage all to attend.

National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence

            As the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence approaches (Friday 15th March), we have been speaking with students around our school values and our zero tolerance against behaviours that involve bullying or violence.  Throughout Week 7, in the lead up to Friday, students K-12 will undertake activities around the prevention of bullying behaviours.

            While we would love to claim Norfolk Island Central School is an environment free of bullying, we can’t, as we don’t control the behaviours of others.  However, what we can control is our response to these behaviours, and the support we can provide to students who may be the recipient of repeated consciously unkind treatment by their peers.

             Again, we can’t promise everyone at school is going to get on all of the time, but what we can promise is that if unkind behaviours are not reported, then the staff are unable to help.  This is a reminder to all students that all staff are here to support both your learning and your wellbeing.  If you are having issues, please report these to an adult at the school so we can assist.

Arrival Time Primary

            A reminder to parents of Primary Students (K-6) that children are not to be dropped off at school before 8:30am.  We have a teacher actively on duty from 8:30am-9:00am every morning.  Please ensure you allow us to keep your children safe by dropping them off no earlier than 8:30am each day.

Homework Centre – Thursday Afternoons

            We have an after school homework centre in operation every Thursday afternoon from 3:00pm in the library!  At the homework centre students can access resources, technology and teacher assistance to support their learning.  No need to book, turn up, and the help is there!

Things coming up Term 1 - Week 7:

  • SRC Assembly – Tuesday 12th March
  • Year 7 and 11 Parent Teacher Evening – Tuesday 12th March (4:30pm-6:30pm)
  • National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence – Friday 15th March

Things coming up Term 1 - Week 8:

  • Beach Carnival Assembly – Tuesday 19th March
  • Harmony Day – Thursday 21st March

Save the Date

  • Easter Carnival – Friday 12th April (Week 11)


Brett Carr

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