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Putting Norfolk Island on the Map

Friday, August 09, 2019

Last weekend was a hive of activity as locals were entertained by the Melbourne International Comedy Roadshow and Weather presenter James Tobin, known as J.T., from Channel Seven Sunrise Breakfast Show.  It is so fantastic that Norfolk Island has included by these amazing entertainers and putting Norfolk Island on the map for all the viewers to see our beautiful piece of Paradise.

Sunrise is an Australian breakfast television program, broadcast on the Seven Network.  Presenter J.T. and the TV crew have visited Norfolk Island many times in recent years.  Their passion for Norfolk Island was shown as they worked their magic showcasing Norfolk Island on their weekly breakfast show.

During the morning TV film footage, I saw Helen Brackin presentation at the Sirius Museum, one of the Norfolk Museum.  Helen spoke with J.T. and inviting viewers to visit and learn about the Norfolk Island history.  Eric Hutchinson spoke about the Polynesian history and archaeology Emily Bay digs.  Chelsea Evans spoke about the Norfolk Island history and her passion for Norfolk Island. The beautiful Bounti Beauties danced along with showcasing our local foods and plaited hats.

Thank you to the local publicity teams who have supported and assisted with the TV film team and those how promoted and organised the Melbourne International Comedy Roadshow to visit our community.  I have seen photos on social media, and they looked like they all had a great time.  I was not able to make it to the comedy festival night, but I heard that everyone had a fantastic night.

Thanks for everyone who came and helped to promote our little piece of paradise and hopefully we see your lie again soon.

Betty Matthews

August 2019

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Kingston Walkway Upgraded Bridges

Thursday, August 01, 2019

The Norfolk Island tradesmen have been busy at Kingston area during the past month or so.  There has been many tradesmen busy repairing and rebuilding bridges and picnic area tables and fences.

The Kingston wetland area, known as the Serpentine and Kingston Swamp, has many small foot bridges crossing the streams which make pleasant walks around the Kingston historic area.

These bridges are looking smart, the tradesmen have removed the old walkway bridges and replaced them with lovely new wooden bridges.

Also, down at Kingston there are new wooden barrier fences. During the past weeks I have reported on the new safety barrier at Emily Bay and the old Crank mill.   There is also a new small fence by the cattle grid by the old civil hospital.  Many of these fences have been built to protect the historic structures from vehicles and for safety concerns for those using the areas.

Down near the Emily Bay steam the picnic table has been maintained.   It is a popular picnic spot in the summer months, as there is also a public BQQ next to the picnic table.

If you get a chance, head down to Kingston and take a walk around the World Heritage Site.  Take your camera and capture the beautiful landscape and birds that reside in the old Norfolk pine trees and in the wetlands, and enjoy exploring the old convict ruins.

Betty Matthews

August 2019

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March on Sunday

Thursday, August 01, 2019

On Sunday 4th August at 9.00am the Athletes that went to the Pacific Games in Samoa will be marching in uniform with jackets and wearing medals that were won from Rawson Hall to the Bowling Club.

Come down and support the very successful team and great ambassadors for Norfolk Island while in Samoa

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Community presentation on Breast Health

Thursday, August 01, 2019

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Mammogram Screening Clinic

Thursday, August 01, 2019

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The 2019 Samoa Pacific Games are Closed 20 July 2019

Friday, July 26, 2019

All good things must come to an end and last Saturday, 20 July, the 2019 Samoa XVI Pacific Games wonderful closing ceremony held at Apia Park Stadium.  Norfolk Island team members, as one of twenty-four Pacific Nations, joined the thousands of athletes, officials, volunteers and the stunning performers and celebrated and farewelled Samoa at the closing ceremony.

It was exciting to connected to the live streaming on Saturday evening as I prepared to watch the closing ceremony.  I was please to connect to the link just in time to capture a few images of our Norfolk Island team members as they entered the stadium for the evenings event.

Proudly holding the Norfolk Island Flag was Doug Creek, the winner of three bronze medals in pistol shooting.  Congratulations to the shooters, another great games with Doug and Ken being rewarded with Bronze medals.

Norfolk Islander team members attending the closing ceremony were the Netball team, Squash team, shooters and Garry Bigg the silver medal winner from the Men’s Fours Bowls.  They all enjoyed the night of entertainment and honoured to be parted of the Norfolk Island team.

I have found a couple of images of our team on Facebook as well as a few blurry photos I took on my computer while live streaming.

It felt emotional to watch the games closing ceremony.  I was one of the Norfolk Island team members who had attended the amazing opening ceremony.  It would have been great to still be in Samoa for the closing ceremony, but I was one of the Norfolk Island lawn bowls team who returned home to Norfolk Island on Friday 19 July.  Also, members of the Archery team have also departed from Samoa after the first week of competition.

Now that everyone is heading back home to Norfolk Island, the thoughts of the next Pacific Games will be on the mind of many.  The Pacific Games are held every four years and the next host will be the Solomon Islands in 2023.  The games logo is “Challenge, Celebrate and Unite”.  The Pacific Nations were invited to join in 2023 in Solomon Islands for the XVII Pacific Games.

Thank you, Samoa, wonderful host of the XVI Pacific Games.  Congratulations Team Norfolk on a successful 2019 games.

Betty Matthews

July 2019

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Team Norfolk Return Home from Samoa

Friday, July 26, 2019

Last week members of Team Norfolk sports teams and Mal Tarrant, the president of Norfolk Island Amateur Sports, started returning home from Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games.  It was exciting to be part of the Norfolk Island lawn bowls team who flew back to Norfolk Island on the Sydney flight on Friday 19th July.  The flight crew were also excited that were medalist on the flight and congratulated the team as we landed in Norfolk Island.

The welcome home was overwhelming, with family and friends and bowls club members at the airport cheering and clapping our arrival.  This was followed with a fantastic reception at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club on Friday evening.

Thank you to the community and bowling club members from the wonderful evening.  It was fantastic to be back home with everyone, sharing our experiences from the Samoa 2019 Pacific Games.  The medal winners enjoyed showing their shiny medals to everyone and I took many photographs during the night.

Teddy Evans spoke to each of the team members who won medals.  This had been an amazing successful international event.  All the Norfolk Island bowlers played in finals and the teams won two gold and two silver medals and 9 out of 10 bowlers returning with medals.


Petal Jones, Gold Ladies Fours and Gold Ladies’ Pairs

Shae Wilson, Silver Ladies Singles, Gold Ladies’ Pairs

Ann Snell, Gold Ladies’ Fours

Tess Evans, Gold Ladies’ Fours

Tracey Wora, Gold Ladies’ Fours

Garry Ryan, Silver Men’s Fours

Garry Bigg, Silver Men’s Fours

Stephen Matthews, Silver Men’s Fours

Trev Grow, Silver Men’s Fours

Phil Jones played in the finals of the Men’s Singles

Also added to the excitement of Team Norfolk was the great sportsmanship of all our representatives and the shooters were rewarded with three Bronze medals.  Congratulations Doug and Kev with your amazing achievement in the Pistol shooting competitions and Doug Creek was also the Norfolk Island Flag Bearer at the closing ceremony.

The Team Norfolk members have also continued returning to Norfolk Island during the last few days.  Everyone will feel excited to be back home and to share their stories of Samoa.  Also returning this week was Sheryl Yelavich, our Chef de Mission during the Pacific Games.  Thank you, Sheryl, for taking care of everyone in Samoa.

Thank you to the Norfolk Island Bowls Club, manager Tim Sheridan and kitchen and bar staff for our welcome home celebration.  Thank you to Norfolk Island Amateur Sports and everyone for supporting the teams and assisting in making it possible for the Norfolk Island teams attend the Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games.

Betty Matthews

July 2019

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Norfolk Island Flora & Fauna Society National Tree Day 2019

Friday, July 26, 2019

This weekend we celebrate National Tree Day, cofounded in 1996 by Planet Ark and Olivia Newton-John as an initiative to help combat deforestation and the loss of natural habitats for local native wildlife and flora.

The day is essentially a call to action for all of us to get our hands dirty and do something to support our native species. Over the last 23 years, Norfolk Islanders have participated by planting in coastal reserves and the National Park, counted among the 300,000 people here and across Australia, volunteering their time to engage in environmental activities together, sharing knowledge and information which help to create a better understanding us. While Planet Ark promotes every day as ‘Tree Day’, the day is officially celebrated on two dedicated days – Schools Tree Day and National Tree Day fall on the last Friday and last Sunday in July. This year, Schools Tree Day is Friday 26th July and National Tree Day is Sunday 28th July.

There are not many native trees available for a planting yet, as stocks are just getting growing at the Parks’ native plant nursery. Instead of supporting a planting this year, the Norfolk Island Flora & Fauna Society is proud to announce the imminent unveiling of the Norfolk Island Significant Tree Register as the first part of our new website. This initiative is the culmination of years of data gathering and observations, and aims to protect significant trees around Norfolk Island as an ongoing project. It will also be a record of lost trees, which had iconic status for their age, beauty, position or stories around them. The trees that will be entered on the Register initially meet at least one of nine significance criteria:

a.            it is important in demonstrating the evolution or pattern of Norfolk Island’s history

b.            it demonstrates rare, uncommon or endangered aspects of Norfolk Island’s cultural heritage

c.             it has potential to yield information that will contribute to the knowledge and understanding of Norfolk Island’s history

d.            it is important in demonstrating the principal characteristics of a particular class or classes of cultural places

e.            it is important because of its aesthetic significance

f.             it is important in demonstrating a high degree of creative or technological achievement at a particular period

g.            it has a strong or special association with the life or work of a particular community or cultural group for social, cultural or spiritual reasons

h.            it has a special association with the life or work of a particular person, group or organisation of importance in Norfolk Island’s history.

i.          Lost Iconic trees

As this is intended to be an ongoing project, we encourage residents to nominate trees which they feel meet one or more of the above criteria. Trees can be nominated for addition to the register by emailing a photograph and the reason you think it should be added, to the Society via President Margaret Christian ( or Helen Brackin (, or by post at PO Box 702.  

A number of already nominated trees are yet to be added, so please be patient as we work through the list, or nominate them again if you like.

The Society meets at 6.00pm on the first Monday of each month at the A&H Hall, behind Rawson Hall, Taylors Road. Visitors and new members are always welcome.

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Norfolk Island tracking Station

Friday, July 19, 2019

Norfolk Island (off the coast of NSW): Opened in 1969, this radio receiving station is manned by the US Air Force. Used to study 'ionspheric propagation in relation to long range radio paths' it is couched in such general terms it could be used for anything. 

It was constructed by private US contractors. The suitability of the site may lie in the fact that after World War II, a large buried copper radial aerial was left on the island. It is speculated that it monitors Chinese and Russian radio signals, and also acts as a relay station for US Navy ships in the area. 

The type of ionspheric research it is reputed to be doing was quite popular in the 1930's but is now considered to be old hat.

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Friday, July 19, 2019

With the SP Games well underway in Samoa, mention needs to be given to the OCEANIA ATHLETICS CHAMPIONSHIPS recently held in Townsville and particularly the performances of the two young Norfolk Island athletes who met the qualifying standards and travelled to compete at these Championships - TK Morgan and Nathaniel Kalsrap.

This Oceania Athletics Championship was the largest athletics competition held in the region this year with over 720 athletes from every Federation from Oceania competing. Some athletes hoping to gain qualification for the World Championships in Doha later this year, and some athletes just hoping to perform a PB and do their countries proud!...and that’s exactly what our two athletes did!

With an impressive list of current World and Olympic representatives spread amongst the large fields in both the track and field events, the competition was excellent and a real thrill for our two young athletes to compete at a competition of this standard, amongst athletes of this calibre.

This competition hosted Under 18 and Under 20 age grouped events in both track and field, which was more suited to our young qualifiers (TK 18yrs and Nathaniel 15ys) than the ‘open age group only’ competition offered at the South Pacific Games. As a result, Athletics Norfolk Island chose this competition over the SPG for these young athletes to cut their teeth at international competition.  

TK competed first in the U20’s 100m sprint clocking a time of 12:20sec. TK started well and ran a solid race but relaxed through the finish, resulting in the 12:20 recorded time. His race better than the 12:20 time suggests.

Nathaniel raced next in U18’s 100m with a blistering time of 11:84, narrowly missing the final by .30sec. For a 15yr old, this time shows potential.  

TK then moved to the field events, sending the 800g Javelin 43.94m to record a PB on the 3rd throw of his series. Again, showing great potential as an 18yr old throwing an 800gram implement.

A good effort for his first international competition on a synthetic surface.

Nathaniel was back on the track next for the U18 200m with a strong swinging cross wind, however only recording a head wind of -0.6 at the time his heat. Nathaniel clocked a reasonable 24.18sec needing 23.68 to qualify for the final.

With the performances exhibited by these two young athletes, they’ve both shown real potential for quality future performances with the aide of some good coaching.

Be proud of these two young kids Norfolk. They did Norfolk proud both on and off the track.

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