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This week we see the start of our Junior Season, we will be kicking off with an Opening Day Round Robin. All players registered for this season are required to be at the courts 15 mins before the game time so we can place you into your teams.

Just to refresh here are our grades and start times:

Nettas (Kinder – Year 2) – 9am

Grade 3 (Years 3 & 4) – 10am

Grade 2 (Years 5 & 6) – 11am

Grade 1 (Secondary) – 12pm

Friendly reminder that subs are due by the 26th of May – “No Pay No Play”

Nettas $40

Grades 3-1 $60

Seniors $80

Senior Draw


Willies vs Baunti Mutineers

Umpires: Flames & 4th Team

Scorers: 4th Team


Flames vs 4th Team

Umpires: Willies & Baunti

Clean up: Flames

Rule of the week:

Playing the Ball –

  1. A player who has possession of the ball may throw or bounce it in any direction to another player with one or both hands. The player with the ball:
    1. May not throw it deliberately at another player
    2. May not roll it to another player
    3. Must release the ball within 3 seconds
    4.  After releasing the ball, may not replay the ball until it has been touched by another player or it rebounds from the goal post
    5. Without having possession of the ball a player may:
      1. Bat or bounce the ball to ANOTHER player but may not bat it deliberately at another player
      2. Tip the ball in an uncontrolled manner once or more than once, then either catch the ball or bat or bounce it to another player
      3. Bat the ball once before either catching the ball or battling or bouncing it to another player
      4. Bounce the ball once before either catching the ball or batting or bouncing to another player.

Note: Any deliberate guidance or control of the ball by one player is considered a replay ball.

Monday Night Mixed Comp – 7th May

Our 4 week Monday night mixed competition is starting this week, we will be having registration from 5pm and games starting at 5:30pm. If you would like a rego form before Monday please give Toot a call on 51588.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Netball Draw Saturday 28th April

Can all players please be at the courts at least 15 mins before your games start time.


Flames vs. Willies

Scorers: Bounty Mutineers

Umpires: Bounty Mutineers & 4th Team


Bounty Mutineers vs. 4th Team

Scorers: Flames

Umpires: Flames & Willies

Clean up: 4th Team

Please 'contact us' for more information.

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