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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Friday, July 05, 2019


The Norfolk Island Bowls team departed on Tuesday, 2nd July alongside teams from Norfolk Island representing in Squash, Netball, Clay Target & Pistol Shooting, Archery & Golf, for Samoa to participate in the South Pacific Games during the period 7-20 July 2019. Bowling Club participants are Shae Wilson, Petal Jones, Ann Snell, Tess Evans & Tracey Wora, together with Phil Jones, Gary Ryan, Gary Bigg, Trev Gow & Stephen Mathews, with team management Betty Mathews, Betty Wora & Elizabeth (Betty) Hertwick. Flag bearer for the Opening Ceremony is squash player Eamonn Kennerley, what an honour. The Club members wish them good luck and fond memories for these games, with results in next weeks report.

On the home front the social games have continued, as competition has ceased whilst our representative teams are off Island. Saturday games results were; Graeme Woolley & Wes Cooper defeated Trev Gow & Jan Williams 21-10, Tim Sheridan & Brent Johnstone defeated Culla Graham & Malcolm Dowling 24-16, Dave Smith & Barry Jones defeated Mick Godfrey & John Kane 26-19 and  Ann Snell, Tess Evans & Tracey Wora defeated Gary Bigg, Stephen Mathews & Jett Pettit 19-16. The winners of the dead chooks this week were Graeme & Wes.

On Wednesday, with the weather not looking very good at all with light drizzle and fog throughout the morning but 4 brave souls endured the weather to play one game, John Groat & Brent Johnstone defeated Haydn Evans & Kevin (visitor) 27-9, and enjoyed a few beers after.

Members of the Club are notified (see separate ad in Paper) that the Clubs AGM has been set down for Sunday 4th August at 10am in the Club-rooms.  Nominations are open for all positions within the Management & General Committee, with nominations forms available on the Club Notice-board.

During these cooler months of July & August, don’t forget that the Club has a terrific Bistro open 7 days for both lunch and dinner, with a warm cosy fire-place in the evenings.

Nominations lists are also on the Club’s Notice-board for the next Club Championships, the Men’s & Ladies Triples plus the Open Pairs, these list close in late July.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Back on the Club scene and with players away, the Club Championships are on hold for a period but social bowls were played last Saturday with the results thus: Graham Woolley & John Kane defeating Jeff Pledger & Jett Pettit 19-11, John Groat & Mark Carroll defeating Tim Sheridan & Jed (visitor) 16-15, Phil Jones & Esther Trickey defeating Norm Trickey & Margaret Jackson 26-11, and Stephen Mathews & Tess Evans defeating Trev Gow & Kitha Bailey 35-9. The winners on the day were Stephen & Tess on a count back over Phil & Esther, dead chooks all round.

On Wednesday, the delayed final game in the ladies fours was played with the team skipped by Ann Snell, Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora defeating Annie Pledger, Kate Smith, Maycee Deszecsar & Jan Williams 23-15. As the Championship was played over a round-robin basis, the final standings were: Winners only by margin was Petal Jones, Ester Sanchez, Shae Wilson & Vivian Bigg with 2 wins +25, 2nd were Annie Pledger, Kate Smith, Maycee Deszecsar & Jan Williams with 2 wins + 7 (points for and against 63-56), 3rd were Ann Snell, Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora with 2 wins + 7 (points for and against 60-53), and 4th were Kitha Bailey, Irene Buffett, Ellie Dixon & Esther Trickey with 0 wins -39. Congratulations to the ladies on a very close competition.

Social bowls were also played on Wednesday with the results being: John Groat, Brent Johnstone & Kitha Bailey defeating Culla Graham, Barry Jones & Coralie (visitor) 28-12; and Mick Godfrey, Graeme Woolley, Norm Trickey & Ester Trickey (swinger) defeating Neil McWaters, Stephen Mathews, Trev Gow & Ester Trickey (swinger) 20-11.

The Club also enjoyed a very social day’s play on the Queens Birthday holiday on Monday with many players enjoying the Club’s greens and great hospitality in the Club.

Social bowls will be played on Saturday and Wednesday commencing at 1pm.

The Club is starting to look great with the additional pavers being laid by Deane and with the warm fire-place alight each evening, the restaurant is very cosy and the meals terrific. Don’t forget that the Bistro is open 7 days per week for both lunch and dinner.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Friday, June 07, 2019

It’s time to get in the saddle again and write the bowls report for the week, apologies for no report last week, but Ballzup had the week off visiting his new born Grand-daughter in Rockhampton, plus a well earned break after the two weeks of Bounty Bowls.

During my absence the Club has been very busy with it’s Club Championships with the 3rd round of the men’s fours played with the results being: Phil Jones, Dave Smith, Stephen Mathews & Brent Johnstone defeated Ryan Dixon, Matt Bigg, John Groat & Haydn Evans 27-17, and Martin Rogers, Barry Wilson, Trev Gow & Rob Dixon defeated Mick Godfrey, Wes Cooper, Barry Jones & Gary Bigg 17-16; in the 4th round the team of Phil Jones defeated Mick Godfrey 27-22, and Pete Walkinshaw, Spider Webb, Jeff Pledger & Mark Carroll defeated the team of Martin Rogers 23-15. The final results of the Club Fours Championship were: Phil Jones (team) 3 wins +20, Mick Godfrey (team) 2 wins +5, Pete Walkinshaw (team) 2 wins + 3, Ryan Dixon (team) 2 wins -6, and Martin Rogers (team) 1 win -22. Congratulations to Phil’s team on the win for 2019 and a great concept in having a round-robin with only 5 teams entered.

The Ladies Fours also completed their 2nd round with the results being: Annie Pledger, Kate Smith, Maycee Deszecsar, Jan Williams defeated Petal Jones, Essie Sanchez, Shae Wilson & Vivian Bigg 26-14,and Ann Snell, Tess Evans, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora defeated Kitha Bailey, Joy Bishop, Ellie Dixon & Esther Trickey 34-9. The 3rd and final round will be played next Wednesday.

The Mixed Pairs Championship was also played over the last two Sundays with the results being: Phil & Petal Jones defeated Culla Graham & Vivian Bigg 23-10; Ester Sanchez & Barry Wilson defeated Ryan & Ellie Dixon 24-7; Shae Wilson & Moochie Christian defeated John Groat & Tess Evans 24-18; Mick Godfrey & Ann Snell defeated Stephen Mathews & Maycee Deszecsar 25-10. In the quarter-finals the results were: Phil & Petal Jones defeated Jeff & Annie Pledger 29-11; Ester Sanchez & Barry Wilson defeated Trev Gow & Tracey Wora 20-18; Shae Wilson & Moochie Christian defeated Gary Bigg & Kitha Bailey 22-18; and Stephen Mathews & Maycee Deszecsar defeated Brent Johnstone & Debby Adams 25-12. The semi-finals are to be played on Sunday.

Social games played over the past couple of weeks were very entertaining with results thus: (18th) Norm Trickey, Kitha Bailey & Brian (visitor) defeated Ann Snell, Debbie Adams & Tony Scicluna 18-14; Pete Walkinshaw, Mark Carroll & Bob (visitor) defeated Culla Graham, Mark Carroll & Gro (visitor) 24-13. (22nd) Ann Snell & Tess Evans defeated Vivian Bigg & Culla Graham 18-16; Graeme Woolley & Marg Buffett defeated Neil McWaters & Esther Trickey 20-14; Barry Jones & Kitha Bailey defeated Brent Johnstone & Debbie Adams 18-15; Graham Fairbrother (visitor) & Mark Laines (visitor) defeated Norm Trickey & Taina (visitor) 18-11; (25th) John Groat, Mark Laines (visitor) & Rob Ware (visitor) defeated Norm Trickey, Graham Fairbrother (visitor) & Joan Ware (visitor) 16-14; Petal Jones & Shae Wilson defeated Haydn Evans & Tracey Wora 17-14; (29th) Haydn Evans, Barry Jones & Lawrence Archer (visitor) defeated Mick Godfrey, Norm Trickey & Gail Archer (visitor) 26-10; Graeme Woolley, Mark Carroll & David Grover (visitor) defeated Brent Johnstone, Mark (visitor) & Debbie Adams 19-13.

Social bowls will be played on Saturday 1st June with visitors welcome to play, with games commencing at 1pm.

The Club is looking forward to a slower winter period with the August NIO Triples to commence on the 18th August and the Club’s Representative teams training hard for the Asia Pacific Championships to be played on the Gold Coast in the last two weeks of June, and then the South Pacific Games to be played in Samoa in early July. A busy period for the Club’s bowlers.

The Club’s Wora Bistro is open 7 days for lunch (10am-2pm) and dinner from 5:30-8pm. Check out the daily specials and group bookings easily catered for.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bronze for Norfolk Juniors

Thursday, June 06, 2019

The bowlers at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club never cease to amaze oneself, and this time it is two of the Junior girls who are putting Norfolk Island on the bowling map by winning Bronze in the pairs at the CHS (Combined High Schools) championships at Warilla during the week.

Two of the girl Juniors, Maycee Deszecsar and Tracey Wora, who have been playing bowls just for a couple of years now, have done themselves proud by not only participating in the CHS Championships during the past week but in the pairs championship the girls won the Bronze medal.  This is the first time that bowlers from Norfolk Island have participated in the CHS Championships (and apparently not the last) and for them to come away with a medal is an outstanding effort and a credit to the hard work on the greens that these two girls have achieved.  At the time of going to press, I have just heard that in the Singles Championships, Maycee Deszecsar has qualified for the semi-finals in what is another great achievement for her. Full results will have to wait until next week unfortunately.

There were also bowls played at the Bowling Club this week but with the two juniors away, no competition bowls was played. The results of the social bowls played last Wednesday were: Mick Godfrey, Brent Johnstone & John Kane defeated Trev Gow, Gary Bigg & Jett 18-6; Tess Evans & Margaret Buffett defeated Ann Snell & Jan Williams 21-14; and John Groat, Mark (visitor) & Mark Carroll defeated Culla Graham, Stephen Mathews & Norm Trickey 19-16. In the Saturday last games, the results were: ester Sanchez & Vivian Bigg defeated Petal Jones & Shae Wilson 14-7; Haydn Evans, Tess Evans & David G (visitor) defeated Alan Leyson (visitor), Ann Snell & Gail Archer 14-10; and Stephen Mathews & Barry Jones defeated Brent Johnstone & Lawrence Archer (visitor) 19-15.

Bowls this Saturday will be a farewell BBQ Bowls afternoon for the Asia Pacific Games teams, who will be departing Norfolk for the Gold Coast (lucky buggers) next Saturday 15th June, with the South Pacific Games team departing for Samoa on the 2nd July. A good roll up of Members is requested.

The Wora Bowls Bistro continues to put terrific food on the plates of visitors, members and guests every evening of the week from 5:30pm, and great tasting lunches from 10am-2pm daily.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Friday, April 05, 2019

With finals played last week, the Bowling Club is a hive of activity with new Club Championships about to be played. Last Saturday, a day of social bowls was played with 16 members in attendance along with two visitors. The results of these social games were; Phil Jones, Petal Jones & Mark Carroll defeated Ester Sanchez, Barry Wilson & Vivian Bigg 25-16; Haydn Evans, Wes Cooper & Kitha Bailey defeated Ryan Dixon, Kate Smith & John Kane 16-10; and John Groat, Tess Evans & Kevin Minoque (visitor) defeated Trev Gow, Ann Snell & Trevor McArdle (visitor) 26-9.

On Sunday, the rained out games from the previous Sunday were completed with the final results raising a few eyebrows, as two of the games were in anybodies eyes a fair flogging, but I’m sure those players will be starters in the next competition. The results of the first round were; John Groat, Stephen Mathews & Tess Evans defeated Dave Smith, Moochie Christian & Kate Smith 23-3; Petal Jones, Phil Jones (sub for John Nagy) & Maycee Deszecsar defeated Annie Pledger, Jeff Pledger & Mark Carroll 26-6; and Pete Walkinshaw, Mick Godfrey & Liz Walkinshaw defeated Barry Jones, Marg O’Brien (sub for Graeme Woolley) & Leslie Buffett 21-16. It was unfortunate that during the week delay of these games, both John Nagy, who fell of a  ladder, and Graeme Woolley, who had a minor turn, were needed to be medivac’d off Island for treatment. The President and Members wish both these members a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing them both on the green again in the future.

The next round of the Mixed Triples will be played on Sunday 7th April.

On Wednesday, the ladies commenced their Minor Singles Championship with 3 games played with the results being; Ester Sanchez defeating Kitha Bailey 25-7; Petal Jones defeating Ann Snell 25-18; and Tracey Wora defeating Liz Walkinshaw 25-8. The next round of these singles games will be Wednesday 10th April.

Only two social games were played with the results being Stephen Mathews & Lesley Buffett defeating Barry Jones & Ellie Dixon 16-11; and Culla Graham & Irene Buffett defeating Trev Gow & Mark Carroll 17-16.

With only just over 4 weeks until the Bounty Tournament commences on the 5th May, 32 teams have entered so far, with entries closing on the 5th April. This promises to be another huge week for the Bowling Club as long as the ship arrives and unloads the food and beer that the Island so desperately needs. It’s sad seeing the boys having to drink coffee on the Table of Knowledge in the afternoons.

Come on down to the Bowling Club and check out the great renovations that are just being completed, freshly painted and a terrific area to dine outside under the stars. The Club and Bistro is open 7 days from 11am, with lunch until 2pm and dinner from 5:30pm – 8pm.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls News

Friday, March 29, 2019

Social bowls were also played last Saturday with the results being: Dave Smith, Moochie Christian & Kate Smith defeated Tess Evans, Kitha Bailey & John Kane  26-13; Haydn Evans & Owen (visitor) defeated Ann Snell & Malcolm Dowling 19-15; Mark Carroll & Irene Buffett defeated John Groat & Bob (visitor) 17-12; and with Culla pulling a hammy with his first bowl and having to withdraw, it meant the Wes had to accompany him to the bar for recovery and Shirley (visitor) and Max Dowling were left to play a game of singles for fun. Let’s hope Elton has a quick recovery, dar coconut pie was sweet.

On Wednesday, social bowls was also played alongside the final of the Men’s Minor Singles, with the results being: Ester Sanchez, Kate Smith & Kitha Bailey defeating Ann Snell, Tess Evans & Tracey Wora 25-13; Ryan Dixon & Irene Buffett defeated Dave Smith & Greg (visitor) 19-9; and Trev Gow, Vivian Bigg & Mark Carroll defeated Culla Graham (hammy still stiff or something like that), Haydn Evans & Stephen Mathews 24-10.

Today, Saturday, social bowls will be played and all members are encouraged to attend. On Sunday the rained out round of the past Sunday’s Mixed Triples will be played at 2pm.

The list for the Bounty Bowls is still on the Club Notice-board and will close on April 5th, so get your teams in. The draw for the Ladies Minor Singles is on the Club notice-board with play next Wednesday, players are asked to find their own markers.

If you haven’t been down to the Club for a while, the whole front of the Club has been given a facelift, with painting yet to be done, with thanks to Jay Sanders and his gang of tradies, Shorty and his boys and Andrew with his workers, all doing a fantastic job to get the work done in the shortest time possible. Come on down and check out the new additions, great lighted outside area, undercover from any moisture being a great place to eat and drink.

Don’t forget that the Club’s Bistro is open for Smoko, Lunch (11-2pm) and Dinner from 5:30 – 8pm. Great menu with local produce and the coldest beers on Island.

See you all on the greens soon.

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Bowls report by Ballzup.

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Another terrific week for the Norfolk Island Bowling Club with the continuation of their Club Championships as well as players representing the Club overseas in Australia, but first to local news and bowls played last Saturday were social with the results being: Stephen Mathews & Alan Correll (visitor) defeated Moochie Christian & Jan Williams 19-16; Trev Gow & Colin Ulrick (visitor) defeated Culla Graham & John Kane 19-15; Mick Godfrey & Kitha Bailey drew with Pete Walkinshaw & Vivian Bigg 21-21 all; and Dave Smith & Ann Snell defeated Graeme Woolley & Kate Smith 22-11. 

On Wednesday the ladies semi-finals of the Billy Bright Singles were played and the two results were: the first game between Kitha Bailey and Irene Buffett was an excellent game with Kitha getting away to an early lead 5-0, and then 18-11 but to Irene’s credit she perservied and got back to 20-20 and never looked back and ended up with a final score of 25-20. In the other game between to of the Club’s junior players Tracey Wora & Maycee Deszecsar, the game was also an excellent game, with Maycee taking the early lead 5-1, and then 11-8 but Tracey stuck to her guns and drew level at 13-13 all after 17 ends.  Maycee seemed to loose her weight and with Tracey drawing well to the kitty managed to score 9 shots over the next 3 ends to take the lead 22-15, Maycee attempted to fight back and scored a few shots to only trail by 4, at 22-18 but Tracey had the sniff of a win and took the next 3 shots to gain an entry to the final by winning 25-18. Next Wednesday will be the final between two ladies who have never played in a singles final prior to this. Social bowls were also played with the results being: Culla Graham, Haydn Evans & Brent Johnstone defeating Kate Smith, Ann Snell & Tess Evans 21-10; Graeme Woolley, Norm Trickey & Simon Taylor (visitor) drew with Neil McWaters, Stephen Mathews & Barry Jones 16-16 all; and Mick Godfrey & Tony (visitor) defeated Ester Sanchez & Kim (visitor) 18-14.

As mentioned the Club had players over in Australia and firstly the Quadrangular was played at Terrigal between players from Lord Howe Island, ACT, and the Royal NSW, with the lads competing very well and after 3 days of competition came out 2nd to NSW with the final results being; ACT – 8 points -72, Lord Howe Island 10 points +21; Norfolk Island 12 points -27; and winners NSW 16 points +78. Congratulations to the winners NSW.

Whilst these games were being played, the Club’s representative players Shae Wilson & Ryan Dixon were competing in the World Cup at Warilla against players from all around the world and both these players played well but in a competition with world class players found the going a little tough with Shae winning only 2 games from 9 to finish 9th in her Section, and Ryan winning 4 games to finish a memorable 8th out of 12 players in his Section. Full results were: Shae – Loss NZ 5-11, 9-5, 1-4; Win Hong Kong China 9-6, 2-11, 5-3; Win Israel 10-7, 9-5; Loss Japan 4-8, 7-8; Loss Switzerland 4-11. 12-8, 2-4; Loss Guernsey 1-13, 6-10; Loss South Africa 6-9, 3-12; Loss Philippines 3-9, 10-7, 0-5 and Loss USA 4-10, 10-8, 0-3.

Ryan – Loss NZ 9-5, 4-15, 1-2; Loss Canada 9-10, 6-15, Win Switzerland 6-8, 10-5, 3-2; Loss Ireland 5-12, 6-8; Win Spain 12-3, 11-7, Loss Hong Kong China 5-7, 6-12; Loss Australia 10-7, 5-8, 0-5; Win Turkey 8-5, 11-6; Loss Thailand 6-9, 10-8,2-4; Loss Malaysia 7-10, 2-13; and Win Singapore 12-4, 8-10, 1-2.

The results indicate that both players managed to take sets of the other players but found it difficult to win the tie-break games with Shae only winning 1 from 5 tie-break games, and Ryan winning 2 from 5 tie-break games.

Overall winners of the World Cup were for the ladies, New Zealand defeated Guernsey 8-5, 10-5, and in the men’s it was Ireland defeating Malta 11-4, 9-3.

Back to the Club competitions and the Mixed Triples list close on the 17th Mar with play on the 24th, the ladies Yager Minor Singles list closes on the 27th Mar with play on the 3rd Apr, and the list for the Open Bounty Tournament is on the Club board and this list will close on the 5th April with payment due thereafter.

On Saturday 16th Mar the first round of the men’s Minor Singles will take place and with 7 games to be played, it will be unfortunate but no social bowls will be able to take place as there will be no rinks available.

Don’t forget that the Club’s Bistro is now open from 9:30am for smoko and lunch until 2pm, with evening meals open from 5:30pm. Espresso coffee to go with your tucker.

Mind the renovations whilst visiting the Club and these should be completed within the week.

See you all on the greens soon.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bowls News

Thursday, March 07, 2019

The first Men’s Club Championship for the year has been run & won last Saturday, with Ryan Dixon & Haydn (Teddy) Evans prevailing to claim the silverware.  Ryan & Teddy were up against the greenkeeper, Geoff Pledger & up and coming player Brent Johnstone and the game showed why these teams had beaten all teams before them to make the final.  In a slow start to the game Geoff &  Brent were looking down the barrel of a hiding by being 10-0 down after a third (6 ends) of the game, with Ryan & Teddy on song and playing beautifully to pick up multiple shots on 3 of these ends.  

Geoff & Brent over the next few ends then picked up 8 shots but still the lead was fairly large at 14-8 after 11 ends and then with only 5 ends to play they led 17-8 and the game looked to be in the bag for Ryan & Teddy. Geoff & Brent then attempted a come back by winning 4 out of these 5 final ends but the lead was to large but they managed to claw back the margin to 4 shots after the final end was played.  Well done to Ryan & Teddy on a great display of positional bowls to win the Championship 18-14. Social bowls were also played this day with the results being: Culla Graham, Malcolm Dowling & John Kane drawing 15-15 all with Stephen Mathews, Wes Cooper & Max Dowling; Trev Gow & Kitha Bailey defeated Ann Snell & Vivian Bigg 21-11; and Martin Rogers & John Wilkes defeated Phil Jones & Mark Carroll 21-12. On Wednesday last, the Ladies played their first round of the Billy Bright Singles (for leads and seconds) with only 3 games played.  Irene Buffett defeated Leslie Buffett 25-1; Maycee Deszecsar defeated Liz Walkinshaw 25-7; and in the match of the round, two young juniors in Ellie Ryan & Tracey Wora faced each other on the green and gave a treat to the spectators by taking 32 ends to complete the game, with neither of the girls willing to concede at any stage throughout the game.  Both girls got away to a good start and Tracey got the early jump to lead 12-5 after 13 ends, but then Ellie’s game came together and after 19 ends the scores were locked together at 13-13 all. Ellie then proceeded to go on with her scoring and led Tracey after 26 ends 21-17, but Tracey to her credit displayed her excellent drawing skills to pick up 6 shots in three ends to lead 23-21.  At this time and with Tracey drawing well, Ellie then took after her father and displayed excellent driving skills by killing a vital end and then picked up 2 shots in the replay end, with the score at 24-23 to Tracey. In what was the final end, Tracey prevailed to score 1 shot and bank a very good win 25-23. All girls (juniors in particular) should be very proud in the way that they played their first major singles tournament and the gamesmanship that they all displayed. Well done girls.

Social games were also played with the results being: Mick Godfrey & John Kane defeated Culla Graham & Norm Trickey 17-11; Martin Rogers, Ester Sanchez & Barry Jones defeated Barry Wilson, Ann Snell & John Wilkes 14-13; and Trev Gow, Vivian Bigg, Esther Trickey defeated Petal Jones, Kitha Bailey & Esther Trickey (lead for both teams) 23-8.

There are lists on the Club Notice-board for the Men’s Minor Singles, Mixed Triples & ladies Minor Singles, all these close very soon, so place names on the lists provided.

Currently the Club has players in Australia playing in the Quadrangular series against Lord Howe Island, the ACT and the Royal NSW. After the first two days of play the lads had had two wins against LHI and one win over NSW and unfortunately will not be in the running on the final day (Thursday) to win the cherries. More on these scores next week.

Also, Ryan Dixon & Shae Wilson are competing at the World Cup (indoor singles) in Warilla this and next week and after the first two days of play their results are: Ryan – Loss New Zealand 9-5, 4-15, 1-2; Loss Canada 9-10, 6-15; Win Switzerland 6-8, 10-5, 3-2; Loss Ireland 5-12, 6-8; Win Spain 12-3, 11-7; and Loss Hong Kong China 5-7, 6-12 to be 9th in his section of 12 players. Shae’s results to date were – Loss to New Zealand 5-11, 9-5, 1-4; Win Hong Kong China 9-6, 2-11, 5-3; Win Israel 10-7, 9-5 to be 4th in her section of 10 players. The final results will be in next weeks report.

The next round of the Billy Bright Singles will be played next Wednesday with two great games on show.

Don’t forget that the Club’s bistro is open 7 days for both lunch and dinner, with coffee now being served along with a display of goodies to go with them, apart from the usual excellent food.

As can be seen the boys are busy at work at the front of the club and covering in the walkway, which will be an excellent addition to the club, esp. in rainy weather or bright sunshine.

See you all on the greens soon.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bowls News

Friday, March 01, 2019

Mathews & Nagy Win SP Pairs Tournament.

After a week of tournament bowls in the Meg Wills sponsored Kev Wills Memorial South Pacific Pairs Tournament, played in rain, fog, mud and sunshine, the compatible pairing of Stephen Mathews & John Nagy surprised the 40 teams entered by winning the Tournament and by doing so defeated many of the favourites to win the title.  After the 4 days of qualifying rounds, 8 teams qualified for the quarter-finals, as reported last week, and this meant that on Friday last, four teams squared off in the semi-finals for the chance to play in the final that afternoon.  In the first semi-final the pairing of Dave Smith & Mick Godfrey was up against Moochie Christian & Kate Smith (with no favours given between Dave and his wife Kate), and in a game that was dominated by Moochie & Kate from the first few ends, they ran away for a comfortable win 21-8 after only 15 ends of 21. In the other semi-final between the tournament favourites Ryan Dixon & Haydn Evans and that of Stephen Mathews & John Nagy, it appeared that Stephen and John had not read the script and after 5 ends were leading 9-0, not to be disgraced Ryan & Haydn stuck to their game-plan and eventually got back into the game. With the scores locked together after 18 ends at 15-15 all, Ryan then took the lead to be 2 shots in front with the final end yet to be played. Ryan seemed to have the game in the bag with only one bowl left from Stephen, who was facing a head with a bowl some 12 inches directly in front and played the shot of the tournament to play around this bowl and trail the jack back to his other bowl to square the game after the regulation 21 ends 17-17, this meant that an extra end needed to be played with John drawing beautifully to the jack and Stephen playing the position bowls required to win the game 19-17.

This then led into the final game of the tournament between the two teams of Moochie & Stephen and again Stephen & John got away to a small lead in the early ends and managed to hold this lead throughout the match. Moochie & Kate attempted to haul in Stephen & John but the deft drawing of John to the jack meant that they were under the pump throughout the game and in a very entertaining game Stephen & John held on to record a terrific win 17-14. A great win for Stephen and John and a crowd pleaser in the Club.

Many thanks go to Meg Wills and Pete from Foodland’s for the support throughout the week and we all hope that the visiting teams enjoyed their week of bowls and return to Norfolk someday.

In the social games played during the week the results from last Saturday were: Haydn Evans & Kitha Bailey defeated Bulla & Mark Carroll 25-17; and Trev & Ryan defeated Rob & Brent 31-15. On Wednesday last, Mick Godfrey, Stephen Mathews & Tess Evans defeated Ester Sanchez, Ann Snell & Kitha Bailey 17-11; and Petal Jones, Haydn Evans & Brent Johnstone defeated Culla Graham, Kate Smith & Vivian Bigg 18-11.

This weekend on Saturday the final of the Men’s Pairs Championship will be played at 2pm, with social bowls also being played.

On Sunday the Club farewells Ryan Dixon and Shae Wilson (who is already in Australia) who are attending the World Cup in Warilla commencing on the 5th March, and also the Club has a squad of players travelling to Terrigal to play in the Quadrangular Series against Lord Howe Island, the ACT and the Royal NSW over the next week.  We look forward to great results over the week.

As mentioned, social bowls will be played today and the lists for the next couple of championships are on the Club notice-board to place your names.

Come on down to the Bowlo and have a roll or enjoy the great Bistro…now serving coffee, open for both lunch and dinner.

See you all on the greens soon.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Friday, February 22, 2019

What a week at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club with the running of the Meg Wills sponsored Kev Wills Memorial South Pacific 3 bowl Triples Tournament. With 40 teams facing the starter, including 22 teams from both Australia and New Zealand, the teams took to the greens on Monday morning at 9am for the first round in conditions that were not very pleasant to say the least. Norfolk Island had over the past 13 weeks only recorded some 10mm of rain but this is what faced the players on Monday morning, a light misty rain which continued for the first 3 days of the tournament, and esp. on greens that had been recently renovated and not up to 100% of cover on the greens, the dirt stuck like glue, which necessitated buckets of water at each end of the greens to wash the bowls after each end. The players perservied though and the round-robin was completed on Thursday morning with the top team in the five sections and the next best 3 teams qualifying for the quarter-finals. Topping the sections were Matt Bigg & Rob Dixon with 7 wins and a margin of +58, Kate Smith & Moochie Christian with 7 wins +37, Barry Wilson & Ester Sanchez with 6 wins +78, Wes Cooper & Graeme Woolley with 5.5 wins +37 and Ryan Dixon & Haydn Evans 5 wins +35, the 3 qualifiers were Dave Smith & Mick Godfrey with 5 wins +83, Phil Jones & Petal Jones 5 wins +45, and John Nagy & Stephen Mathews 5 wins +34. As can be seen all 8 quarter-finalists were local teams, with a number of visiting teams failing on the Thursday to win their final game and qualifying. At the time of writing this the quarter-finals were being played with the match-ups being: Matt Bigg Vs John Nagy; Wes Cooper Vs Ryan Dixon; Dave Smith Vs Barry Wilson and Phil Jones Vs Kate Smith.

The winners of these games were: John Nagy 16-7, Ryan Dixon 25-3, Dave Smith 13-8, and Kate Smith 16-9.

With the semi-finals between John Nagy Vs Ryan Dixon, and Dave Smith Vs Kate Smith to be played on Friday morning and the final to be played on Friday at 2pm, with the results being reported on in next weeks paper.

The Club over the week has had to privilege to host the sponsor of this event Ms. Meg Wills who has sponsored this tournament since its inception 8 years ago. Thanks go out to Meg and her generosity and also the Foodland’s Supermarkets who sponsors all of our international bowls events, thank you Peter.

The players intend to enjoy a presentation dinner on Friday, with limited reports next week.

Come on down to the Bowlo just to have a drink, roll-up or a meal. The Wora Bistro now has a coffee machine and made to your order.

See you all on the greens soon.

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